Transforming Online Food Ordering With Xploree’s Thinking Keyboard

With Xploree, making sense of human expressions and creating a great user experience now comes easy. What’s the one thing that bring Indians together – their passion for food. It is not just a necessity, but a part and parcel of Indian lifestyle that makes its population splurge on food. Indians are true cynosures and… Read more »

Ready The Trumpets: Unveiling A Brand New Look Of The Xploree Keyboard

Announcing official relaunch of brand Xploree with a slew of promotional activities lined up Let’s reflect on the year that has just passed by. In hindsight, we have grown from strength to strength adding a few feathers of glory to our cap – 1M downloads, array of new partnerships and a wide distribution network. The… Read more »


Let your Mood Reflect On The Keyboard

Human emotions are controlled by moods. Every little thing around us affects our mood. A good mood sets your day right, while a bad mood ruins it. It’s thus vital to keep your mood peppy whole day. With amazing discoveries on Xploree, this becomes easy. But that’s not all! Xploree has a lot more to… Read more »


Expressing With Mother Tongue Is An Added Advantage

There are many languages in the world. Each one of them is unique in their own way. Also, different words can mean different things in different cultures. Just like ‘GIFT’ in English means present, in German, it’s not quite pleasant, in fact it could kill someone – it means poison. Even a ‘NO’ stands for… Read more »

Bloggers Converged To Understand How Contextual Intelligence Works On The Xploree Keyboard

Bloggers came, they saw and were conquered – Tapping at the keyboard was so much fun! The recently concluded blogger’s meet with Xploree hosted at Bangalore’s hottest startup corridor drew the interest of tech writers and bloggers who converged to witness a live demo. The event was opened with a casual round of introduction and… Read more »

Transcend Into The Magical World Of Self-Discoveries On Your Mobile

E-discoveries on the mobile have now leapfrogged to a whole new level of contextual awareness. As kids, have you ever wondered how an empty hat suddenly brought out a rabbit? Or how did that ‘Ace of Spades’ magically appear in our pockets? That was our first taste of magic and it stayed with us all… Read more »

Fresh Icons Are Waiting To Burst Out Of Our Smart Keyboard

You can Inform, enchant, allure, persuade, pitch, convince, express, canvass, campaign, solicit and do more with communicative icons. Well, as the saying goes, ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’, and it holds true even today. Images on the mobile have become business as usual for most of us. These icons are an intrinsic part of our… Read more »


These Autocorrect Bloopers Are The Ones You Definitely Don’t Want!

Admit it: We have all been in a fix, all thanks to the humble autocorrect! In the rush of texting, typing goof-ups have been an inseparable part of our lives. Whether you like or not, autocorrect is a pre-installed feature in every keyboard. But worry not. Learn a lesson or two from these scenarios and… Read more »

Learn How To Celebrate Children’s Day Differently With The Xploree Smart Keyboard

Discover the joy of giving with FirstCry now available on the Xploree smart keyboard.   This day brings back memories of school, doesn’t it? It was a special day that was marked with daylong festivities while paying a tribute to independent India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can make… Read more »

How To Make The Most Of This Diwali Sale?

SALE! SALE! SALE! With the festival of lights soon approaching, you’re bound to come across this word, everywhere you go. It’s raining offers, deals, discounts and making the right choice is truly turning into a rigorous activity.   If you’re a true shopaholic, the word ‘Sale’ is sure to set some bells ringing! Just the… Read more »