Discovery is the new word in the Online Marketing game

Ever wondered how often you simply checked the mobile to do something random without any specific agenda? Ever been in one of those situations when you just open the app drawer, and randomly choose what you want to do, based on which app you feel like using at that particular moment? Of course you have…. Read more »


Humanizing Artificial Intelligence through the Mobile Keyboard

How often while talking about something do we feel the need to do a search regarding the topic of discussion? What if there was a way to provide you with handpicked content that is relevant to you, when you need it the most? Oh wait, there is! The scope of media/content distribution via the mobile… Read more »

Making businesses more agile for Digital Marketers

What brands do you engage with the most every day as a digital marketer? Youtube, Amazon, Google, Facebook? Ever thought what makes them standout in the digital marketing space? The answer to that is- their ability to RECOMMEND! The commonality in all these giants are the usage of Machine Learning and AI powered algorithms that… Read more »

Five Things to Know Before You Start Advertising on Android Mobile Apps In India

According to statistics, in 2016, India overtook many other developing markets, with 78.82% of web traffic coming from mobile devices. Quite clearly leading the race in web traffic from mobile devices, India left countries like UK, USA, Germany, and France lagging far behind. The subsequent fallout in terms of taking the mobile and app route… Read more »

Giving People What They Need Through Smart Digital Marketing

Over the years, digital marketing has grown exponentially – Search engines got smarter, social media kept us connected, marketers became more focused. Seth Godin took things a step further by introducing the idea of permission marketing, which attempts to understand the consumer better so as to appeal to their interests and needs with tailor made… Read more »

Mother Language Day: Making Our Multilingual Identity Count On The Mobile Keyboard

On February 21, 1952, 4 protesting students died at the University of Dhaka after the police opened fire at the demonstrators. These students’ deaths in fighting for the right to use their mother language are now remembered on International Mother Language Day. On November 17, 1999, UNESCO proclaimed February 21 to be International Mother Language… Read more »

Five Things You Are Missing Out Thanks To an Outdated Keyboard

If you were asked to make a list of apps that you need to get things done on your smartphone, chances are, the keyboard didn’t make the list. More than 80% of our interactions with our device is through the mobile keyboard. The mobile keyboard, therefore, has more potential than what meets the eye. A… Read more »


Brands Learn The Art of Decoding Consumer Context Using The Xploree Keyboard

Brands Learn The Art of Decoding Consumer Context Using The Xploree Keyboard   After close to 3 million downloads, Xploree is leading the march on contextual intelligence through the keyboard. Leading brands have started to align their online consumer strategy thanks to the amazing impact shown by the thinking keyboard. New partner showcase included bigwigs… Read more »


Xploree Keyboard Simply Rocks With New Power Packed Features That Make Life Super Easy

The Xploree smart keyboard has come at a time when users are feeling increasingly cluttered within their mobile screens. The congestion is caused by new apps getting launched every day that are vying for consumer attention and space on the mobile. But now, with advanced new features from Xploree, life is sorted! This keyboard has… Read more »

Transforming Online Food Ordering With Xploree’s Thinking Keyboard

With Xploree, making sense of human expressions and creating a great user experience now comes easy. What’s the one thing that bring Indians together – their passion for food. It is not just a necessity, but a part and parcel of Indian lifestyle that makes its population splurge on food. Indians are true cynosures and… Read more »