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The Xploree AI Keyboard developed by KeyPoint Technologies is the 1st AI powered multilingual mobile keyboard application that understands user’s intent/interest & recommends useful content in real time. It offers a great combination of AI-based suggestions and customization options. With Xploree, you can create an individualized search and discovery platform.


This keyboard is one of its kind where the users can connect with brands’ offers and services conveniently on their mobile devices in the exact moment of need. It’s the industry’s first user-initiated, hyper-contextual platform with language intelligence.


Through its predictive analysis, a user discovers the most relevant content, apps, deals, and services through Xploree’s predictions about their requirements, leading them through their journey across a variety of content. A unique feature developed by KPT with its expertise in linguistics, encourages consumer re-engagement, sticky content and conversations with Businesses and Brands.


What makes us different from the regular keyboards available in the market is its Home Page. Here in this section the user gets many fun features to explore. This keyboard is not only multi-lingual but also helps engage you when you’re bored by providing trending options that includes:

  • Cricket
  • Games
  • News
  • Horoscopes
  • Music


The Presto Icon detects certain words that include your emotions with the help of sentiment analysis and provides predictive ads. Related Content make your life easy by giving you the choices of deals to choose from. It helps you to connect with the best deals by giving you a list of options to choose from since they offer you plenty of alternatives as per your convenience. Xploree provides the right services at the right time. We strive to make discovering new things in every suggestion satisfactory. You can improve your productivity by reading trending news articles, the keyboard saves you a lot of time by providing you with exact and relevant information at the need of the hour. You don’t always have to go to your search engine to browse information and content you are looking for.


We assure that customer data privacy is given utmost importance while ensuring you will have access to adequate information at your fingertips. With Xploree, you can select multiple languages depending on the country you reside in. It not just recognizes one language, but it also supports 120+ languages.  Surfing made hustle free with Xploree’s Discovery feature.


Xploree is more than just a keyboard…

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