Xploree is more than just a keyboard!!

It is important to use a good keyboard for a smartphone or tablet. Xploree is an AI based keyboard developed by KeyPoint Technologies. This multilingual keyboard provides contextual suggestions on the go. It provides real-time information with one click based on Artificial Intelligence and Language Technology. Using artificial intelligence, Xploree understands how users’ type, creating a personalized typing experience. Moreover, it saves users time, eliminates mistakes, and lets them type in multiple languages simultaneously.


Xploree keyboard is designed to help you work efficiently and quickly with one hand. The concept is simple: organize everything in a single location by setting shortcuts, labels, and other features.

  • Fun typing – Improve your typing speed & accuracy with autocorrection, prediction, cute emojis.
  • Creativity – Images from your gallery can be used for fun stamps and personalized stickers.
  • Content on the go – Discover interesting and context-based content right on your device with Xploree keyboard app.
  • Enjoy a range of Indian regional languages – Xploree’s effective transliteration features allow you to transliterate in over 11 languages. Assamenglish, Banglish, Gujaratinglish, Hinglish, Kanglish, Manglish, Marathinglish, Odinglish, Punglish, Tanglish and Tenglish.
  • Entertainment – Enjoy live cricket scores and watching your favorite shows, News, music, games, and horoscopes.

Find everything on keyboard, skip the search in your moment of need. Direct access to food delivery, news, entertainment and more on the intuitive Xploree keyboard. We value your privacy and give top priority to your convenience.

Xploree is more than just a keyboard…

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