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Cricket is admired by most of the people around the world. It is a game the keeps you on your toes while you’re watching it. The game of cricket in India is truly a religion. A philosophy without prejudices that nurtures talent. The number of cricket viewers has boomed for the past few years.


Presently, in India about 93 percent of the sports viewers consume cricket. The Indian Premier League, popularly known as the IPL, has been a big hit among the fans. The tournament has entered its 14th season now and it appears to be getting bigger and bigger every year. Sadly, this year there are no spectators because of the social distancing norms, yet the cricket fever hasn’t been lost among the Cricket Lovers.


Due to Pandemic, a lot of people are working from home. This means a lot of potential rifts for what individuals will watch on television. This is where Xploree’s Smart Cricket Theme comes in handy for cricket lovers. This Xploree’s feature is the fastest and most convenient way to keep track of a match. The Smart Live Theme on Xploree AI Keyboard is first of its kind in the industry that can provide live match updates even in a low-speed internet environment. You can now get high-quality live match updates with a few tap-and-hold gestures without switching/activating apps or using search engines.


Xploree AI Keyboard has some cool features like:

  • Personalized Cricket Themes
  • Personalized Cricket Stickers
  • Emojis and Gifs


With Smart Cricket Themes, fans not only get results on their phone keyboard panel, but they can have their fav cricket themes as their keypad theme. Users also receive alerts in real-time about when wickets fall, boundaries are reached, and sixes are struck. You get notified about important score updates while working on other activities. Users can enable the on-screen scorecard to keep track of scores without having to launch the keyboard.


Enable Smart Cricket Themes in 3 Easy Steps:



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