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Make in India

September 2014 was the year when a crucial initiative called ‘Make in India’ was launched by the Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi. The primary objective of this initiative was to attract investments from across the globe and strengthen India’s manufacturing sector. It helped in encouraging local, as well as national companies to manufacture their products in India.


How important MIN products are?

Traditionally, India has been a manufacturing nation. However, there have been many hindrances as well as opportunities in the expansion in this sphere. One of the major challenges has been the acceptance of Indian products globally.


The Make in India programme is very important for the economic growth of India as it aims at utilising the existing Indian talent base, creating additional employment opportunities and empowering secondary and tertiary sectors. The ‘Make in India’ wave is not only much needed for the economy but is on a very efficient and productive platform today.


India is a developing country and is capable of developing  its own product


Keyboard is the new branding vehicle that will give the users much -needed visibility and recall to your brand. Xploree is a keyboard, a home-grown product developed by Keypoint Technologies,  an Indian based company. Xploree AI Keyboard enhances your typing experience. The keyboard is designed and developed in India for global users. It  provides the user with over 150 global and 49 Indic languages, transliteration, mind blowing themes and emoticons. The smart keyboard will also be an assistant to you.


Get amazing features on Xploree Keyboard

  • Go multi-lingual – type in more than 150 global languages including 49 Indic languages.
  • Easy typing - Type faster, smarter with effective auto-correct & intelligent word prediction.
  • Discovery engine – Search and Find relevant content and suggestions on the keyboard itself.
  • Customize your own Emojis & Stickers. Search & share GIFs in multiple Indic languages. Also create your own personalized picture stamps
  • Glide Typing.
  • Colourful themes – The keyboard is aesthetically designed, and users can customize with a range of themes


Xploree brings technology and convenience together. It gives suggestions according to your needs. Giving you the best experience of effective auto-correct and  intent predictive text. Not many keyboard applications provide these smart features. As it is an Indian product, we can proudly use and rely on it. Text shortcuts & Dictionary helps you to maintain your personal dictionary and avoid typing extra which saves your time. Making your own personalised stickers and GIFs are the add-ons. Xploree ensures user privacy at every step and no personal data is stored on our servers.

Your privacy is our privacy.


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