Every country has its own language(s), but there is one language that we can all understand: the language of Music. Music creates ambiance, it adds up the aura of whatever you are doing. Throughout human history, music has played an important role in different moments. It brings happiness and joy into a person’s life. When you allow yourself to be relaxed and carefree, music can be soothing and calming. We all enjoy music throughout our lives.


Gone are the days when people used to sit, relax, and listen to their favourite songs recorded on cassettes and tapes. In fact, the craze for music CDs has faded amongst the masses, with advancement of technology. In a world where almost everything is available digitally, the consumer’s needs and demands have radically changed. Mobile applications exist for everything you could possibly need or want.


Here comes the collaboration of Hungama Music with  Xploree Keyboard makes your life trouble-free without switching to different applications to relax where you do not need any other music application on your phone at all. Hungama Music provides free unlimited access to listen some of the best music online or download songs from Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi and many other Indian Languages effortlessly. Explore and access for the best entertainment on your phone, and pick your favourite genre of music right at your fingertips.


You can stream music in two ways. You can find music in the Discovery page of the Xploree keyboard or you may just use it while chatting from your keypad. Also, new song updates and trending songs/ albums are notified on the application.


In addition to music, the Xploree Keyboard also brings users face to face with other utilities such as cabs, food, and many similar discoveries while they continue to chat.

Xploree is more than just a keyboard…

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