Xploree AI Keyboard is one of the first multilingual mobile keyboard applications powered by AI and can understand an individual’s intent/interest and recommend relevant content based on that information. The combination of AI-based suggestions and customization options makes it a great tool. By using Xploree, you can create your own search and discovery platform. Online business is a great opportunity for food business these days as it provides a new way to reach customers and it is essential to have an online presence. It is easier for people to stay connected online rather than go outside in current situation. Regardless of how big or small the business is, it is essential to have an online presence in the competitive world.


The advanced technology has changed the lives of a lot of people through e-commerce, and people of all ages have been able to adapt new ways of ordering food online. When you’re planning to order food online, the process of looking out for restaurants near you and checking out their ratings can literally kill the time and desire to eat. Discover the best restaurants in your area in no time with over 1.5 million restaurants and 285 million ratings and reviews on the Zomato. Xploree’s seamless integration with Zomato allows users to search for restaurants or order food online hassle free. Moreover, you do not even need a food app on your phone. Xploree keyboard lets you save offers from restaurants and checkout information of your choice. You can choose from a list of suggestions in the discovery section based on the food you crave. The site would not only provide you with the best available options regarding location, cuisine, etc., but would also provide you with coupons and discounts for hot deals and offers from Zomato. All you got to do is just click on the presto icon and all the deals and coupon cards will be shown.


Get access to lip-smacking food at your fingertips and at your doorstep by unlocking your phone. Xploree makes ordering food online easy by just one click. You’ll enjoy using the Xploree keypad if you’re the kind of person that loves to order food without going any extra mile. Solution for all your cravings.

Xploree is more than just a keyboard…

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