Need help with a Foreign Language? Use Real-Time Translation on Xploree!!

“A translation is the process of converting content from one language directly into another”

 – Oxford University.


Translation refers to the process of converting a text from one language to another or replacing equivalent terms from one text with another. For example, an effective way to communicate simple information, such as on packaging and signage, is through translations. There is an integrated translator on Xploree that will translate any text you type into another language in real time.


This is Industry’s First AI Keyboard developed in India. With Xploree, users can have access to the best suggestions presented to them after understanding the intent through the typed text. This is also called as Sentiment Analysis.


Xploree Keyboard is the most easy-to-use and convenient translator available. With our built-in translation feature, you no longer need to switch back and forth between apps to translate simple content. Using the translation tool is now faster than copy-pasting!


Simply click, and you are done!!

  • Around 15 translation languages are supported.
  • Make texting easier and faster.
  • We assure quality translation.
  • Translate from English into Spanish, French, Hindi, German, Arabic and many other languages.
  • Travel hassle free without language being a barrier. Xploree translation is an excellent tool for travelers, since it provides a variety of options, including real-time translation.


Easy usage of Xploree Keyboard will allow you to work efficiently and quickly. Languages supported by Xploree are Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese.


Xploree is more than just a keyboard…

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Xploree is more than just a keyboard!!

It is important to use a good keyboard for a smartphone or tablet. Xploree is an AI based keyboard developed by KeyPoint Technologies. This multilingual keyboard provides contextual suggestions on the go. It provides real-time information with one click based on Artificial Intelligence and Language Technology. Using artificial intelligence, Xploree understands how users’ type, creating a personalized typing experience. Moreover, it saves users time, eliminates mistakes, and lets them type in multiple languages simultaneously.


Xploree keyboard is designed to help you work efficiently and quickly with one hand. The concept is simple: organize everything in a single location by setting shortcuts, labels, and other features.

  • Fun typing – Improve your typing speed & accuracy with autocorrection, prediction, cute emojis.
  • Creativity – Images from your gallery can be used for fun stamps and personalized stickers.
  • Content on the go – Discover interesting and context-based content right on your device with Xploree keyboard app.
  • Enjoy a range of Indian regional languages – Xploree’s effective transliteration features allow you to transliterate in over 11 languages. Assamenglish, Banglish, Gujaratinglish, Hinglish, Kanglish, Manglish, Marathinglish, Odinglish, Punglish, Tanglish and Tenglish.
  • Entertainment – Enjoy live cricket scores and watching your favorite shows, News, music, games, and horoscopes.

Find everything on keyboard, skip the search in your moment of need. Direct access to food delivery, news, entertainment and more on the intuitive Xploree keyboard. We value your privacy and give top priority to your convenience.

Xploree is more than just a keyboard…

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Discover More with Xploree

The Xploree AI Keyboard developed by KeyPoint Technologies is the 1st AI powered multilingual mobile keyboard application that understands user’s intent/interest & recommends useful content in real time. It offers a great combination of AI-based suggestions and customization options. With Xploree, you can create an individualized search and discovery platform.


This keyboard is one of its kind where the users can connect with brands’ offers and services conveniently on their mobile devices in the exact moment of need. It’s the industry’s first user-initiated, hyper-contextual platform with language intelligence.


Through its predictive analysis, a user discovers the most relevant content, apps, deals, and services through Xploree’s predictions about their requirements, leading them through their journey across a variety of content. A unique feature developed by KPT with its expertise in linguistics, encourages consumer re-engagement, sticky content and conversations with Businesses and Brands.


What makes us different from the regular keyboards available in the market is its Home Page. Here in this section the user gets many fun features to explore. This keyboard is not only multi-lingual but also helps engage you when you’re bored by providing trending options that includes:

  • Cricket
  • Games
  • News
  • Horoscopes
  • Music


The Presto Icon detects certain words that include your emotions with the help of sentiment analysis and provides predictive ads. Related Content make your life easy by giving you the choices of deals to choose from. It helps you to connect with the best deals by giving you a list of options to choose from since they offer you plenty of alternatives as per your convenience. Xploree provides the right services at the right time. We strive to make discovering new things in every suggestion satisfactory. You can improve your productivity by reading trending news articles, the keyboard saves you a lot of time by providing you with exact and relevant information at the need of the hour. You don’t always have to go to your search engine to browse information and content you are looking for.


We assure that customer data privacy is given utmost importance while ensuring you will have access to adequate information at your fingertips. With Xploree, you can select multiple languages depending on the country you reside in. It not just recognizes one language, but it also supports 120+ languages.  Surfing made hustle free with Xploree’s Discovery feature.


Xploree is more than just a keyboard…

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Transliteration on Xploree

We live in the century of diversity; where countries like the USA, UK, India etc. are multilingual societies. In such diverse environment communication is complex, vibrant and also intriguing. These countries might have English as their official language, but a considerable number of people converse in their homegrown/ native language. The process of transliteration involves replacing characters in one language with characters of another while maintaining reversibility.

XPLOREE has one of the most amazing features like TRANSLITERATION.


Users tend to think translation is the same as transliteration, but in fact the two concepts are vastly different. Transliteration is only concerned with writing the same words in different scripts, but pronunciation remains the same.   Transliteration feature lets the user type their  local language phonetically in English script and suggests the word in the desired script.


For ex. – User has enabled transliteration for Hinglish that is English to Hindi. User enters the term “Kaha”, and the keyboard provides suggestions in Hindi script; one of which includes – “कहा”. This suggestion can be selected and used in the chat directly.


The process is concerned with the spelling as well as the pronunciation . It allows people to use it in their preferred language enabling them to converse in their desired language easily. Simply put, the transliteration of a transliterated text should return the original text. This is why transliteration standards are used.


With Transliteration there is often a need to offer more predictions. While using these languages, Xploree Keyboard will offer more space for this very purpose. It supports 11 Indic languages such as Assamenglish, Banglish, Gurajatinglish, Hinglish, Kanglish, Manglish, Marathinglish, Odinglish, Punglish, Tanglish, Tenglish.


Xploree is more than just a keyboard…

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I am an Indian – Xploree

Make in India

September 2014 was the year when a crucial initiative called ‘Make in India’ was launched by the Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi. The primary objective of this initiative was to attract investments from across the globe and strengthen India’s manufacturing sector. It helped in encouraging local, as well as national companies to manufacture their products in India.


How important MIN products are?

Traditionally, India has been a manufacturing nation. However, there have been many hindrances as well as opportunities in the expansion in this sphere. One of the major challenges has been the acceptance of Indian products globally.


The Make in India programme is very important for the economic growth of India as it aims at utilising the existing Indian talent base, creating additional employment opportunities and empowering secondary and tertiary sectors. The ‘Make in India’ wave is not only much needed for the economy but is on a very efficient and productive platform today.


India is a developing country and is capable of developing  its own product


Keyboard is the new branding vehicle that will give the users much -needed visibility and recall to your brand. Xploree is a keyboard, a home-grown product developed by Keypoint Technologies,  an Indian based company. Xploree AI Keyboard enhances your typing experience. The keyboard is designed and developed in India for global users. It  provides the user with over 150 global and 49 Indic languages, transliteration, mind blowing themes and emoticons. The smart keyboard will also be an assistant to you.


Get amazing features on Xploree Keyboard

  • Go multi-lingual – type in more than 150 global languages including 49 Indic languages.
  • Easy typing - Type faster, smarter with effective auto-correct & intelligent word prediction.
  • Discovery engine – Search and Find relevant content and suggestions on the keyboard itself.
  • Customize your own Emojis & Stickers. Search & share GIFs in multiple Indic languages. Also create your own personalized picture stamps
  • Glide Typing.
  • Colourful themes – The keyboard is aesthetically designed, and users can customize with a range of themes


Xploree brings technology and convenience together. It gives suggestions according to your needs. Giving you the best experience of effective auto-correct and  intent predictive text. Not many keyboard applications provide these smart features. As it is an Indian product, we can proudly use and rely on it. Text shortcuts & Dictionary helps you to maintain your personal dictionary and avoid typing extra which saves your time. Making your own personalised stickers and GIFs are the add-ons. Xploree ensures user privacy at every step and no personal data is stored on our servers.

Your privacy is our privacy.


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Explore Scores with Xploree!!

Cricket is admired by most of the people around the world. It is a game the keeps you on your toes while you’re watching it. The game of cricket in India is truly a religion. A philosophy without prejudices that nurtures talent. The number of cricket viewers has boomed for the past few years.


Presently, in India about 93 percent of the sports viewers consume cricket. The Indian Premier League, popularly known as the IPL, has been a big hit among the fans. The tournament has entered its 14th season now and it appears to be getting bigger and bigger every year. Sadly, this year there are no spectators because of the social distancing norms, yet the cricket fever hasn’t been lost among the Cricket Lovers.


Due to Pandemic, a lot of people are working from home. This means a lot of potential rifts for what individuals will watch on television. This is where Xploree’s Smart Cricket Theme comes in handy for cricket lovers. This Xploree’s feature is the fastest and most convenient way to keep track of a match. The Smart Live Theme on Xploree AI Keyboard is first of its kind in the industry that can provide live match updates even in a low-speed internet environment. You can now get high-quality live match updates with a few tap-and-hold gestures without switching/activating apps or using search engines.


Xploree AI Keyboard has some cool features like:

  • Personalized Cricket Themes
  • Personalized Cricket Stickers
  • Emojis and Gifs


With Smart Cricket Themes, fans not only get results on their phone keyboard panel, but they can have their fav cricket themes as their keypad theme. Users also receive alerts in real-time about when wickets fall, boundaries are reached, and sixes are struck. You get notified about important score updates while working on other activities. Users can enable the on-screen scorecard to keep track of scores without having to launch the keyboard.


Enable Smart Cricket Themes in 3 Easy Steps:



Download/Upgrade to the latest version of Xploree to enjoy all its latest features!


Xploree’s Intent Driven Technology Powering Consumer Experience On Mobile

Mobile experience for Xploree means going beyond the arc and solving real consumer problems

Looking back at the Rio Olympics, a strong sense of ‘Mobile First’ has emerged that brings the focus back to mobile search. It’s a fairly new chat phrase that’s doing the rounds of tech circles after the much talked about ‘Big Data’ revolution. Rapid growth in mobile consumption has made the Rio games witness a nearly 150% jump in video streams over the previous edition. This demonstrates that almost all content in the future will take the mobile route for distribution. But, it can become a reality only when the mobile evolves and becomes a truly intuitive device for content consumption.

With most users starting their mobile journey pretty early on in life, the average age of mobile users has come down drastically over the years. Mobile users are now demanding greater autonomy and control on search and discovery, more so than ever before. Their aspirational mobile experience revolves around search results that matter to them the most. To that effect, the user’s intent and the context in which it is expressed will decide the manner in which content reaches consumers in the future. Intent-based technologies are thus poised to emerge as the ‘next big thing’ to revolutionize mobile search and discovery.
To reach out to consumers who wish to access their desired content, when they want, and however they like it, engagement on the mobile is all set to make a big splash by going viral through mediums such as chat, messengers, social networks and the likes. Instantaneous and spontaneous response to users’ intents and expressions on the mobile opens up a whole new world of possibilities for discovery. To see what’s making heads turn, let’s look at some popular user-initiated scenarios that come part and parcel with the Xploree keyboard.

Uses ubiquity of search platforms

Most of us use the internet’s information highway to access almost anything and everything through search engines like Google. We do this quite simply by expressing our needs with the keywords that are closest to our intent. It may be a single word or a typed search strings. Xploree makes the user search experience more integrated through its next-gen, artificial intelligence (AI) technology which is capable of predicting the user’s area of interest with great accuracy. While customers are at it on their phones, Xploree looks to deciphers their intent conveyed through the typed string or keyword. Further, it makes the mobile friendlier with its highly predictive and intuitive, multi-lingual keypad which doubles up as a personal assistant which serves meaningful suggestions.


Xploree Intent



Xploree Intent

Draws attention through intent driven icons

Most of us are expecting low to almost zero waiting time for getting our needs sorted on the net through relevant search results. Our behavior is largely influenced by on-the-go access to the internet data powered by the mobile. While using the phone to browse, chat, share, discover, install apps and do more, we have also become habituated to look at icons that depict notifications. When we are at it, Xploree opens up a delightful, non-intrusive information gateway that speaks about our possible interest areas to look at. Intenticons within the Xploree smart keyboard come extremely handy in this regard as they serve relevant content by prompting a set of highly imaginative and interactive icons to tap at. The experience thus derived is completely self-triggered and dispensed at our convenience.


Goes beyond social engagement

It has almost become like a habit for us to seek reviews, advice, suggestions and do a lot more over our vast social landscape of friends, relatives and acquaintances. This critical need is further amplified through Xploree engagement cards. We can now draw instant solutions through these cards and share them inside our chat windows. these cards also solve an inherent need among to store suggestions on topics of general interests, products and services while also making it sharable. They do so while we choose to chat with friends, browse the internet and play around with apps. You name the social channel, and Xploree promises to deliver the most apt content at the user’s precise moment of need. This feature is immensely helpful as it allows real time collaboration and at the right time.

Given the rising of popularity of social and messaging apps as a means of drawing brand engagement the world over, a similar trend is duly anticipated in India too. With chat messengers emerging as the most downloaded apps in the country, Xploree’s intent driven technology is expected to go a long way in powering consumer experience on mobile in the future.


Xploree Intent

Intenticons By Xploree: Introducing A Right Mix Of Images That Capture Human Imagination On The Mobile

Intent + Icons = Intenticons By Xploree


In spite of growth in app downloads and installations, mobile users in India are known to spend a significant amount of time on chat. Users typically rely on chat messengers for drawing suggestions, seeking guidance, and for conversing in general. Native Indian mobile users are also known to converse in a multitude of regional languages while at it. Many mobile users nevertheless end up using the Xploree keyboard to tap its multi-lingual and easy switch in between languages capabilities. They almost always end up expressing their intents with the help of icons, emojis or emoticons as we know it. By describing intents visually, the newly introduced Intenticons feature within the Xploree app vastly improves the basic keyboard by bringing a need-based suggestive aspect to it.


Birth of a new communicative icon

With the dawn of digital communication, a friendly face on conversations has almost become a norm in all daily chat and emails. These icons have since come a long way from merely clarifying statements and conveying humor or amusement. Be it the indication to kick off a party, to express gratitude, or to quite simply in the Indian context, do a ‘Namaste’, the use of these images have come to capture human imagination in the most fascinating manner.

This new release by Xploree expands the scope and utility of such icons by reflecting users’ mood and their need of the hour. Driving user context from human conversations is at the heart of Intenticon’s purpose to make the mobile a more helpful device. Aimed at taking emoticons to their next logical step, Intenticons capture long intents expressed by users and show responsive images that bring a sense of help and support.

An invention that harbors on human sentiments, Intenticons are slated to play a key role in deciphering real intent from a set of words expressed by users within their chat windows or while simply browsing. Glancing at the images below, we can see how mobile devices can gain a better understanding of our expression thanks to the use of Intenticons.




Utility of Intenticons in India

Currently, the Xploree keyboard supports 110+ languages, and this presents an attractive opportunity for reaching out to customers in India who use the Xploree app for its versatility. Statistics suggest, the average number of hours spent on mobiles is inching closer to that of television in India, a medium that is steadily losing viewership. With the year-over-year growth of image embedded campaigns reaching close to 777%, the utility of Intenticons finds growing advocacy among many marketers in the country. For them, the timing of their content’s delivery has become especially important to triggers a favorable response.


Scope of driving customer friendly marketing campaigns

It is estimated that India will witness a substantial increase in click through rates with the help of search induced and chat-based intents. By making a new beginning in this direction, Intenticons seek to drive transactions in the online mobile search space. Furthermore, this new feature by Xploree will take the user’s browsing experience to a whole new level of unhindered and interruption-free explorations. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Intenticons are on the way to becoming one of the most sought after mediums for mobile discoveries.

The product development team of Xploree undertook numerous rounds of meetings to decide upon the name for these icons that are set to revolutionize content discovery and consumer engagement. The team sat down one fine Friday afternoon, a usual practice to catch up at lunch, before brainstorming on the apt name for these icons. By then, a buzz had already been created around some popular suggestions. To know more about the build-up and the final decisive result, stay tuned and read more.

Also, join us and let our UI experts help you discover innovative ways to improve customer engagement through user-friendly campaigns.



3 Strategies to Engage and Retain Consumers on Mobile

Mobile adoption rate has been exponential in the last few years and has exceeded desktop usage in most part of the world today. Whether accessing content, checking email, playing games, making purchases or listening to music, users expect easy interactions with brands and services to find what they are looking for. Mobile POS is extremely valuable for businesses and creating the most efficient path to discovery of a brand’s products or services is the best solution to engaging and retaining your users. However, businesses are not able to keep up with the rising consumer expectations.

Here are some recommendations for marketers to increase consumer engagement and retention on mobile:

“A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.” Plato

1.Intent is the Key.

Do you know your user’s intent at present or in the next moment? Knowing user intent is the key to adding powerful precision to personalization. Personalization leads to relevance, engagement and ultimately user loyalty. Contextual content recommendation is easier on mobile through the vast amount of data that we can acquire from user’s actions. The more we focus on the purpose and the next step in a consumer’s journey, the better we can accomplish the mission to serve users in complete context.

“Measuring cost per clicks, impressions, downloads etc. have been the traditional ways to gauge the effectiveness of a mobile advertising campaign. With evolving context aware technologies and enhanced mobile data capabilities it’s easier for us to wean off dependencies on traditional models that rely on behavior, location etc. What matters more is understanding the consumers’ journey, preferences and intent.” Says Prima Dona, VP Product Innovation at KeyPoint Technologies.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

2.User Initiated – Discovery of Experiences.

Brands and marketers are flooded with opportunities today to reach segments of users at random points of time. These are non-productive moments of a user who maybe seeking out opinion from friends on a new car but ends up seeing a brand message on washing machines. Or think of a scenario where a user is casually glancing through his social wall and seeing a content recommendation of a car pooling app. And the day he really needs a car pooling app, that very same brand is unable to reach him. Marketers end up often on the other side of a solution channel where the proximity to user intent is minimal and a typical shoot and wait approach needs to be followed. The frustration of users seeing irrelevant or current approaches of behavior and location optimized brand outreach translates into negative perception of your brand. Considering how we all perceive mobile as a personal device, it’s about time to give users more control on how and when they access information. Give your users a quality experience by letting them discover information and offers during their daily interactions on their mobile devices. The more marketers and businesses invest time in increasing trust with their customers, the more they’ll get rewarded through consumer loyalty and conversions.

“For it is in giving that we receive.” ― St. Francis of Assisi


Consumers love deals, and in the last couple of years have been more engaged on mobile loyalty programs since the mobile apps make it easier for them to collect and redeem points.

  • Over 2014, Starbucks My Rewards program had over 10 million customers with around 1.5 billion in revenue from mobile only.
  • 451 Research found that 37% of US mobile phone users had used mobile reward program apps to collect or redeem points, and 21% were interested in trying one. (Source: eMarketer)
  • eMarketer expects the number of adults who redeem coupons via mobile device for either online or offline shopping to rise from 78.69 million to 104.11 million between 2014 and 2016, or from 70.0% to 82.0% of all digital couponers.

It’s no doubt that loyalty efforts are most effective mobile marketing campaigns, rewarding for the users and translates to higher conversions for the businesses.

It’s all about making a user’s journey pleasant, easy and more relevant by satisfying their needs, intents and expectations. Bridging the gap between intent and action with relevance and engagement is the most effective way to build authentic relationships with the consumers. There is a sense of delight in discovery for a consumer that leads him to seek out more from the brand. All good stuff follows.

Contact us to know how Xploree provides hyper-contextual recommendations in real-time in a seamless and unobtrusive way to mobile users with relevance and engagement.


Reaching Mobile Users in Context, Immediacy and with Simplicity

It’s elementary, my dear Watson. On mobile, keep it simple, in context and in the immediate moment of need

Mobile offers a unique marketing opportunity that enables brands and marketers to interact with their consumers in the closest proximity to user intent and action.

Mobile users are different than those searching on the desktop. With a shorter attention span and world full of distractions, immediacy of finding information, high relevance of content and ease of making a quick decision are some expectations of a mobile user.

Successful marketing is simply about making it easier for consumers to get the things they want, when they want it, and in context.

Context Matters

On mobile, brands and businesses today have the opportunity to use information on user preferences, geolocation, app usage etc. to offer personalized recommendations to the customers in their immediate context. Contextual information about the user is becoming the core driver of innovation today. The Internet of Things that’s one of the most trending topics of recent years is all around this concept of intelligent technology communicating with each other to assist users to complete actions or predict intent. Technically defined as: “a network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment.” (Gartner Inc.)

The more we know about what, when and where our users are searching for something, or taking it a notch higher by predicting a user’s intent or actions we have the capability to present better and highly relevant content in the exact moment of need. That’s context.

In the Moment

When they need it, they need it right then. Finding relevant information on mobile whenever and wherever is a demand and expectation, if you cannot provide that information fast enough then there is a high probability that your audience or customers will leave. It can be a challenge but also a huge opportunity for technology to cater to the demands of mobile users in their ‘mobile moments’.

Search, action and conversion happens in a fraction of time on smartphones as compared to a desktop or even tablets Research shows that 70% of mobile search leads to action within an hour. Including an easy and clear call-to-action in marketing campaigns or applications will make consumer interaction on mobile more effective and give you a competitive edge.

Ease and Simplicity

Success of any application, platform or a marketing campaign lies in giving its users a positive and meaningful experience.

“The single biggest driver of stickiness, by far, was “decision simplicity”—the ease with which consumers can gather trustworthy information about a product and confidently and efficiently weigh their purchase options. What consumers want from marketers is, simply, simplicity.” Harvard Business Review’s Corporate Executive Board’s survey report of more than 7,000 consumers and interviews with hundreds of marketing executives and other experts around the world.

Creating an easy path to decision is the best path. Perhaps the best example is the “two tap rule” as defined by Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer.

The test for the rule is simple, says Mayer: “Once you’re in the app, is it two taps to do anything you want to do?” If yes – the app is a go. If no, it’s back to the drawing board.

We’re glad to be following and implementing the two tap rule on our platform where you discover what you want in one tap and complete an action in another!

It’s quite evident from what we see around that a positive connect happens when users find information in context, immediacy and with ease. The aim to delight consumers in their journey is an essential element to success.

About Xploree: Xploree is the industry’s first user-initiated, hyper-contextual, platform with language intelligence that conveniently connects mobile device users with brands offers and services in the exact moment of need. Xploree predicts a user’s needs and delights them through their journey across applications as they discover most relevant content, apps, deals and services.

Contact us at to know more.