Transliteration on Xploree

We live in the century of diversity; where countries like the USA, UK, India etc. are multilingual societies. In such diverse environment communication is complex, vibrant and also intriguing. These countries might have English as their official language, but a considerable number of people converse in their homegrown/ native language. The process of transliteration involves replacing characters in one language with characters of another while maintaining reversibility.

XPLOREE has one of the most amazing features like TRANSLITERATION.


Users tend to think translation is the same as transliteration, but in fact the two concepts are vastly different. Transliteration is only concerned with writing the same words in different scripts, but pronunciation remains the same.   Transliteration feature lets the user type their  local language phonetically in English script and suggests the word in the desired script.


For ex. – User has enabled transliteration for Hinglish that is English to Hindi. User enters the term “Kaha”, and the keyboard provides suggestions in Hindi script; one of which includes – “कहा”. This suggestion can be selected and used in the chat directly.


The process is concerned with the spelling as well as the pronunciation . It allows people to use it in their preferred language enabling them to converse in their desired language easily. Simply put, the transliteration of a transliterated text should return the original text. This is why transliteration standards are used.


With Transliteration there is often a need to offer more predictions. While using these languages, Xploree Keyboard will offer more space for this very purpose. It supports 11 Indic languages such as Assamenglish, Banglish, Gurajatinglish, Hinglish, Kanglish, Manglish, Marathinglish, Odinglish, Punglish, Tanglish, Tenglish.


Xploree is more than just a keyboard…

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