Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Welcome the New Year with Xploree!

Xploree, world’s first artificial intelligence driven keyboard was created to give the joy of convenience and optimize utility for all its users. While on the product side Xploree has added multiple features such as a ‘create themes’ feature, exclusive multilingual GIFs to choose from, an extensive list of Indic languages to make your conversations more engaging and personal, a productive home screen that lines out the latest in news, sports, entertainment, astrology and more. Topping it up with a more accurate intent driven predictive engine that gauges your intent from the typed text you feed in, to give you perfectly matching results through the non-intrusive ‘Presto’ icon. While we as a team strive hard to present to you a world class product, we also look for opportunities to engage and reward you for the undying support you lend us. It is our enthusiasm to make your day that much more memorable that we regularly conduct contests that not just looks to positively engage you but also etch out lasting memories. Here’s another effort or contest to make this Christmas and New Years memorable for your family and you!


• This is how the contest goes! There will be 3 questions in total which will appear on a marketing card, visible on your mobile screen.
• The card will appear with the title reading, Answer to Win! Xplore Xploree!
• You need to take a screenshot of the marketing card with questions.
• Share the same on our social handles.
• You will need to answer all the questions appearing on the marketing card in the comments section of our social media accounts.
• The answers should follow the exact sequencing as it appears alongside questions on the marketing card.
• Tag 5 friends.
• Use hashtag #CelebratingXploree


Terms & Conditions
• A user can share only one entry.
• Tagging 5 friends and using the hashtag #CelebratingXploree are mandatory.
• Winners will be chosen based on set criteria at the sole discretion of team Xploree.
• The contest starts on Christmas Day 25th December and ends on New Year’s Eve, 31st Dec 2018.
• Winners will be announced by the 8th of January 2019.
• 5 winners will each get a INR 1000 gift voucher.


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The Adtech Mumbai Experience!

Multinationals attending corporate events is a regular fixture. These events help companies’ network with others as well as throw light on the future needs and requirements of the industry. Adtech is an event to recognize and provide impetus to organizations in the realm of digital advertising. It is a place to introduce new technologies shaping the digital advertising space. The first chapter of Adtech Mumbai was a grand success providing valuable insights into the digital advertising space and the different technologies driving growth. The team from KeyPoint Technologies participated in the event showcasing their indigenously developed multilingual intent engine serving contextual discoveries, available on an AI powered keyboard app, Xploree. Multilingual intent driven chatbots for businesses and organizations to aide useful, mutually benefitting conversations and end to end translation and localization services.
For those of you who missed on the keynotes, presentations and discussions at Adtech, here are a few pointers to get you up to date on the course digital advertising is heading;

Smartphones the leading medium to connect – the phenomenal rise in the number of smartphone users in India is driving advertisers to think of strategies that move from mobile first to mobile only solutions. The falling price for internet data is further fueling consumption on smartphones.

Language capabilities are a must have – as was evident in the talks and discussions the advertising industry in India is grappling with, is to connect with the diverse audience residing in the different states of our country. More and more advertisers are finding it tough to establish a connect with their audience in their regional or native languages thus creating a void. The increasing demand for native language content is adversely impacting the industry and its revenues.

Serving contextual content – as more and more users become internet and smartphone savvy their demand for content that is contextual, satisfying their need in the moment, is becoming evident. They are looking for content that is unbiased, helpful, educational and contextual. Serving contextual content is driving on engagement and positively impacting ROI’s.

Voice will trump over text – available data points to users preferring to use voice commands over text inputs. While artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing technologies are trying to upgrade machine capabilities to read, write and comprehend text, internet and smartphone users are looking for the easy way out. New gen users are more akin to use voice commands in the language of their choice to surf the net, search or communicate online, thus text to voice and voice to text are areas advertisers and technology companies are looking to invest in.

We at KeyPoint Technologies are confident about the future as we have got a firm footing in terms of technologies and needs that will drive the advertising and other related industries in the future.
The observations expressed are an individual’s view, part of the KeyPoint team. If you think you can add more to this for the benefit of all. Please free to do so with #Xploree or #KPT. We value your inputs and suggestions.


Why should you visit #Booth 29 @ad:tech, Mumbai

Hello There!

If you are reading this, clearly you are going to be there at ad:tech, Mumbai on the 28th & 29th of November. Amidst all the networking and conferences, you may want to learn about the unique products that will be there at the event. Well, we are one among those and here are 5 reasons why you should be paying a visit to #Booth29


  1. Meet the world’s 1st AI keyboard that does more than normal mobile keyboard. Learn how you can leverage the platform for your marketing needs.
  2. @Digital marketers- Skip the traditional SEO, ad-words and search algorithms. Learn how to read users mind and leverage mobile moments.
  3. Get the best language technology solutions under one roof. FYI, we are also recognized as one of the global leaders for our language solutions.
  4. Looking for AI powered chatbots? Learn how our multilingual platform is disrupting travel, financial, banking, healthcare and other sectors.
  5. Support #MakeInIndia? Visit us and take pride, in all innovations Indian!


Interested in learning more? Visit us at #Booth 29 and attend the spotlight session at Ballroom-1 by Nutan ChokkaReddy, CEO, Xploree, KeyPoint Technologies at 3.10 pm, Wednesday, Nov 28th, 2018.


Diwali Xplosion on Xploree!

Revel in the aura and excitement of Diwali with a brand-new phone. Its time again for you to put on your thinking hats, immerse yourself in the Xploree Xperience. Rate us and share your reviews on play store and stand a chance to win a brand-new phone. Make this Diwali, that much more special and memorable with Xploree!


Steps / T&C

  • Participants must download the Xploree app, use its different features and then rate & review Xploree AI Keyboard on play store.
  • Share the same screenshot on the Xploree social media(Twitter, Facebook) post and tag 3 friends with hashtag #1stAIKeyboard.
  • 6 lucky winners will be selected at the sole discretion of the team at Xploree.
  • Prizes for 6 participants who adhere to the above conditions.
  • Prizes cannot be exchanged or replaced.


Download World’s First AI Keyboard App here to win Big this Diwali!

Last date for submissions, 17th November 2018. Winners will be announced by the 21st of November 2018.

iMedihub Partners with Xploree Chatbots to Deliver Conversational Experience

11/2/18 Hyderabad: iMedihub – a leading supplier of health information technology solutions and services, has tied up with Xploree AI chatbots to better engage patients and improve efficiency among the hospital staff including doctors.


Indian healthcare is evolving at a rapid scale and has been at the forefront of adopting technological advancements. Chatbots- by the virtue of its conversational interface has recently caught everyone’s attention but its adoption rate in the Indian healthcare system is still low.


To bridge this gap, iMedihub has integrated Xploree chatbots into their solutions providing conversational interfaces to meet user and hospital needs. iMedihub has already partnered with leading hospitals in Hyderabad including Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital, Jubilee Hospitals, Star Hospitals, MNJ Hospitals, Tesla Polyclinics, etc. Xploree bots will be enabling the chatbot experience of all partner hospitals, who opt in for the service.


Partha Sarathi Reddy Bijjam, CEO-iMedihub said, “Physicians and Hospitals should be able to focus more on patients, rather than spending much time on handling/searching for paper work. It is often the case that lot of time is spent on updating information and doing other clerical work. The partnership and the chatbot here, comes with the promise of becoming competent assistants aiding the patients, physicians and hospitals, by providing easy to use conversational interfaces”


Nutan ChokkaReddy, CEO-KeyPoint Technologies said, “Modern day patients and hospitals want fast, easy access to information; a self-service option where interactions are prompt, personal and conversational. Xploree bots will help iMedihub and eventually its partners to manage patient appointments, referrals, follow ups, enquiries in a more seamless, multilingual and personalized way.”


Xploree bots on the iMedihub platform will be multifaceted. The patient facing bots will be taking patient enquiries while the same AI powered bots, integrated with the Health Management Information System, processes the available data making it available through a simplified conversational interface for the hospital’s internal use. Xploree supports more than 180 languages both global and indic. As such, its AI algorithms will be able draw context from the conversation to meet a user’s need in multiple languages, fundamentally changing the traditional doctor-patient-hospital collaboration.


About iMedihub

iMediHub is a healthcare standard product which empowers comprehensive healthcare information management system, engineered with enterprise experience to simplify operations and management. iMediHub provides business intelligence and analytic tools to assist industry with processed valuable information. It has implementation partners other than IHub preventing dependency/lockout to a single vendor.


About Xploree, KeyPoint Technologies

Xploree Bot Platform is a product developed by KeyPoint Technologies- a leader in innovative language technology. Xploree supports more than 180 languages that includes 49 Indic languages and 130+ global languages. Xploree bots supports all major integrations and comes with multiple templates, categories and entities.

Multilingual Strategy Must for Marketers

A challenge for most marketers in recent times has been the growing number of smartphone users in the tier 2 and three cities who are not very comfortable using the English language. The ever-increasing number of smartphone users and the 24-hour connectivity to the internet at negligible rates, has ensured a dramatic rise in the number of internet users. Users have got accustomed to using their smartphones for consuming content, searching for products and services as well as shopping online. For long, businesses or marketers offering their products and services concentrated on users residing in tier 1 cities using English as the default language to connect. Marketers developed and created content in English to draw the attention of prospective users or customers. English language content to connect with the tier one crowd worked well but applying the same for crowds residing in tier2 and 3 cities has been a challenge.


India has a tally of 22 regional languages that have been recognized as official languages of different states. Each state to preserve its language and identity has tried to encourage vernacular languages. In fact, the education systems in many Indian states is driven by their native language, reason why most new smartphone users find it convenient to converse and communicate in their local language. The market has become diverse, marketers no longer can follow the one size fits all when it comes to language, using English as the default language. A recent report points out that 73 percent of internet users by 2021 will prefer to use languages other than English, up from 57 percent in 2016. With 40 million users joining the online user base every year there is a huge potential for product and service providers to capture and benefit from new customers. Speaking the language of the customer is a sure way to keep the user engaged and active.


To understand the impact of Indian languages on internet users in India, check out the infographics that line out the potential of native language communication.


Hindi    Tamil     Bengali   Telugu    Marathi


World’s 1st AI Keyboard, Xploree, is a perfect platform for marketers looking to reach out to the diverse population in India. The keyboard supports 49 Indic languages and is a force to reckon with in tier 2 and 3 cities, besides the OEM partnerships which has ensured millions of users get to use the multi utility keyboard app.

Weather reports come handy, on the Xploree AI keyboard

Xploree AI Keyboard partners with Accuweather for real time weather reports

Making travel plans with your friends or going to another city for work? Before checking the maps, check your keyboard for weather conditions, for it is important to arrive prepared.


Users can now check weather report/conditions directly on their Xploree mobile keyboard. The keyboard’s AI algorithms automatically infers the city/country, the user is in, and tracks the local weather for them.  So, users need not install separate apps for weather; for weather report will be directly delivered to the user on their Xploree AI keyboard.


Xploree AI keyboard is also hyperactive while you type, chat or browse and gives you contextual recommendations, in real time. If you are discussing travel to another city or even different countries, Xploree’s AI algorithms are quick to capture the key words and show weather conditions of those places.


Amidst all this, Xploree does not capture or store any kind of data. Everything is done one the device and on the fly. So, the keyboard picks up data only for the current active session. Once the user shuts the activity, the keyboard also forgets.


Xploree AI keyboard understands over 180 global languages, including 50+ Indic languages. So even if the user types in their local languages, Xploree will intelligently pick up the context and provide real time suggestions. Apart from Accuweather, Xploree has over 50 partners like Hotstar, Housejoy, Hungama, Amazon, Times Now, AFP, Flipkart, and many more.


Currently on 20M devices, this partnership with Accuweather is sure to delight the frequent flyers, also tickling the travel bug inside all of us.

Let the Celebrations Begin!

Xploree an indigenously created keyboard app, made in India for Indians, never misses an opportunity to celebrate the diverse and rich culture of India. Xploree AI powered keyboard app not only enables Indian masses to communicate and converse in their native language with a large corpus of Indic Languages, it also releases visually inspiring themes to celebrate occasions and events. To make this Ganesh Chathurthi, that signals the start of the festive season in India, Xploree has revealed visually sublime Ganesha themes for all users to experience the solemn presence of Lord Ganesha on their mobile keyboards. If you think you could do a better job at creating your very own Ganesha inspired themes, you can for sure do it using the create themes feature on the app. Ensure that you share it with the world!


As an integral part of your daily lives Xploree wishes that the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chathurthi showers your family and you with prosperity and good health.


To make the occasion that much more special Xploree has decided to open loose a bag of goodies for all users celebrating the birthday of Lord Ganesha or Vinayaka as he is otherwise known. We want our users to celebrate the occasion with aplomb and fervor, like you have for years. All we want from you is to make us an integral part of the high-spirited celebrations and share with us images, while you are at it! It could be the special decorations that adore the elephant god, a family gathering in front of the deity, the sumptuous food that you have prepared to mark the occasion or special initiatives that you have taken to make this Ganesh Chathurthi environment friendly.


It’s as simple as sharing images to win some exclusive goodies. Spread the love and show the world the way to celebrate by tagging Xploree, your friends and loved ones and ensure that your message reaches the farthest by using #GaneshaXplores.

Ganapati Bappa Morya!


Celebrating Telugu Language Day 2018

India is a diverse country with each region or state having its own distinct language. Add to that, each language has a variety of dialects used by people across the region or state. Telugu speakers at 71 million are the biggest group among south Indian language speakers residing in the south of India. They are principle residents of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, having a sizeable presence in the neighboring states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu at 3.7 and 3.5 million respectively. Telugu is treated as a classical language, among the six classical languages identified by the Indian state. It was conferred the distinction in 2008.


Erstwhile Andhra Pradesh is considered by many as the fiefdom of IT professionals. Andhra Pradesh is also considered as the first few states that drove the IT revolution in India, benefitting both the state and the country. Another distinction that the Telugu diaspora is recognized with is the number of students going abroad for higher education. Telugus from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are the single largest ethnic group going to the USA for studies. As such they are also one of the biggest native population getting absorbed into different industries after their studies.


Telugus celebrate 29th of August as Telugu Language Day every year coinciding with the birthday of Gidugu Venkata Ramamurthy, a revered Telugu poet. The day is celebrated with aplomb across the state aided by funds doled out by the Andhra Pradesh state government. The government also presents awards to deserving personalities from different domains acknowledging their contribution in the spread and betterment of the Telugu language.


Install Xploree AI Keyboard App available for free on play store to conveniently converse in Telugu. The keyboard also enables you to converse in a mix of English and Telugu otherwise known as macaronic language besides the capability to transliterate. The option to use exclusive multilingual GIF’s, emojis and stickers make your conversations a lot more engaging and fun. While the variety of themes alongside the option to create personal themes for your keyboard ensures you are never short on style or attitude!


Click here to know more about the widely spoken Dravidian language and its relevance in today’s day and age.

Raksha Bandhan: Bonding with the Best!

Xploree prides for being the, ‘World’s 1st AI keyboard Application’, developed in India, specifically for the Indian masses. Xploree acts as a perfect companion for users by suggesting the most relevant content suggestions presented to users after understanding the intent through the typed text.Xploree’s natural language processing capabilities ensures that the keyboard successfully derives context from 12 different Indic languages, from the typed text to give you the most relevant suggestions through, ‘Presto’. Presto is an X icon visible on the left top corner of the keyboard that displays suggestions when you click on it. So, whether its dining, shopping, sports or trending news everything is available on your keyboard, just click on Presto!


Our endeavor to provide users with a product, high on engagement and utility has ensured that Xploree gives the Indian populace the power to choose from a wide variety of 36 Indian languages. Xploree available for Andorid devices for the Indian audience equips users with the capability to use 13 macaronic languages, text using a mixture of languages, particularly bilingual (ex. Bengalis + English, Tamil + English, etc.) puns or situations in which the languages are otherwise used in the same context, besides capability to transliterate in 11 different Indic languages. Transliteration helps users to covert from one text script to another.


Our emphasis to encourage Indian culture and tradition has seen us introduce, devotional themes and a unique feature called create themes that enables users to use images of their choice be it family, friends, locales or deities that can be used as background images on their keyboard. In our effort to encourage the rich traditions in our country we are doling out gifts for winning participants who take part in our Bond with the Best Contest.


Bond with the Best is a celebration of a beautiful celebration that celebrates the selfless love and affection between a brother and sister. Famously known as Raksha Bandhan the festival is a promise on part of brothers to be there as protective shields for their sisters. The festival is symbolized by a decorative thread tied by the sister around their brother’s wrist. In turn the brother promises to protect his sister and gifts her something special as remembrance.


To make this occasion extra special Xploree is running a contest that requires participants to click pictures when the sister is tying the rakhi, download Xploree, use the image to create a theme, share it on Xploree’s social handles with the hashtag #rakhi #rakshabandhan #bondwiththebest, a mention why your sister or brother is special and stand to win cool gifts from Xploree for your loving sister or self.


Contest begins 26th August and is on till the 29th of August.


What are you waiting for? Stop wondering what you want to gift your sister, instead take part in the contest and leave the gifting to us!