Independence is a Gift to Cherish for a Lifetime!

As an Indian there are many things in our country that make us frown, curse our inefficient polity or make us wonder how different it would have been if we were in some other developed country? But when I get back home after a hard day’s work to a welcoming warm reception from family members, I realize that it is India and us Indians who are gifted with this warmth. Warmth that makes us love each other unconditionally, warmth that embraces regardless of caste or creed, warmth that wishes to share with others equally all that is available. It is this motivation that makes us stand erect whenever the national anthem plays, it is this motivation that keeps the spirit of nationalism ignited in us, assuring that one day our nation will be looked up to and respected for the trials and tribulations it has overcome to become a loving, independent and respectful nation.


Apart from the glorious history (video) our nation never flaunts or beats drums about, the present crop of individuals, visionaries, enterprises are silently writing the future of our nation. Be it Satya Nadella heading Microsoft or Sunita Williams, Indian origin astronaut selected by NASA to be part of their next expedition to space, Indians are at the forefront with unmatched distinct accomplishments. It is this drive to be the best that drives the team at Xploree, world’s 1st AI Keyboard to rewrite the way users interact and utilize keyboards on their smartphones. From the onset Xploree has been an indigenously developed keyboard application that utilizes the combined potential of artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and understanding. Xploree is a futuristic keyboard designed by Indians for Indians keeping in mind the intrinsic cultural and language nuances that makes our country unique. The keyboard not only helps you discover hyper contextual content in the moment, it also helps you express in 40 Indian languages. The keyboard also has a transliteration feature which enables you to type in a language and find their equivalent in 11 different Indic languages besides giving you the option of using a mix of Indian and the English language to help you express the way you like it!


This Independence Day show your support by installing Indian apps which are, ‘Made in India’ and ‘Made for Indians’.


Xploree allows you to write in more than 40 Indic languages and shows content for Indians across categories like Astrology, Bollywood, Cricket and a lot more!


Win Big! Express your patriotism through keyboard themes!


Create Stunning, Personalized Keyboard Themes with Images of Your Choice!

Xploree AI Keyboard App endeavors to create features that wows our users. Our new release with the ‘Create Themes’ feature is no different. The new feature lets you become the ‘creator’. It enables you to select an image of your choice to create distinct visuals for your keyboard.


So, if you are in love with yourself or wish to express your love for a loved one, your pets, a celebrity or can’t get over the scenic natural beauty of a place, Xploree’s, ‘create themes’, feature helps you utilize that image as your keyboards background!


Xploree is back with a bag full of goodies to appreciate and encourage users who are creatively inclined!


All you need to do is download the world’s 1st AI Keyboard app, enable it, head to the Create Themes feature and start creating awe inspiring keyboard themes. Themes adjudged the best stand to win Cool Pad Smart Phones, Xploree Time Pieces and lots more. Existing users can visit the new feature and start creating.


This ‘Open House Creative Challenge’ is exclusively for Xploree users. Users need to create themes and share the screen shot on our social handles to get acknowledged and rewarded!


Selected themes will become part of the existing themes on Xploree for the world to acknowledge and appreciate, creative beauty!


It’s time for you to pull out your creative hats and showcase to the world your intellectual creative side. What more? Get rewarded for the same!



  • Each user can post a maximum of 3 themes, with couple lines about the latest feature and why you like it?
  • Winner will be selected at the sole discretion of Xploree team
  • Strict action against obscenity
  • Participants sharing images must tag a minimum 5 friends
  • Once shared the images will become the sole property of and can be used for promotions or can be put to any other creative use

Xploree Partners with Comedy Munch To Deliver Humor On The Keyboard!

Smartphone users can now watch exclusive comedy shows directly on their keyboard


World’s 1st AI powered keyboard- Xploree, has joined hands with India’s biggest stand-up comedy platform to delight users with curated comedy content on their mobile keyboard. This exclusive partnership will enable users to get direct access to comedy munch’s videos and can book comedians directly, through the Xploree mobile keyboard app.


The new age comedy platform’s association with the Xploree AI keyboard is a positive shift towards real time curated content discoveries, for users. Xploree, currently on 20M devices will help Comedy Munch, reach out to new users, in 49 Indic languages on the mobile keyboard; keen to discover bone tickling content.


Xploree AI Keyboard’s capability to understand and communicate in various Indic languages, with users, will enable Comedy Munch to reach out to an active wider audience for seamless delivery of localized comedy content.


Users can now enjoy top notch bone tickling entertainment effortlessly on their fingertips without having to switch multiple apps. Other content partners who have partnered with Xploree include- Hotstar, Republic TV, Daily Motion, Santa Banta, Mint, HT and many more.

Globalization Akin to Localization!

We have heard many say the world is a small place. True, it sure is a small place with connectivity to reach far and wide. But something you and I both will agree to is that it is an immensely diversified place. Each region, each country, state with its own distinct culture and language.


For businesses, connectivity has erased the challenge of distance and made the world a small place helping them spread their products and services far and wide. But they are grappling with the challenge of catering to a diverse populace. Their products and services are failing to reach their maximum potential as it is unable to address the concerns, likes and dislikes of a distinctly diverse population.


Help is at hand though as world over multinationals such as KeyPoint Technologies have stood up to address these challenges. Providing specialized localization solutions companies such as KeyPoint and others have made global go local. For many localization means the business of translation from one language to the other, but realistically the scope of localization is beyond just translation of languages.


While the base of localization is language, in modern day parlance it involves understanding the culture and habits of a given region or location. As such the scope of localization is immense owing to the way an industry wishes to approach a geography. Localization today is helping application developers develop or tweak existing applications as per the need and requirements of a specific crowd, catered in the language of their choice. Similarly, localization is successfully applied to legal content, product manuals, instruction manuals, description manuals as well as user interfaces.


Increasing demand for localization is propelling the industry towards rigorous growth. The industry is estimated to reach the $50 billion mark by 2021. While there is constant demand for localization services, there is also a need on part of the industry to be swift with improvements and technological advances to address the demands. The much talked about, in vogue and in use, AI technology is one technological advancement the localization industry is making optimum use of. Industry stalwarts are using machine learning, natural language processing and natural language understanding capabilities to provide state of the art localization solutions to their clients.


Localization has opened a new frontier for businesses as they look to spread far and wide, away from the saturated markets in the developed world. Developing economies are acting as the backbone for developed economies to sustain growth. It is here that localization is filling the void for users and businesses to get in sync and benefit, mutually.

Marathi Manus

Did you know that ‘prakrit’ the language Marathi was derived from is also the base for, ‘the Sinhalese language’ spoken in Sri Lanka.


How the Beautiful Game of Football Can Benefit From AI?

Every now and then comes a technology that is extensively covered by the media for the impact it has on business and day to day lives. Be it the emergence of big data, cloud computing or any other technology advancement, they have been written about and spoken about at length. One such technology that has caught the imagination of businesses and people alike is Artificial Intelligence, considered to be the ability of machines to think, comprehend and act like humans. There is hardly any sphere of life that is not getting impacted by the fast growing all encompassing technology termed, AI. Looking at the popularity of the technology and the scope it represents it makes sense to discuss how this technology could or is already impacting the sports arena.


In this post we look at the kind of effect AI can have on the beautiful game football with the biggest football extravaganza slated to take place in Russia from the 14th of June 2018.


Impact on coach and supporting staff

Coach and coaching staff who must keep a keen eye on their players can immensely benefit from developments in AI. Imagine a penalty shoot out taking place against an ace goalkeeper with an impressive track record. Advances in AI can help the coach understand by studying available video footage and data the exact way the goalkeeper is accustomed to reacting against a penalty. This in turn can guide the coach to choose the best among the set of available players. This again is possible because the coach has used AI tools to gauge and learn about the best shooter pipped against this goalkeeper. In addition, the coach can also learn about team formations that best suit his team against different opponents. AI can also help the coach and his supporting staff keep an eye on the exact way a given player moves around in the field, apart from observing the fitness of players, thus safeguarding the players from wear and tear.


Impact on individual athletes

AI in wearable for top athletes such as footballers can be a boon for it can guide the individual athletes on their exact fitness routine, diet etc. besides prompting suggestions on improving techniques like the power behind a shot or the way to hit the ball to get the desired curve in the shot.


Impact on marketing and advertising

Using video technology and AI, brands can substantially quantify the impact of their sponsorship buys. The soccer field is covered with an array of brands during a match but the adverts that attract the best ROI for a brand are the ones that are visible during the most exciting parts of a match. It is during intense moments in a game when the viewers are paying complete attention to the players and their surroundings. Besides the clips because of reruns on various channels and social media shares garner furthermore interest and eye balls for different brands. AI can help ascertain the best positioning for different brands helping them make viable sponsorship deals that are high on returns.


It is too premature to be thinking that AI will have any major impact this world cup in Russia, but the one thing guaranteed, the likes of Messi, Suarez, Mueller and Neymar will clearly outline what gifted humans are capable of on the football pitch.

Bots To Drive Next Wave Of Marketing!

With industry bigwigs entering the fray, text-based or conversational ai powered chat bots are in steady demand.


Top brands are now leading the march in embracing chat bots or automated messaging apps to engage with their consumers. The uncanny ability of bots to fulfil the requirements of holding a sensible conversation with the user has the markets ringing. Bots have come to stay as many businesses begin to embrace the idea of providing real-time consumer engagement. Moreover, bots live on servers—like web pages—and not on the mobile phone, making it handy to create and update them.


It only remains to be seen how bots change the face of Internet and internet usage.


Hello, I’m your bot!

Regular messenger apps had a palpable level of popularity even in their earliest avatars as chatroom applications. The last year witnessed a flurry of events in this sphere, especially as more people took up to using messaging apps than even social media. This has prompted tectonic shifts in the marketplace. For brands, the upshot of delivering personalized experience using messenger apps was huge. But then, it gave rise to the question: how many more apps can you really use? Enter chat bots. Chat bots help to take care of most of your tasks, including those that you’d otherwise rely on numerous apps to perform.


Imagine sitting in a theatre and ordering refreshments. In most cases, you’d be required to download app supported by the establishment. You’d have to first search for the app, download it or open the mobile site, create an account, choose your items, enter your seat number, enter payment details and check out. Well, honestly, you’ll be missing out on your show if you spend time performing these tasks on your mobile.


Life would be a lot easier if you just had to open your messenger app and inform the establishment’s chat bot to bring you what you’d like to have. Or, if you are seated in a restaurant, seek the bot’s help in exploring the menu and choosing the chef’s special. The scope is unlimited and the proliferation of chat bots in the coming days is inevitable.


Coming of age

With the enhanced potential to have realistic conversations with consumers, marketers enlist bots to help in brand discovery, customer service, and data collection. Also, building bots is a hassle-free affair, and scalable—they can be deployed across several messaging platforms. This is very different from the earlier chat services, which responded to the input of keywords and phrases. Moreover, industry leaders in language technology are utilising their competencies in artificial intelligence, natural language processing and natural language understanding to equip chatbots with multilingual conversational abilities, especially suited for countries as diverse as India.


Bots and their avatars

The number of automated bots doing the rounds on Twitter and, recently, on Facebook is surprising. Most messaging apps have their own functional bots, although they still allow developers a free rein to create their own bots. Some apps have incorporated chat bots with a high degree of personalization.


The jury is out there!

The proliferation of messaging apps and chat bots has opened the market for brands. In the coming days, one is sure to witness a lot of movement in the bot marketplace.


Just as the app marketplace witnessed its meteoric rise after both Apple and Google entered the ring, the bot market is gearing up as both social and telecom biggies show their interest. Moreover, businesses such as restaurants and hotels that have been lukewarm to adopting apps are readily embracing bots.

Technologies That Will Propel India Into The Future!

India has experienced unprecedented growth, thanks to the development in the field of technology. Technology has enabled India to not just provide identities to its more than billion strong population, it has also positively impacted different sectors such as education, healthcare, governance etc. As India’s reliance and competence in the filed of technology grows, mentioned below are technologies to watch out for. Technologies set to reshape the technological landscape in the country.


Artificial Intelligence: AI or artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm and India is no different. The influence and scope of AI technology is such that even the nations Prime Minister made a mention of it suggesting the impact AI can have on healthcare, student-teacher ratio, farming problems or bridging the language gap. It is not just the nations head who is feeling positive about AI’s impact, a report published by an IT major, Accenture, states that the Indian economy stands to gain a whopping $957 billion with the help of artificial intelligence. While there are some like Elon Musk and Late Stephen Hawking’s who expressed their apprehensions about the viability of AI and raised concerns that it could be used unethically if regulations were not in place, there are others such as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft founder, Bill Gates who are confident that AI will cater to the larger good of humanity. While it is too premature to state whether the evolution in AI will help eradicate or create problems, the amount of interest and investments in the technology is a sure sign that the world and India is keen to adopt and develop the technology further.


Language Technology: One technology that holds immense potential in respect to India is, ‘Language Technology’. Language technology pertains to the processing and understanding of human language both speech and text to help machines understand and comprehend the nuances and complexities of human communication. The reason language technology holds great importance in India is the diversity that exists within the country. Any business or for that matter government looking to enable technologies to reach out to the huge diaspora of population residing in the nook and corner of the nation needs to have the expertise in language technology to make sense to the diverse crowd. There are 22 languages that are currently considered or referred to as scheduled languages. The spread and reach of these languages varies as per region making it important for any business or government agency to have capabilities to address the population in the language of their choice to have maximum impact. The widening reach of internet connected smartphones is ensuring that more and more people are consuming digital products and services. But the internet connected smartphone population is also challenged with their limited understanding of the default English language. Industry leading localization services which work on the fundamentals of language technology, taking into consideration the cultural and behavioral aspects of a region can be a boon for industry and or government agencies looking to penetrate the Indian market with their digital products and services.


Mobile Technologies: Internet connected smartphones have brought about unprecedented development in many spheres. Today, the smartphone is equipped with applications that help keep track of health, wealth, happiness and what not. With continuous impetus from the government encouraging digital transformation, there is more possibility mobile technologies will only get better. An apt example developed by a private entity that immediately comes to mind is the Xploree AI Keyboard app. It is a fresh look at the most used feature on the mobile, ‘the keyboard’. Xploree AI Keyboard app is the worlds first AI powered keyboard app that works on intent, meaning it provides suggestions and discoveries based on the context of an individual’s conversations, enabling him to shop, dine, book services etc. conveniently through the keyboard. Alternately it helps users communicate in 150+ global and 28 Indic languages as well as transliterate in 11 Indian languages. A true flag bearer of the advancement and convenience emerging and developing mobile technologies can bring to human lives.


On ‘National Technology Day’, wishing the technological landscape in our country keeps evolving to help the country advance, giving us many more reasons to celebrate and observe National Technology Day with pride, on the 11 of May every year.

Telugu Bhashe

Did you know that Telugu is the third most searched language on Google after Hindi and Bengali as per a Google trends report? The popularity is largely due to the Telugu movie industry that has takers around the country and globe. Read on to find more such interesting facts about Telugu Bhashe.


Sonar Bangla – Bengali

Did you know that World Language Day observed by UNESCO on 21 Feb. every year is in commemoration of the Bengali Language Movement that took place in Dhaka? It is observed in recognition of activists who laid down their lives in support of the uprising to reclaim Bangla identity in erstwhile east Pakistan, now Bangladesh. The infographic below lines out some more interesting facts about the beautiful language.