HT Media partners with Xploree

Do you find yourself feeling this unavoidable need to check news while texting, tweeting, posting statuses, etc.? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Mobile users will now be able to stay connected with latest news, views, opinions and all that’s happening around them from within their mobile keyboard. All that they need to do is tap and let Xploree keyboard guide them through the portfolio of some amazing stories. An innovative technology indeed! It will serve mobile users with the choicest of content in real time, without having to launch separate news apps.

This alliance aspires to deliver a unique experience to its users through the AI powered mobile keyboard. This alliance can very well be called the next big disruption in online media.

This is a latest innovation in the space where mobile keyboard can double up as a curator and an aggregator of news and other contextual content. Xploree’s smart keyboard detects user needs to show the most relevant news content.

The three most popular categories from HT Media expected to be included are Hindustan Times, Mint and Desi Martini.

There are many instances where discussions on social platforms require us to share interesting article or anecdotes from the press. News published online is always available for a quick look up, but now it will be an immersive experience with Xploree.

Don’t settle for an ordinary keyboard than does the usual. Get the industry’s first intelligent keyboard that can do more. Download Xploree, today!

Gear up for the season’s biggest sale with the Xploree smart keyboard

“Shop for Big Billion Day and Great Indian sale directly from your mobile keyboard

Flipkart’s Big Billion Day and Amazon’s Great Indian Festival have already kickstarted and people are already going crazy with kind of deals that are out there. With their wish list and carts almost full, shopping is just one tap away.

However, if the truth be told, for Indians online shopping is still a tough nut to crack. One may ask why?

Indians have a very different way of shopping and it is a well-known fact supported by all kinds of data – that- women shop more than men and both need suggestions for everything they pick.

Coming back to where we started the – Big Billion Day and Great Indian Festival. Top discounts, quick deliveries but no one to take suggestions from while putting things in the cart. Though you have ping and share buttons, Indians lack patience to use those.

Not anymore. Experience the new way of shopping this festive season with your smart keyboard.

Xploree, industry’s first intelligent keyboard app, has joined hands with Amazon and Flipkart to delight consumers with customized discoveries. With the confluence of Xploree keyboard’s intent sensing technology, Flipkart and Amazon’s vast product offerings, users will now not be alone while they shop.

Xploree along with the e-tailers will together bring meaningful suggestions and choices to consumers at their exact time of need and thought. Every time the users express, discuss or plan upon any idea that’s directly related to shopping, they will get to see these recommended options, unobtrusively.

The technology makes Amazon and Flipkart’s products and services available on the users’ keyboard within all active windows – chats, browsers or apps. Xploree eliminates the need to exit any existing activity/window to search for a product or service. Users can choose to launch the exciting discovery cards at their convenience, when they want to, without hampering their conversations.

So how is it different or helpful?

  • Users can now chat and shop together, without having to do tedious task of exiting and launching various apps while chatting.
  • Based on the browsing pattern, contextual chats, Xploree’s smart algorithms will suggest top products with best prices. For example, if a user is looking to buy a shoe, Xploree’s smart algorithms will show him the best options from both Flipkart and Amazon in a single widow (basis the price, reviews & popularity) and he can shop directly from there- minus the hassles of switching apps
  • Need help shopping? No Problem. Xploree keyboard is the perfect virtual friend you never had. Since it knows your mood, requirements and shopping pattern, it will help you fetch the exact discoveries you need at that point in time

So, make the most of shopping with your new friend Xploree and while you are at it, Xploree will also help you fetch food discoveries(you can order food directly from the keyboard) so that you are never low on energy

Xploree Celebrates Engineer’s Day

“Remember, your work may be only to sweep a railway crossing, but it is your duty to keep it so clean that no other crossing in the world is as clean as yours”

The quote above is from – the most influential engineer from the history of contemporary India, Sir M Visvesvaraya; to – Every engineer out there.

Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, an Indian engineer, scholar, statesman and the Diwan of Mysore (1912-1918) was born on 15th September 1861. Every year, on this day, India celebrates Engineer’s Day, in his memory.

At age 12, Sir M Visvesvaraya lost his father, a renowned Sanskrit Scholar. He completed his primary education in Chikballapur, and high school education in Bengaluru. In 1881, after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Arts from the Central College in Bangalore, affiliated to the Madras University, he pursued Civil Engineering from the reputed College of Engineering, Pune.

The Arts + Engineering background can be seen in his work, his designs were nothing short of elegantly artistic yet thoroughly crafted for perfection.

Sir MV was known for his timeliness, intricate ideas, and dedication, among his many other virtues. He had designed the layout of Jayanagar in the South Bangalore and it is supposed to be the best locality to be designed ever in Asia.

Sir M.V retired in 1908 and the then Maharaja of Mysore, was eager to secure the services of Visvesvaraya to serve Mysore. He joined as Chief Engineer in Mysore because he wanted challenging opportunities. He had earned a reputation for his honesty, integrity, ability and intelligence. He introduced compulsory education in the State which later was embodied as a fundamental right in the Constitution of Independent India.

Sir M.V. belongs to that small band of eminent Indians whose ideas and achievements have been among the truly creative and formative force of modern India. Sir M.V.’s slogan was Industrialize or Perish. He was a true visionary, who spearheaded development.

An engineer’s zeal to dive deep into the root of any given problem and come up with innovative & reusable solutions, is what makes them the best at everything they do. Xploree keyboard’s love for human logic stems from the engineer’s behind it. It is because of this, that Xploree, is continuously striving to delight users with contextual discoveries.

Xploree has an engineer at its heart. From the birth of every intent to its execution, every step of the way thoroughly crafted for perfection, and portrayed to the user via an elegantly artistic UI.

A salute to Sir M Visvesvaraya, and Happy Engineer’s Day to ALL Engineers

- The Engineer @ the heart of Xploree.


Indic Language Support for OEMs Made Mandatory

The Indian Government’s mandate to add local language support in the mobile devices has come as a reality check for most OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). The norm so far had been to support a handful of regional languages along with global ones.

However, soon all smartphones, feature phones, etc. will need to support display of content in all Indian languages and provide input capability for 3 – Hindi, English and regional language of the user’s choice.

Despite the government’s mandate that came last year for regional language support in smartphones, there exists no mainstream keyboard that supports all minority languages. As per the latest mandate, every phone sold after July 1, 2017 (now October) must support local languages. This crucial step will connect millions of non-English speaking people, giving them the freedom to use the language of their choice on their mobile devices. (One might wonder why it wasn’t already that way to begin with)

This mandate is more than a good news for non-English-speaking people as they were initially left with no choice but use the default language. This will empower them to get access, transact, acquire and share information in the language they are most comfortable in.

In some aspects, #AchheDin indeed.

Soon after this mandate was out, mobile phone manufacturers were seen looking out for facilitators who can provide language support in such a short span of time.

The government realised that language support is indeed a complicated activity and increased the deadline from July to October 2017.

KeyPoint Technologies alone saw a steep rise in the number of requests coming in for language support, in the last few months. Good part is- while other providers had to start from scratch- get linguists, build technology; KPT has been in this business since over a decade now. Hence could easily fulfil the requirements in the shortest span.

This step taken by the government has not only given local languages a boost, but also empowered every citizen of the country to make maximum use of their smartphones to get things done.

Earn Rs 500 Paytm Cash for Testing Xploree beta app

Join Xploree’s Beta Community and be part of its rewards and recognition program. Get paid to try and test the next-gen mobile keyboard that is one of its kind in the world

Are you one of those who tinkers around with their smartphones to use it to its full potential? Do you have a tendency to test and report bugs to get things fixed/improved? If yes, you are what people refer to as Power Users/Testers.

Welcome to The Xplorers’ Club which is all about letting power users evaluate the application beforehand, identify bugs, give early feedback on new features, and get rewarded upto Rs.500 Paytm cash!

Every functional* bug you report will get you Rs.50 Paytm cash and a chance to explore the beta version of the Xploree mobile keyboard app.

How to get started?

  • Join ‘The Xplorers club’ on its Google+ community page (Google+ Signup is required)
  • Download Xploree Android Beta Version from the Google+ page. Beta app is not publicly available and its restricted to select audience only.
  • Test Xploree beta app and share your feedback for all the issues and bugs on the Google+ community page.
  • For each unique functional bug identified, you will be rewarded with Rs 50 Paytm cash.
  • In Total, you can earn Rs 100 Paytm cash per calendar week and upto Rs 500 Paytm cash per Calendar month

Please refer to all the Terms & conditions of the rewards program below:

  • Only the unique functional bug will be rewarded. Functional bug means any app event / issue which is recurring in nature. Spelling or one-time errors etc are not counted as functional bugs.
  • The bugs which are reported for the 1st time on Google+ community page will only be eligible for cash rewards and reporting of the same existing bug again on g+ page will not fetch any rewards
  • In case the reported bug is already reported on g+ page by another beta user than it will not be eligible for Rs 50 Paytm cash.
  • Reported bug needs to be clearly mentioned in detail along with screenshot on Google+ community page.
  • Any beta user can earn max Rs 100 paytm cash per calendar week and upto Rs 500 Paytm cash per Calendar month.
  • Paytm Cash transfer will be processed on weekly basis and will be received in approximately 5-10 days from the reporting date.
  • Users who engage in spamming the Google+ page with irrelevant content or repeated upload of the same reported bug would be banned from the page and all future engagements. Also, their earned paytm cash would go on hold.
  • This being a Trial campaign. Hence, only first 10 eligible users will get rewarded each calendar week of the August month.
  • Team Xploree’s decision will be final in all matters.

Get most out of Xploree and start sculpting its tomorrow (future), join The Xplorers’ Club today!

Important Note:

Since the app is in Beta version, all features may or may not function as expected. Xploree Team expect you to share your feedback about all these unexpected behaviours and crashes.

Basis your feedback, we will continue to upgrade our app and you’ll receive all new updates from The Xplorer’s Club, delivered to your Google+ community feed.

How Language Technology Can Help Businesses

Before we start with the importance of language technology, learn more on how linguistic support on smartphones can be a boon to the mobile phone manufacturers

For any business, it is crucial to connect with your audience/customers. Language is the main barrier. It is as former German Chancellor Willy Brandt once said: If I am selling to you, I speak your language. If I am buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen. (Then you have to speak German).

If you wish for a national or global expansion and popularity for your product, the first step should be to learn languages, break barriers and connect. Here’s how language technology can help your business

A Strong Foundation for proper Market Exposure

If you want to build something great, make sure it has a rock-solid foundation.

This can and should be applied in every scenario where something is being built. A good understanding of the language infrastructure is at the crux of globalization process. Understanding what documents need to be translated and into what languages. When a new version of the same product is released, the documentation is never written again from scratch. A part of language infrastructure is figuring out what will remain the same, along with who will do the translation work. The only smart way to expand your business and increase market exposure, is by getting this done right.

Effectively Manage Complex Multilingual Translations by Using the Right Tools

In international expansion, the cost and time of translation or localization is often overlooked. The bigger and more popular the company, the more the products, the more the documentation, and more the translation. Every company would either outsource to a language service provider, or hire a translation team. Language technology, especially translation management and collaborative translation tools can dramatically reduce costs of localization so more markets can be covered in a shorter timeframe. All of this, within the same budget.

A Thoughtful Approach Can Take You All The Way

You need to figure out how you are going to approach the localization process. The first step is to assess what you need to translate and what quality levels you need to achieve. The next step is to understand which of your linguistic assets & activities can and realistically should be maintained in-house, and which of them can and should be outsourced. The next and most important step is to make sure that the documentation is consistent in its wording, especially since the translation is done by different people.

A thoroughly planned and thoughtful approach will save you a lot of trouble in the long haul.

Tick-Tock: Time is of the Essence

We’re living in a world where, the amount of content being created increases exponentially on a daily basis. We need solutions that improve productivity and quality, and we need them today. A smart approach to achieving this would be to identify who can bring in perfection and quality to your localisation needs. This can make things go faster, and greatly reduce the margin of error, which will lead to a reduction in time-to-market.

In the grand scheme of things, leveraging Language Technology can help expand your business in a more meaningful way while ensuring you always have an edge above all, which is what matters most in today’s world.

Xploree launches Beta Community Program for Pro-app users

We are pleased to announce Xploree’s Beta community program. This aims to reach out to the pro-app users and testers’ community on Android platform. This will provide them an exclusive access to Xploree’s pre-release and experimental features. We expect these users to play a pivotal role in helping us improve the Xploree app with their feedback.

Sign up here to be part of exclusive beta community which is open to limited number of users only. The testers will not only be able to try a pre-release beta version of the Xploree android app, but also have an open channel communication with the inhouse developers’ team for an open discussion to improve the product to the cult-level.

This program is all about letting users evaluate the software beforehand, identify bugs and give early feedback on experimental features, so that the in-house technology team can acquire and use that feedback to improve Xploree’s overall app experience.

So, if you are a pro-app user who likes to tinker around with mobile apps and by nature, loves problem solving then wait no more and join our beta community program. Apart from being on a steep learning curve, we also have fantastic rewards and recognition program in place where the pro-users who identifies maximum number of unique and complex bugs will be duly rewarded.

The features that are going to be released in the upcoming Beta build are :

  • Sticker Doodle – Create your own doodle and share in underlying apps
  • Sticker Prediction – Xploree would predict stickers based on what you are talking about
  • Animated Gifs
  • Loads of GIF images via Giphy API integration
  • Seamless sharing of stickers across popular messaging apps (& GIFs in the future)
  • Smart themes
  • Product Discovery on Keyboard
  • App Shortcut to discoveries, Xploree landing screen, etc

To download the beta app or to give us feedback for Xploree Beta on Android, please join our Google+ community page today! You will get all the updates happening on Xploree Beta, delivered to your activity feed.

*Since the app is in Beta version, all features may or may not function as expected. We need you to share your feedback about all these unexpected behavior and crashes.

For those who want to learn about Xploree

Xploree keyboard is not restricted to just next word prediction. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Xploree’s rich intent technology makes it the most unique mobile keyboard that gauges user intent in real time that shows contextual and relevant recommendations on the fly. You can find out more @

5 Reasons Xploree Is Just The Mobile Keyboard You’re Looking For

Do you own a smartphone? Is it an Android? It definitely has a pre-installed keyboard, right? Finally, do you use your smartphone for almost everything? If your answers to all those questions are yes, then unlock the full potential of your device, using the right keyboard.

What’s wrong with the keyboard I have?

It isn’t smart.

Confused? Let’s think about it. The mobile keyboard is the only app that is ubiquitous in almost 90% of interactions with the smartphone. Needless to say, most of our work on mobile is done with the help of a keyboard. Now, the thing we tend to overlook, is the number of times we go from an app to another in order to get things done.

For example – You and your friend are talking about how you’re craving for a pizza, you then look for an app to use to buy pizza from some place near you. A smart keyboard would already know you want a pizza, and it could show you the pizza places near you, and an option to go about ordering one from the convenience of the keyboard.

Here are 5 reasons why Xploree is just the mobile keyboard that you’re looking for –

1. It’s SMART!

Xploree is the Industry’s First Keyboard Built with Humanlike Sensibilities. It can think!

2. It Learns from You!

Xploree is born out of Human Logic and next-gen technologies like Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP). These technologies work based on text inputs, intents, and neural networks that are trained. This basically means – it has a brain, you teach it things, it learns from your activities to give you smarter results, all the time!

3. It’s Multilingual!

There’s nothing like being able to communicate in your mother tongue/first language. Xploree supports over 130 global and regional languages in case you want to text, chat, post, comment and tweet in Hinglish, Tamlish, Banglish, Kanglish. This is also something that can help your parents/grandparents communicate textually in their comfortable mother tongue.

4. It Discovers Things Based On Your Interests!

Xploree comes with an inbuilt genie, an incredibly fast intent mapping feature that gets cracking even before you verbalize your expressions. You get meaningful suggestions while chatting about the latest movies in town, planning on ordering a pizza or when discussing about your next holiday, through cognitive icons that mirror your sentiments. Basically – you get what you need, when you need it.

5. No More Cluttering!

Gone are the days when you had to go back and forth between applications to get things done. By the time you finish typing your sentence, Xploree gives you suggestions to book shop, dine, review, deals, discounts, etc, All without having to leave your chat window. Multi-tasking on your mobile has never been this easy!

To make your life easier, get the intelligent mobile keyboard – Xploree, NOW!

Increasing brand recall on mobile

Brand Recall is at the pinnacle of Brand Awareness Strategies.

Brand Recall. A qualitative measure of how well a brand name is connected with a product type or class of products by consumers.

Quite simply, if a customer remembers a brand, he is likely to buy that brand. If he doesn’t remember it, he will buy the one he remembers. Thus, for a brand, it is important to set itself in customers’ memory.

To truly understand if your brand awareness marketing tactics have actually converted loyal followers into active customers, marketers need to follow these 3 important steps:

Identifying your Audience & Knowing What You Don’t Know

To win an audience, you need to be able to define them. Orientating your brand to leverage both paid and owned media is rudimentary.

For instance, knowing that 85% of Pinterest users are women, and that only 13% of men use it, you wouldn’t want to use Pinterest as a marketing tool if your product or service targets a male-centric audience.,/p>

Using Lygometry (latin for measuring darkness) i.e. quantifying things we know we don’t know, we can begin to triangulate the areas that we need to focus on to improve brand recall on the mobile apps platform.

Sharing Infographics & Engaging Users via Contests

Good contests, along with attention grabbing infographics, play a crucial role in making sure that the consumers stick with your brand, and purchase your product repeatedly.

But the task is to engage users on the mobile platform! Sure, you can do the above on social media, but chances are that people just swiped through your post without even reading it. Why? Because it probably doesn’t concern them at that particular moment.

When you think about the one thing you use the most on the mobile device, you’ll realize it’s the keyboard. Across all apps, the mobile keyboard is a constant. The keyboard knows all about the user’s activities. Your brand too, can be omnipresent across apps, and come alive along with the keyboard exactly when the users need it. Something worth leveraging and reaping the benefits off of.

Giving Freebies & Utilizing the Right Resources

Nobody would pass up on a freebie. Nobody! To create brand awareness, it is necessary to provide freebies since they allow users to get a taste of the product or service, in order to help decide if they want it.

Utilizing every useful resource while increasing brand awareness, is a no-brainer really. On the mobile platform, you need to ensure that the content being delivered is related to the users’ needs. Think of it as Intent Driven Content Delivery (IDCD). Using a medium to decipher intent from multiple interactions across apps for each and every user is paramount for leveraging IDCD correctly & efficiently.

The best way to learn of a user’s needs is through conversation. Conversation with your consumers, in the literal sense, isn’t logical or feasible. Mobile users use keyboards for everything. Therefore, the keyboard captures user intent much before it gets received by the other end.

It’s a marketer’s dream to be able to read this implied intent and provide only relevant offers to the relevant audiences.

5 things common between T20 cricket & Xploree

5 things common between T20 cricket & Xploree

It’s that time again. You come home running, switch on the TV, put on the Sports channel. The next few hours are spent being glued to the couch as you enjoy every moment of a breathtaking cricket match. That’s T20 cricket for you! This phenomenon has resonated the most in India. We’re proudly in love with this high octane format of cricket.

Both, this awesome cricket format and Xploree Mobile Keyboard cater to the masses and not the classes, which is what make them unique and loved. With T20, anyone who loves entertainment, sports, or fast paced action can enjoy the matches.

Here’s 4 other things that are common between T20 cricket and Xploree

Switch Languages On-The-Go like A Pro

All of our favourite batsmen has given us one of those wow moments, with a Switch Hit. Similar to how these seasoned players switch their stances on the go, you can switch between languages on your mobile keyboard. Become a multilingual ninja with Xploree’s Swipe-To-Switch mechanism. Simply swipe right/left on the spacebar to switch to your favourite languages. Wow your friends, family and colleagues with your multi-linguistic capabilities.

A Power Play of Contextually Aware Suggestions Only!

Whether you were chatting about that upcoming stand up show, or some cuisine, Xploree shows you the results relevant to what you need. It’s contextually active algorithms filters out unnecessary/unrelated results, in a Power Play of its own! With time, the keyboard begins to understand you better and shows the most relevant results in real time.

Become a Texting Ninja with Text Shortcuts

Just like the fast-paced nature of T20, your conversations could be fast paced if you configure text shortcuts for more and more words. Xploree gives you the ability to assign an acronym or keyword for certain long text data like an email address, home address, or any piece of text that you would have to use repeatedly. Assign shortcuts to words that you use the most and replace them on the keyboard so that you don’t have to type long repetitive words. Become a texting ninja with text shortcuts in your arsenal.

Just When You Need It! OR Dugout

Xploree’s very own genie X, is sitting in your dugout, just waiting for your signal. It senses everything and appears just when you need it, with a plethora of options for whatever it is you wished to do, whether it’s booking that taxi or ordering food online. With a 0% chance of getting timed out, X is a lifesaver. He’s that killer player in your team- the one you can depend upon.

If you haven’t already, switch to Xploree now for daily breathtaking keyboard experiences.