Xploree launches Beta Community Program for Pro-app users

We are pleased to announce Xploree’s Beta community program. This aims to reach out to the pro-app users and testers’ community on Android platform. This will provide them an exclusive access to Xploree’s pre-release and experimental features. We expect these users to play a pivotal role in helping us improve the Xploree app with their feedback.

Sign up here to be part of exclusive beta community which is open to limited number of users only. The testers will not only be able to try a pre-release beta version of the Xploree android app, but also have an open channel communication with the inhouse developers’ team for an open discussion to improve the product to the cult-level.

This program is all about letting users evaluate the software beforehand, identify bugs and give early feedback on experimental features, so that the in-house technology team can acquire and use that feedback to improve Xploree’s overall app experience.

So, if you are a pro-app user who likes to tinker around with mobile apps and by nature, loves problem solving then wait no more and join our beta community program. Apart from being on a steep learning curve, we also have fantastic rewards and recognition program in place where the pro-users who identifies maximum number of unique and complex bugs will be duly rewarded.

The features that are going to be released in the upcoming Beta build are :

  • Sticker Doodle – Create your own doodle and share in underlying apps
  • Sticker Prediction – Xploree would predict stickers based on what you are talking about
  • Animated Gifs
  • Loads of GIF images via Giphy API integration
  • Seamless sharing of stickers across popular messaging apps (& GIFs in the future)
  • Smart themes
  • Product Discovery on Keyboard
  • App Shortcut to discoveries, Xploree landing screen, etc

To download the beta app or to give us feedback for Xploree Beta on Android, please join our Google+ community page today! You will get all the updates happening on Xploree Beta, delivered to your activity feed.

*Since the app is in Beta version, all features may or may not function as expected. We need you to share your feedback about all these unexpected behavior and crashes.

For those who want to learn about Xploree

Xploree keyboard is not restricted to just next word prediction. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Xploree’s rich intent technology makes it the most unique mobile keyboard that gauges user intent in real time that shows contextual and relevant recommendations on the fly. You can find out more @ https://www.xploree.com/

5 Reasons Xploree Is Just The Mobile Keyboard You’re Looking For

Do you own a smartphone? Is it an Android? It definitely has a pre-installed keyboard, right? Finally, do you use your smartphone for almost everything? If your answers to all those questions are yes, then unlock the full potential of your device, using the right keyboard.

What’s wrong with the keyboard I have?

It isn’t smart.

Confused? Let’s think about it. The mobile keyboard is the only app that is ubiquitous in almost 90% of interactions with the smartphone. Needless to say, most of our work on mobile is done with the help of a keyboard. Now, the thing we tend to overlook, is the number of times we go from an app to another in order to get things done.

For example – You and your friend are talking about how you’re craving for a pizza, you then look for an app to use to buy pizza from some place near you. A smart keyboard would already know you want a pizza, and it could show you the pizza places near you, and an option to go about ordering one from the convenience of the keyboard.

Here are 5 reasons why Xploree is just the mobile keyboard that you’re looking for –

1. It’s SMART!

Xploree is the Industry’s First Keyboard Built with Humanlike Sensibilities. It can think!

2. It Learns from You!

Xploree is born out of Human Logic and next-gen technologies like Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP). These technologies work based on text inputs, intents, and neural networks that are trained. This basically means – it has a brain, you teach it things, it learns from your activities to give you smarter results, all the time!

3. It’s Multilingual!

There’s nothing like being able to communicate in your mother tongue/first language. Xploree supports over 130 global and regional languages in case you want to text, chat, post, comment and tweet in Hinglish, Tamlish, Banglish, Kanglish. This is also something that can help your parents/grandparents communicate textually in their comfortable mother tongue.

4. It Discovers Things Based On Your Interests!

Xploree comes with an inbuilt genie, an incredibly fast intent mapping feature that gets cracking even before you verbalize your expressions. You get meaningful suggestions while chatting about the latest movies in town, planning on ordering a pizza or when discussing about your next holiday, through cognitive icons that mirror your sentiments. Basically – you get what you need, when you need it.

5. No More Cluttering!

Gone are the days when you had to go back and forth between applications to get things done. By the time you finish typing your sentence, Xploree gives you suggestions to book shop, dine, review, deals, discounts, etc, All without having to leave your chat window. Multi-tasking on your mobile has never been this easy!

To make your life easier, get the intelligent mobile keyboard – Xploree, NOW!

Increasing brand recall on mobile

Brand Recall is at the pinnacle of Brand Awareness Strategies.

Brand Recall. A qualitative measure of how well a brand name is connected with a product type or class of products by consumers.

Quite simply, if a customer remembers a brand, he is likely to buy that brand. If he doesn’t remember it, he will buy the one he remembers. Thus, for a brand, it is important to set itself in customers’ memory.

To truly understand if your brand awareness marketing tactics have actually converted loyal followers into active customers, marketers need to follow these 3 important steps:

Identifying your Audience & Knowing What You Don’t Know

To win an audience, you need to be able to define them. Orientating your brand to leverage both paid and owned media is rudimentary.

For instance, knowing that 85% of Pinterest users are women, and that only 13% of men use it, you wouldn’t want to use Pinterest as a marketing tool if your product or service targets a male-centric audience.,/p>

Using Lygometry (latin for measuring darkness) i.e. quantifying things we know we don’t know, we can begin to triangulate the areas that we need to focus on to improve brand recall on the mobile apps platform.

Sharing Infographics & Engaging Users via Contests

Good contests, along with attention grabbing infographics, play a crucial role in making sure that the consumers stick with your brand, and purchase your product repeatedly.

But the task is to engage users on the mobile platform! Sure, you can do the above on social media, but chances are that people just swiped through your post without even reading it. Why? Because it probably doesn’t concern them at that particular moment.

When you think about the one thing you use the most on the mobile device, you’ll realize it’s the keyboard. Across all apps, the mobile keyboard is a constant. The keyboard knows all about the user’s activities. Your brand too, can be omnipresent across apps, and come alive along with the keyboard exactly when the users need it. Something worth leveraging and reaping the benefits off of.

Giving Freebies & Utilizing the Right Resources

Nobody would pass up on a freebie. Nobody! To create brand awareness, it is necessary to provide freebies since they allow users to get a taste of the product or service, in order to help decide if they want it.

Utilizing every useful resource while increasing brand awareness, is a no-brainer really. On the mobile platform, you need to ensure that the content being delivered is related to the users’ needs. Think of it as Intent Driven Content Delivery (IDCD). Using a medium to decipher intent from multiple interactions across apps for each and every user is paramount for leveraging IDCD correctly & efficiently.

The best way to learn of a user’s needs is through conversation. Conversation with your consumers, in the literal sense, isn’t logical or feasible. Mobile users use keyboards for everything. Therefore, the keyboard captures user intent much before it gets received by the other end.

It’s a marketer’s dream to be able to read this implied intent and provide only relevant offers to the relevant audiences.

5 things common between T20 cricket & Xploree

5 things common between T20 cricket & Xploree

It’s that time again. You come home running, switch on the TV, put on the Sports channel. The next few hours are spent being glued to the couch as you enjoy every moment of a breathtaking cricket match. That’s T20 cricket for you! This phenomenon has resonated the most in India. We’re proudly in love with this high octane format of cricket.

Both, this awesome cricket format and Xploree Mobile Keyboard cater to the masses and not the classes, which is what make them unique and loved. With T20, anyone who loves entertainment, sports, or fast paced action can enjoy the matches.

Here’s 4 other things that are common between T20 cricket and Xploree

Switch Languages On-The-Go like A Pro

All of our favourite batsmen has given us one of those wow moments, with a Switch Hit. Similar to how these seasoned players switch their stances on the go, you can switch between languages on your mobile keyboard. Become a multilingual ninja with Xploree’s Swipe-To-Switch mechanism. Simply swipe right/left on the spacebar to switch to your favourite languages. Wow your friends, family and colleagues with your multi-linguistic capabilities.

A Power Play of Contextually Aware Suggestions Only!

Whether you were chatting about that upcoming stand up show, or some cuisine, Xploree shows you the results relevant to what you need. It’s contextually active algorithms filters out unnecessary/unrelated results, in a Power Play of its own! With time, the keyboard begins to understand you better and shows the most relevant results in real time.

Become a Texting Ninja with Text Shortcuts

Just like the fast-paced nature of T20, your conversations could be fast paced if you configure text shortcuts for more and more words. Xploree gives you the ability to assign an acronym or keyword for certain long text data like an email address, home address, or any piece of text that you would have to use repeatedly. Assign shortcuts to words that you use the most and replace them on the keyboard so that you don’t have to type long repetitive words. Become a texting ninja with text shortcuts in your arsenal.

Just When You Need It! OR Dugout

Xploree’s very own genie X, is sitting in your dugout, just waiting for your signal. It senses everything and appears just when you need it, with a plethora of options for whatever it is you wished to do, whether it’s booking that taxi or ordering food online. With a 0% chance of getting timed out, X is a lifesaver. He’s that killer player in your team- the one you can depend upon.

If you haven’t already, switch to Xploree now for daily breathtaking keyboard experiences.

Shop, Dine, Text, Repeat

Shop, Dine, Text, Repeat

Disclaimer: The following article might open your eyes to possible extreme levels of comfort.

Sunny skies and rising temperatures. Summer is here. The summer does make the environment a pleasant place, but most of the time, it isn’t pleasant for the people living in it.

It’s that time when you can’t wait to get home from work, switch on the AC, and just glue yourself to the couch hoping – nay, praying that the weather improves the next day. That’s summer in 30 words or less.

But we can’t just stop living our lives. We need to shop, for summer clothing, of course! The problem, however, lies in the lack of strength to go out and face the heat. Next, we need to go out on dates, but all we want to do is Netflix and Chill @ 18 degrees or less. Next, we need to hang out with our friends. But none of them want to face the heat, either. The only thing you can do, is stay glued to the couch, and text them.

The Keyboard is a Lamp, There’s a Genie Inside

The one thing you absolutely need, to text people, is a keyboard.

The keyboard is present in more than 90% of your interactions with your mobile device. Why not use this keyboard to get things done? This is exactly what we went for with Xploree. A keyboard that thinks, and gets things done while texting. Nifty, right?

So while you’re texting people, Xploree, is busy finding the most relevant results for you without you having to explicitly tell it to do anything. The Ideal Genie.

Discoveries on Xploree

We all love it when we discover things in life.Well, discover this –

With Xploree, you can enjoy seamless browsing minus the hassle of switching apps; AND Without Xploree, you can continue to hate the experience of doing multiple things on your mobile device on different apps.

The Xploree keyboard brings users face to face with cab, food, entertainment, utilities, solutions and many similar bagful of discoveries while they continue chatting (the “mobile interlude” as we call it).

Whatever it is you’re talking about buying/using/doing, Xploree has contextually aware suggestions to provide you a means to do it. The best part? You don’t really need to leave your couch.


Shop, Dine, Text, Repeat!

The next time you’re on your couch, and are texting your friends about how you could kill for pizza, Xploree can show you coupons for your favourite pizza place with a direct shortcut to order one. Same goes for any other cuisine. That skirt you were talking about with your besties? Xploree shows you the best prices and offers from popular online retailers. Whatever you need, just like the couch – Xploree has your back.

So let’s rewrite summer in 30 words or less – That time when you can’t wait to get home from work, turn up the AC, and continue living your life while getting things done, like a boss.

Deep learning and NLP can take User Experiences to newer heights. Find out how?

Machines exhibiting human intelligence is the next paradigm-shift. From healthcare, finance, manufacturing, to advertising, transport and retail, transforming the concepts visualized in Sci-Fi movies into real-world technologies is what mankind is striving for. However, as a rule of thumb, to benefit from any technology, we need to fully understand it first.

Machine Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) encompasses machines performing tasks that require human intelligence, such as – visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. Deep Learning is often described as an imitation of the human intellect. But it’s basically just simple math, executed on a ginormous scale. To be precise, deep learning is a collection of methods for tuning neural networks based on data.

Neural Networks are inspired by our understanding of the biology of the human brain. Just like the way we make life decisions based on the things we learn from experiences, a neural network makes decisions based on what it learns. Neural Networks and Deep Learning together provide beneficial solutions in the fields of image recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is what makes Siri, Google Assistant, and every other Virtual Digital Assistant, do what they do best – talk and listen to us. The next leap in NLP will be devices that don’t require you to type at all, only talk.

One such sci-fi to real-world technology is Xploree – a smart keyboard that brings the consumer face-to-face with smart suggestions that truly matter. It was born out of an idea to use language intelligence as a unified playground for connecting brands and services to consumers. The humble smartphone keyboard app has evolved in its journey, from being a simple input interface to a smart personalized assistant to consumers. Powered by NLP and Machine Intelligence, Xploree comes in the form of smart multi-lingual keypad. By analyzing the text typed, Xploree maps it with the best options available from the existing partners who offer everything starting from food recommendations to shopping to exciting deals and predict what a user might want. All this is done entirely on the user’s phone with proprietary and lightweight NLP algorithms, so that one can enjoy Xploree without compromising his/her privacy. The end product? A keyboard that thinks, for a change.

Real-time hyper-contextual suggestions, seamless browsing through the keyboard without having to switch apps, intent-driven emoticons that hint at useful suggestions in your moment of need, these are just some of the functionalities that the marriage of NLP, neural networks, and machine intelligence has helped create.


The world around us is constantly advancing, and emerging technologies like NLP, AI, and Deep Learning will begin continue to revolutionize the way businesses work, for the better. Embracing these technologies, and integrating them into the core of our businesses is the optimal way to shift-the-paradigm.

5 Ways You Can Personalize Your Mobile Keyboard

The mobile keyboard is the single most used application on your device. Whether it is to enter your unlock passcode, search for something on the web/phone, or simply, to communicate.

Xploree is on a mission to help you get better acquainted with your keyboard. Here’s 5 ways you can personalize your mobile keyboard –


For most of us, switching to slang words that like stmt for statement, d for the, etc. could mean trouble, especially since we get so used to them that we start to forget the real words. That being said, (almost) everyone gets irritated (after a while) of typing long words like – Incomprehensibilities, unimaginatively, etc. again and again. It’d be miraculous if there was a way to type 3-4 letters and get it replaced with the intended 15 letter word.

Xploree allows you to set Text Shortcuts for everything. For e.g – You could set your email id to a shortcut called +myid. Whenever you type +myid, xploree will automatically replace it with your email id.



It is a scientific fact that our minds respond better to imagery. We’ve all had those conversations where it’s all just words and after a while, our minds automatically stays aloof from the activity.

Xploree encourages you to bring your conversations to life with a set of 1200+ emoticons and fun stickers. Human beings are made to express. So whether it’s a simple laugh for a joke, or a musical instrument to invite friends over for a jam session, or the angry face for something someone did, express yourself.



Of course the two terms translation and transliteration mean different things. But who needs translation when you have transliteration? Communicating with people in your mother language is always fun. No matter how good you are with wordplay, some things just don’t sound right in another language.

With support for over 110+ international as well as regional languages, Xploree is quickly covering all the bases. Whether it is a pen pal in a foreign country, or that relative back at your hometown/village. Transliteration can help you type in a number of regional languages using the same keyboard with minimal efforts.



One of the major implied requirements in a keyboard is choice of color. To truly personalize your keyboard, you need to be able to set it to look the way you want it to, thereby making it an extension of you rather than just a persona of your device.

With Xploree, you can do just that. No matter what your mood is, with a wide selection of themes right from color based themes to animated themes to image based themes and seasonal themes, the available choices are aplenty.

So just like with the wild card from Uno, choose your color and remember to not forget to have fun.



The technology that drives xploree is based on a love for human logic. Right from sensing your affinities to serving you when needed, with recommendations matching your needs, to syncing your personal profile to the cloud for you to use on any device that has xploree.

Think of it as your subconscious self

It does exactly what you need, right when you need it, and more importantly – without you having to explicitly tell it to do so. Personalized Indeed.

To get started with the keyboard that thinks, switch to Xploree now:

Bringing people closer to food through the Mobile Keyboard

Search restaurants & order food online without switching apps

Does your life majorly revolve around food? Are you the one who constantly thinks of what to eat next, in between work, sleep or maybe even during a meal. Are you having a tough time dealing with your all-veg life during Navratras?

Well, we totally empathize with you!

If you are still reading this- Congratulations! You are a certified foodie now!

By the way what is the next thing you love or use the most in life? It’s an easy guess- your Smartphone.

We are a technology company and believe that technology is all about reducing barriers that makes life simpler. In an effort to bring you closer to food, we introduce to you Xploree:

The smart keyboard app that works with all devices, (across all apps, in virtually any language, based on unique individual history, personality, interests and behavior), connecting people to content, products, services and solutions, in their moment of need!

Planning what to eat, where to eat, checking out restaurants’ ratings, etc, literally kills your desire to order food online or your desire to dine in your ideal restaurant, doesn’t it?

Not anymore! With the seamless integration of Zomato within the Xploree app, searching for restaurants or ordering online is as simple as unlocking your phone. In fact, you don’t even need to have the food app on your phone.

Thanks to this alliance, you just need to unlock your mobile and TYPE. Yes, you read it right. Just TYPE the bare minimum specifics on your keyboard and it will not only recommend the best available options with respect to location, cuisine, etc but will also inform you about the hot deals, coupons and discounts that Zomato has to offer.

Planning an outing on a Whatsapp friends group? You will be delighted to see how Xploree catches up with the ongoing conversation and recommends awesome restaurants in a jiffy. You won’t even have to leave the chat to pick and choose a restaurant or order food online. You can do it all without missing out on all the fun in your group chat. In fact, it works well with all those who hate to go the Extra mile– that too for food. Why do it the old way when you have smart alternatives available!

Unlock your phone and discover lip smacking food at your fingertips and at your doorstep. The secret ingredient to ease of ordering and deliciousness is out. Download now:


Bidding adieu to the good old mobile keyboard: Welcome you Keyless beauty!

Warning: Read this before your keyboard app automatically updates its keyless features

Have your fingers ever took the shape of a crumbled claw from typing too much on the mobile? Are you a person who likes to text and snack often? And end up getting both fingers and the mobile keyboard messy with all that oil? Or are you the one who is not a QWERTY fan and is looking for something more intuitive?

Have you ever wished for something that often happens in science fictions like Minority Report or Avengers; where actors call out the schematics by waving their hands- swiping and pulling to access their intelligent systems?

In a high-tech world where change is rapid and constant, smartphones are the devices tech companies are looking forward to innovate and the keyboard undisputedly is the most important and unexplored tool of mobile devices. As technology progresses, accurate text prediction is no longer a differentiator. The next wave of innovation is virtual, with intelligent systems and algorithms tracking your thoughts.

Although there are a few pretenders to the throne with sliding, gliding, next word prediction and sentiment gauzing features thriving in the industry, the next big thing is yet to happen in the mobile world.

So, all you people who really want the real X factor or something more in your smartphones apart from front camera and flashlights for selfies, Pay Attention! Things are about to get really cool!

Now, instead of merely pushing for a fast and accurate typing experience, we have found a way to remove letters and alphabets from the keyboard altogether! Wait, not just the alphabets- everything! The mobile keyboard will become your whiteboard and you can now paint it with your thoughts.

What? You don’t believe us? You want to know why? Well, after being in the Text input, AI & NLP industry for more than one and half decades, with two successful products in the kitty, we wanted to give something more to our users. Something that’s in the future. We see the keyboard to be an interface between users’ brain and their phone or between two people. Hence we thought- future innovations should focus on lowering the barriers to connecting them.

So, we present to you the Futuristic keyboard app that will literally read your mind, gauze your facial expressions/mood and type the same for you in the chat box. To know more follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Till then here’s a sneak peak of the look and feel of it.

Have fun reading it and don’t forget to share the love!

Discovery is the new word in the Online Marketing game

Ever wondered how often you simply checked the mobile to do something random without any specific agenda?
Ever been in one of those situations when you just open the app drawer, and randomly choose what you want to do, based on which app you feel like using at that particular moment?

Of course you have. We’ve all been there, done that.

How often on Facebook you find yourself stuck watching an interesting video that you stumbled upon while checking random updates about friends and family?
Isn’t it just delightful when you stumble upon stuff while going about your business on the mobile?

Well, these are some of the precious moments that hold the key to dispensing interesting content and ideas to mobile users.

The concept is called as Discovery, and it is an emerging term in the marketing community. It isn’t just one initiative or one task, rather it’s emblematic of the many channels that a brand partakes in. Unlike Acquisition Marketing, where an organization specifically reaches out to consumers by means of ADs or impressions generated through activities such as paid search, Discovery Marketing is that aspect of your brand’s marketing mix that allows users to stumble upon a brand.

Many, if not all, of discovery marketing is based on content creation, with some exceptions including content marketing, SEO, etc.

At the crux of discovery marketing is the understanding of the fact that there is no one initiative that will make you an instant success. People interacting with your brand will be what success is derived from. Depending on the industry, there are different discovery marketing channels that will be more pertinent to consider and then execute on. It is crucial to test which channels your audience is most active in and to understand what content formats your consumers respond to on those networks. There is nothing worse than an inconsistent amplification strategy.

Remember to test, optimize, and think about your consumer. If you keep your consumer at the heart of your marketing mix, it’s difficult to fail. If you don’t believe your consumer will stumble upon your brand in a specific channel, move on.

The mobile keyboard, is one such emerging channel. Being omnipresent in almost 90% of our interactions with the mobile, it can truly learn to understand our intents without us having to explicitly state them. Think of it as your subconscious self.

You know how in your subconscious, you know what you want, but there is no medium for the subconscious self to talk to the conscious self? Well an intelligent mobile keyboard can convey those messages for you.

If you find yourself talking about buying a pair of shoes, or a new smartphone, a smart mobile keyboard can show you the best brands available, along with the best offers and deals for the product on leading online stores. If you’re talking to your friend about how you’re craving for a pizza, an intelligent mobile keyboard can provide you with coupons to the nearest pizza store, and also show you the best currently available combo offers.

Doesn’t all that sound like things your subconscious self would be screaming at you? If only it were audible.

Xploree – the intelligent mobile keyboard, is doing all this and much more with its humanlike sensibilities. To begin marketing the right way, and connect your subconscious and conscious self with a keyboard that can think, switch to Xploree now.