Bidding adieu to the good old mobile keyboard: Welcome you Keyless beauty!

Warning: Read this before your keyboard app automatically updates its keyless features

Have your fingers ever took the shape of a crumbled claw from typing too much on the mobile? Are you a person who likes to text and snack often? And end up getting both fingers and the mobile keyboard messy with all that oil? Or are you the one who is not a QWERTY fan and is looking for something more intuitive?

Have you ever wished for something that often happens in science fictions like Minority Report or Avengers; where actors call out the schematics by waving their hands- swiping and pulling to access their intelligent systems?

In a high-tech world where change is rapid and constant, smartphones are the devices tech companies are looking forward to innovate and the keyboard undisputedly is the most important and unexplored tool of mobile devices. As technology progresses, accurate text prediction is no longer a differentiator. The next wave of innovation is virtual, with intelligent systems and algorithms tracking your thoughts.

Although there are a few pretenders to the throne with sliding, gliding, next word prediction and sentiment gauzing features thriving in the industry, the next big thing is yet to happen in the mobile world.

So, all you people who really want the real X factor or something more in your smartphones apart from front camera and flashlights for selfies, Pay Attention! Things are about to get really cool!

Now, instead of merely pushing for a fast and accurate typing experience, we have found a way to remove letters and alphabets from the keyboard altogether! Wait, not just the alphabets- everything! The mobile keyboard will become your whiteboard and you can now paint it with your thoughts.

What? You don’t believe us? You want to know why? Well, after being in the Text input, AI & NLP industry for more than one and half decades, with two successful products in the kitty, we wanted to give something more to our users. Something that’s in the future. We see the keyboard to be an interface between users’ brain and their phone or between two people. Hence we thought- future innovations should focus on lowering the barriers to connecting them.

So, we present to you the Futuristic keyboard app that will literally read your mind, gauze your facial expressions/mood and type the same for you in the chat box. To know more follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Till then here’s a sneak peak of the look and feel of it.

Have fun reading it and don’t forget to share the love!

Discovery is the new word in the Online Marketing game

Ever wondered how often you simply checked the mobile to do something random without any specific agenda?
Ever been in one of those situations when you just open the app drawer, and randomly choose what you want to do, based on which app you feel like using at that particular moment?

Of course you have. We’ve all been there, done that.

How often on Facebook you find yourself stuck watching an interesting video that you stumbled upon while checking random updates about friends and family?
Isn’t it just delightful when you stumble upon stuff while going about your business on the mobile?

Well, these are some of the precious moments that hold the key to dispensing interesting content and ideas to mobile users.

The concept is called as Discovery, and it is an emerging term in the marketing community. It isn’t just one initiative or one task, rather it’s emblematic of the many channels that a brand partakes in. Unlike Acquisition Marketing, where an organization specifically reaches out to consumers by means of ADs or impressions generated through activities such as paid search, Discovery Marketing is that aspect of your brand’s marketing mix that allows users to stumble upon a brand.

Many, if not all, of discovery marketing is based on content creation, with some exceptions including content marketing, SEO, etc.

At the crux of discovery marketing is the understanding of the fact that there is no one initiative that will make you an instant success. People interacting with your brand will be what success is derived from. Depending on the industry, there are different discovery marketing channels that will be more pertinent to consider and then execute on. It is crucial to test which channels your audience is most active in and to understand what content formats your consumers respond to on those networks. There is nothing worse than an inconsistent amplification strategy.

Remember to test, optimize, and think about your consumer. If you keep your consumer at the heart of your marketing mix, it’s difficult to fail. If you don’t believe your consumer will stumble upon your brand in a specific channel, move on.

The mobile keyboard, is one such emerging channel. Being omnipresent in almost 90% of our interactions with the mobile, it can truly learn to understand our intents without us having to explicitly state them. Think of it as your subconscious self.

You know how in your subconscious, you know what you want, but there is no medium for the subconscious self to talk to the conscious self? Well an intelligent mobile keyboard can convey those messages for you.

If you find yourself talking about buying a pair of shoes, or a new smartphone, a smart mobile keyboard can show you the best brands available, along with the best offers and deals for the product on leading online stores. If you’re talking to your friend about how you’re craving for a pizza, an intelligent mobile keyboard can provide you with coupons to the nearest pizza store, and also show you the best currently available combo offers.

Doesn’t all that sound like things your subconscious self would be screaming at you? If only it were audible.

Xploree – the intelligent mobile keyboard, is doing all this and much more with its humanlike sensibilities. To begin marketing the right way, and connect your subconscious and conscious self with a keyboard that can think, switch to Xploree now.


Humanizing Artificial Intelligence through the Mobile Keyboard

How often while talking about something do we feel the need to do a search regarding the topic of discussion? What if there was a way to provide you with handpicked content that is relevant to you, when you need it the most? Oh wait, there is!

The scope of media/content distribution via the mobile keyboard is tremendous and unexplored. Xploree is making waves in carving a new era in content consumption in the most unique way. Xploree aligns itself with the users’ thought process by understanding and sensing users’ purpose, desires, motives, actions, needs, wants, expressions, etc. Users can thereafter choose to launch and see discoveries that they stumble upon while going about their usual business on the mobile.

As such Xploree is emerging to be the next best destination for contextual news discoveries, using its thinking capabilities for adapting and applying knowledge to different scenarios, a.k.a Contextual Intelligence.

Here’s a comparative scenario to put things into perspective:

Without Xploree: You do a google search for stand-up comedy in your locality, and pray that you get bookmyshow results to be able to book seats, and then head over to zomato to figure out where to eat after the show or download those apps separately.

With Xploree: You and your friends are talking about some new comedy movies playing in town when Xploree provides you with a compilation of the top most upcoming stand-up gigs with links to book tickets (with offers, if any). Maybe talk about eating your favorite dish while deciding which show to book, and Xploree will show up nearby restaurants almost instantaneously.

A chat scenario were two people are talking about comedy shows and restaurant and
xploree provides related discoveries instantaneously

Xploree and Contextual Intelligence

Xploree uses technologies like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to offer contextually aware solutions, much like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon. All of them provide a ‘recommended for you’ section based on the user’s usage profile. For a person buying computers/laptops, Amazon would recommend accessories to go with the product. For a person watching a particular video, YouTube would (most of the time), recommend similar videos that can be of interest to the person. Similarly, if you are watching a comedy special on Netflix, it would recommend similar other shows that might interest you.

Thanks to the ubiquitous nature of mobile keyboards, Xploree’s AI algorithms can provide contextual suggestions for things that you are talking to people about: right from product recommendations to restaurant reviews to current cab rates. You type it, and Xploree will provide recommendations in real-time. The easiest plus point is not having to explicitly state what you want (skipping the search), and getting similar if not better suited results.

All you need in your busiest schedule is to have a virtual friend at bay who understands your needs even before you spell it out explicitly.

To make your life easier, make friends with the intelligent mobile keyboard – Xploree NOW

Making businesses more agile for Digital Marketers

What brands do you engage with the most every day as a digital marketer? Youtube, Amazon, Google, Facebook? Ever thought what makes them standout in the digital marketing space? The answer to that is- their ability to RECOMMEND! The commonality in all these giants are the usage of Machine Learning and AI powered algorithms that understand every user’s behavior and make recommendations based on their activities. This leads us to a situation where brands have started to incorporate recommendations into products and content to drive engagements. Hence for digital marketers, every move the smartphone user makes is an opportunity for conversion. As such every digital marketing move, should focus on making the user look forward to relevant content rather than a task to strike off the mails or display ads from their current browser. Here’s how:

Leveraging NLP to capitalize on text inputs:

Conversational commerce is predicted to rule the business in the coming years. This means that users can look forward to doing everything from catching up with a friend to shopping online, booking a movie ticket and checking in to their flight on a messenger.

Natural Language processing has the ability to process human language to a level where it can infer responses. This technology can help brands understand customers on a larger scale by identifying the logical form of text inputs. In fact, the most basic example would be the mobile keyboard that heavily relies on NLP not only for predicting new words while typing but also learn from the act and predict responses and recommendations basis the context.

NLP as such can be used by digital marketers to simplify human text inputs and drive engagements and conversions on every word typed by the user.

Machine Learning to understand user behavior and pattern:

Machine Leaning is all about building intelligent systems that can learn from experiences, context and behavior. Now that the world has shrunk to the size of pocket, every digital marketer is after smartphone users. AdWords, retargeting, native ads have been done to death and a sword of ‘what next’ keep on hanging around the neck of digital marketers. With smartphone users as the primary target, digital marketers must watch out for new technologies that captures 100% text inputs. Text inputs while browsing or chatting are the best ways to capture data and show instant recommendations to users’ basis their behavior pattern or current context.

In fact, if there are two things everyone does at least once in a day would be Google & Facebook. The former processes results while the latter’s deep text abilities create newsfeeds. All these developments have changed the way online search works.

But if the real revolution in the consumer AI is happening on the mobile, then it makes more sense to start advertising prior to search or before the user makes an explicit query. Going to the browser and then typing to wait for the search results to appear will very soon become a tiring task and users would love to skip the steps!

As such, the power of AI goes beyond digital marketing to create a difference for anyone who wants to stay ahead of time. Future belongs to these early adopters who can bet big to precede search and grab eyeballs just when the user unlocks his phone thereby making their business more agile.

Five Things to Know Before You Start Advertising on Android Mobile Apps In India

According to statistics, in 2016, India overtook many other developing markets, with 78.82% of web traffic coming from mobile devices. Quite clearly leading the race in web traffic from mobile devices, India left countries like UK, USA, Germany, and France lagging far behind. The subsequent fallout in terms of taking the mobile and app route for brand messaging and ad dispensation is overwhelmingly positive.

However, a study by Google found that on an average, Indians only use 9 mobile apps of the 33 they install.

This shows, Indians on an average access internet the most through mobile devices, but at the same time have a handful of religiously used apps.

Targeting this demographic can be very tricky, especially if you’re going about it the wrong way.

Here’s 5 things you need to know to efficiently use the mobile as a successful tool for advertising in this market -

Understand Phone Usage of Indian Mobile Consumers

Here’s some stats that will tell you a lot about the phone usage of Indian mobile consumers –

  • Social media, browsing and app downloads still drive a bulk of mobile broadband data traffic today.
  • Indians spend over 3 hours a day on their smartphones, and 25 percent of consumers check their phones over 100 times a day.
  • Facebook and WhatsApp are among the top two apps that almost every Indian smartphone user indicates they cannot live without.
  • 24 percent of smartphone owners use mobile chat apps for business purposes.
  • 61 percent of smartphone users browse the internet on their phones before they start their day.
  • Although smartphone users are consuming more videos, 44 percent state they often do not watch mobile videos due to lengthy delays when loading.

Seek Their Respect NOT Their Attention

If you want to embrace the gold standards in mobile advertising, you need to focus on gaining users’ trust and respect, and not their attention. Consumers are averse to intrusive ads hijacking their small device screens. Advertising on desktop has gone down this path, and this trend has led to ad-blocking becoming all the rage it is today.

Hence, marketers need to figure out effective ways to advertise on mobile using techniques that consumers find acceptable and interesting at the same time.


Make SENSE to Them in the First 2 Seconds

A key challenge with mobile is to figure out the timing of ad placement and what works best for user. Too many brands are focused on serving impressions irrespective of whether it makes sense to them at the point when it shows up on the mobile screen. Does it actually fulfill a purpose for the user matters more than pure branding and ideally the same should reflect through the timing of messaging

The brand has to create the impact in the first two seconds, which otherwise can result in weaning interest and irrelevance. It is therefore worthwhile spending time becoming a part of users’ online journey by becoming imbibed in their thought process.

“No one can tell what the users want better than the users themselves.”

Go For Effectiveness Rather Than Efficiency

Ad networks promise Ad Visibility, but what’s the point of 100% visibility, with 0% relevancy? When the content provided is not in accordance with their needs, users tend to simply ignore the advertisement.

Based on conclusions drawn from users’ thought process and intents, it is therefore sensible to chart out an effective strategy create to deliver suggestions rather than ads contextually.


Machine Learning for Marketing

When it comes to real-time needs for marketers, Machine Learning has drilled itself into some pretty deep foundations. By leveraging advanced analytics tools, machine learning helps brands gather predictive data, detect patterns within massive databases to thereby power predictive responses for personalized solutions.

Machine learning capabilities can be used to understand customer product preferences based on historical purchases.

So, to summarize –

“If you are not leveraging consumer context effectively, your methods can simply prove to be obsolete.”

To begin advertising the right way, and continue to taste success, try out the Xploree keyboard today. Read more.

Giving People What They Need Through Smart Digital Marketing

Over the years, digital marketing has grown exponentially – Search engines got smarter, social media kept us connected, marketers became more focused. Seth Godin took things a step further by introducing the idea of permission marketing, which attempts to understand the consumer better so as to appeal to their interests and needs with tailor made content and information.

Currently, we blindly follow the idea of permission marketing without thinking about how we can actually implement it. We try to make content that appeals to people’s interests, without thinking about their intents i.e. Giving people what they want, and not what they need. The best way to give people what they need is leveraging contextual intelligence through human text input. The advances in the field of Human Computer Interface (HCI) are making this truly natural and frictionless. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the new frontier for HCI, promising a new era where computing is pervasive and accessible to all.

Going Cross Channel with Your Brand

We millennials spend an exorbitantly high percentage of time on our phones hopping from app to app, activity to activity, and more often than not, we find ourselves expecting to discover something good while not knowing what that something is/should be. What we do know is that we subconsciously (if not consciously), talk about things that we need. This talking happens mainly in the textual form and can be called an exchange/expression of intent. Being able to understand and differentiate between intent and interests is crucial. For this, NLP is the key. It enables devices to listen, learn and act accordingly to decipher the users’ needs.

NLP layered with Machine Learning (ML), brings iterations of improved responses against user intents. It facilitates interactions between users and systems. Through these efforts, we can achieve Contextual Intelligence.
The end result?
Real-time suggestions/recommendations to things people actually need.

The NLP+ML combo helps the system understand the layered intent, be it implied or explicitly expressed by users.



Discovering and Understanding Intent

There are multiple aspects to human intent and deciphering each one augments our understanding of intent as well as allows for making contextually aware suggestions and recommendations. Given how users use mobile devices and make decisions (which could be a combination of conversations, multiple searches), it is imperative that intents are augmented over time leading to multiple and more specific interactions and recommendations.

Being omnipresent in most interactions with a mobile device, keyboards can decipher intent from multiple interactions across apps. Be it chat-based conversations, email or search across the many apps a user uses, keyboards have access to both expressed and implied intent.

Chat-bots, assistants and IoT (Internet of Things) devices all claim to understand intent. But the user still needs to specifically communicate his/her need or intent to them for an expected follow-up action, with very little to go except for the historical data in that specific app. So, the need of the hour is – to decipher and augment user intent before the user makes an explicit query rather than to force the user to make his/her needs explicit.

Contextual Intelligence is at the core of the Just-in-Time (JIT) mobile lifestyle that is quickly becoming ubiquitous. With a rise in the contextual services, new approaches will be created to tackle the issue of privacy management. In the future, the gigantic and challenging opportunities of the contextual services paradigm will create a large shift in the actual technological panorama.

Mother Language Day: Making Our Multilingual Identity Count On The Mobile Keyboard

On February 21, 1952, 4 protesting students died at the University of Dhaka after the police opened fire at the demonstrators. These students’ deaths in fighting for the right to use their mother language are now remembered on International Mother Language Day. On November 17, 1999, UNESCO proclaimed February 21 to be International Mother Language Day and it was first observed on February 21, 2000.

Speaking about multilingual identity, India is a perfect example of a society that thrives on its diverse set of languages. On an average, Indian citizens speak 2-3 languages effortlessly. Many of them, despite not having English as their mother tongue, are very comfortable in typing regional and colloquial words using the English keyboard, which basically means Transliteration.

To survive in a small town in India, knowing multiple regional languages is must. This is one of the primary reasons why the scope of transliteration holds tremendous promise in India’s vast digital landscape.

Everyone has one of those WhatsApp/Facebook groups where a spate of funny posts/forwards (that make us fall off our chair laughing), are posted either in some regional language or in our respective mother languages.

Be it birthday greetings or messages that go during specific Indian festivals, messages in the mother tongue (language) are a must. For some that are working away from their hometown, it’s nostalgic. For others, it’s plain ease of use.

We often wish our friends, relatives, and other acquaintances, on occasions like Diwali, Pongal, Ugadi, Gudi Padva, Christmas, etc. Things like this make us revisit the importance of understanding regional context through textual input on the keyboard.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) has a huge role to play
in deciphering regional mannerisms and expressions
with textual input.

What can it do after deciphering said mannerisms? Think Contextual Intelligence!

One way or another, we end up using our chat windows to make plans for numerous occasions. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get smart recommendations that are in lieu with the occasions?

Have fun texting and chating in regional indian
languages using the English keyboard through Xploree

Discussing what to wear for Diwali? How about a dress recommendation along with special offers for the occasion?

Craving for some barfi/other sweets this Diwali? How about recipes, or discounts if you wish buy them?

A suggestion for that Raksha Bandhan gift.

The aforementioned are just some of the things that can be done.

When it comes to using contextual intelligence, the Xploree keyboard holds tremendous promise. In the future it will likely double our delight during the many festivals that we celebrate, through its intelligent intent sensing capabilities.

It currently supports 110+ languages, users can simply choose and download their favorite language packs, become a transliteration ninja and switch languages with just a single swipe. After all, knowing multiple regional languages is must.

On the International Mother Language Day, this amazing keyboard indeed shows us the way to our future happiness. Kickstart the journey today, get Xploree now:

Five Things You Are Missing Out Thanks To an Outdated Keyboard

If you were asked to make a list of apps that you need to get things done on your smartphone, chances are, the keyboard didn’t make the list. More than 80% of our interactions with our device is through the mobile keyboard. The mobile keyboard, therefore, has more potential than what meets the eye.

A mobile keyboard is not just a utility for spellcheck, auto correction, and next word predictions. It offers endless possibilities. Here’s a list of just five things that you are missing out on, thanks to your outdated keyboard:

Multi-tasking between chat and apps:

Have you ever found yourself constantly switching between the chat window and different apps? Not only does it make the phone lag, more often than not, apps restart instead of resuming, and all the work is gone! A mobile keyboard should be able to allow you to seamlessly multi-task between the chat window and other apps, without any hassles. A smart mobile keyboard makes multitasking on the mobile a cakewalk.

A chat scenario related to booking of the cab with the cab discovery card

Drawing timely and contextual suggestions:

If you’re in a chat window, talking about booking a cab, or a dinner table, or seats for a movie; a smart mobile keyboard will suggest one click options to do the same by opening the required pages of the required apps and saving you the trouble of searching within the app. Reviews of the new restaurant near you, or reviews of that new movie you want to see, live cricket updates, and much more. Timely and contextual suggestions are lifesavers.

A chat scenario related to the cricket match with the cricket discovery card

Making your keyboard learn new words:

A smart mobile keyboard saves you the tedious typing of any long string of text like address, email ids, etc. by letting you configure custom text shortcuts. It can also learn words that you frequently use but are not a part of the dictionary, and short forms and abbreviations – BRB (Be right back), OMG (Oh My GOD!) etc. A truly smart mobile keyboard allows you to use an account to sync your preferences and personal dictionary throughout all the devices that you use.


Two different chat scenarios related to making keyboard learn new words

Chatting in Indian languages with the English keyboard:

There’s nothing like being able to communicate in your mother tongue/first language. The joy of enjoying a textual conversation with your parents, in their first language, is very comforting for both parties. In case you want to text, chat, post, comment and tweet in Hinglish, Tamlish, Banglish, Kanglish, or any other regional language, a next-gen mobile keyboard should help you do just that.

Two different chat scenarios in Hinglish and Banglish

Discovering best brands, deals and offers:

If you find yourself talking about buying a pair of shoes, or a new smartphone, a smart mobile keyboard can show you the best brands available, along with the best offers and deals for the product on leading online stores. If you’re talking to your friend about how you’re craving for a pizza, a smart mobile keyboard can provide you with coupons to the nearest pizza store, and also show you the best currently available combo offers.

A chat scenarios related to ordering of pizza with respective discovery card showing offers

Xploree – the intelligent keyboard, is doing all this and much more with its humanlike sensibilities. With its love for human logic and creating magic, Xploree is constantly achieving milestone after milestone in the mobile keyboard space. To bring magic into your life with a keyboard that can think, switch to Xploree now:


Brands Learn The Art of Decoding Consumer Context Using The Xploree Keyboard

Brands Learn The Art of Decoding Consumer Context Using The Xploree Keyboard


After close to 3 million downloads, Xploree is leading the march on contextual intelligence through the keyboard. Leading brands have started to align their online consumer strategy thanks to the amazing impact shown by the thinking keyboard.

New partner showcase included bigwigs like – Shopclues, Zomato, Amazon, FirstCry, Housejoy, Coupondunia, Ixigo and there are more counting.

Organized as #TechKnow, a series of tech talks that brings brands and tech wizards together on a regular basis, unraveled the importance of context in its Delhi chapter. Held on 20th Jan 2017, the agenda of this evening was to explore the potential of our mobile keyboard – The most unexplored and undermined marketing tool we’ve known!

No more a science fiction…machine learning for mobile marketing is for real

All this is possible thanks to years of research undertaken by Xploree on the application of machine learning through the all-pervasive keyboard. It is the science of making the machine learn and understand forms of human expressions and mannerisms to lessen our efforts and make life easier.

You may ask what’s the connection here between machine learning, marketing and the mobile keyboard. Let’s look at the simple functions performed by the keyboard we carry on our mobile devices. They all perform a standard set of functions that qualify them to be a keyboard. These functions include dictionary, next word prediction and auto correction.

While the normal keyboard performs these, the futuristic Xploree keyboard is built to understand human context and deliver suggestions accordingly. It saves mobile users from the constant trouble of hopping across several apps, the search engine and browser when looking for answers.

Let’s touch upon the various aspects of this hyper-contextual keyboard that makes the difference for brands:

Shows consumer experience is bigger than just selling

We are living in a cross channel world where the mobile consumer’s appetite to consume and discover content has witnessed a manifold increase. At the same time, we also see diminishing attention spans that is a matter of enormous concern to marketers.

With growing bounce rate and increasing rate of app uninstalls, marketing spends on programmatic media buying have skyrocketed over the years. However, the big question emerging in the market is – have brands invested wisely in digital?

The build up to this question lies in the approach that brands have been taking so far by going for the kill by investing in retargeting without understanding context. Not understanding context means not understanding consumers. This disconnect can be sorted only when we make an effort to imbibe brand messaging at the very instance when a consumer expresses any intention and purpose. Quite clearly the mobile device is no longer used for merely talking. Rather, in this day and age, the mobile finds more reverence with an audience group interested in using it as a meant to escape into their world of desires. This once again brings us face to face with how well brands can leverage the human text input through the keyboard to understand context.



Makes your brand transactional through the customer’s chat window

Traditionally, measuring success of an online campaign was looked through the prism of various touchpoints involved in acquiring new customers. This essentially boils down to whether an Ad has been viewed, how audiences respond when the Ad appear on their window, did they go ahead and click, did they fill the online form, did they choose to see the video…and in many cases – Has it resulted in any transaction or conversions or app download?

Certainly it is important to know the path your customers undertake to ultimately reach you. But Xploree is trying to show the way forward for brands to become transactional. The contextual route that Xploree partners can leverage cuts through customer conversations, a key source of context. Through its cutting-edge AI technology, the keyboard understands consumer impulses, that eventually acts as call to action, resulting in a buying decisions.

Get going with the thinking keyboard

To reach consumers in a manner that’s attuned to their preferences and intents, brands representatives experienced the keyboard first-hand at the meet. While the Xploree keyboard was at work, the writing on the wall got even more clear – understand consumer context to be discovered at the right place, at the right time.

From the user’s perspective, the Xploree keyboard symbolizes an interruption-free platform for naturally found discoveries. These discoveries triggered by consumer impulses, intents and expressions come calling only when users choose to see them, thus safeguarding their privacy. On the other hand, Xploree also adds up as contextually relevant delivery vehicle for advertisers.



Discussions on the keyboard’s unexplored potential brought the converged audience closer to the idea of contextual marketing as the evening progressed. Keynote speakers from Xploree covered the Xploree’s smart keyboard’s various dimensions which bring brands face-to-face with consumers ahead any decision making.

In most cases, the process of discovery and intrigue for any given product or service takes shape eons before the actual buying decision is made. To conclude the event, it was largely agreed upon that the source of one’s intent and the immediacy of results will determine the future of mobile marketing.


Xploree Keyboard Simply Rocks With New Power Packed Features That Make Life Super Easy

The Xploree smart keyboard has come at a time when users are feeling increasingly cluttered within their mobile screens. The congestion is caused by new apps getting launched every day that are vying for consumer attention and space on the mobile.

But now, with advanced new features from Xploree, life is sorted! This keyboard has come full circle, from making Indic typing super easy to letting sentiment sensing icons talk back to users. Imagine a keyboard that goes beyond just typing to bring users closer to their dream, desires, and needs. This keyboard does just that by bringing users closer to products, brands and useful services by understanding context.

Mobile users have many reasons to rejoice as they can now look forward to the following:

Enjoy cricket on the go

All you cricket crazy folks are up for a big splash with the pre-match, live match and post-match analysis sitting pretty right on the keyboard and waiting for your tap to launch them.

It is going to change the way you follow the game. While doing all the million things on the mobile – while checking notifications, networking on social, chatting, browsing, searching and the works, won’t it be nice to know what’s buzzing around the cricket match that’s due?

Also, while the match is going on, won’t it will be really nice to know what’s happening on field?

Even, better…For all those who love to sit down even after the last ball has been bowled to check the expert opinion – get it all on the Xploree keyboard.

Shopping is a breeze with discoveries from Amazon

Online market space Amazon has emerged as the largest online store in India. was also listed as the most visited e-commerce site this year by comScore with 70 per cent of their traffic coming from mobiles.

No wonder, a significant chunk of shoppers now come from India. With discoveries now coming within the chat window, shoppers are spoilt for choice.

Restaurant discoveries can happen right from your keyboard

With the new updated Xploree, you can save offers and checkouts of your favourite restaurants from within the keyboard. These discoveries will be saved at your behest.

All that you got to do is – go to favourites to view Zomato cards and click on it.

Keep rocking with the most happening events in town

Xploree keyboard is the best app for painting the town red. With discoveries from Mera Events, let the keyboard show you the best places to catch live music, parties, talks, theater performances, recitals, rock shows and the works especially lined up for you.

Now, as you are chatting, all the information you ever needed comes within your preview and you don’t need to exit.

There is all this and a whole lot more that is cooking just for you and will soon be out on your smart keyboard. No sooner than your express a thought or desire, the keyboard will do the looking around. Go hassle free today.