Transforming Online Food Ordering With Xploree’s Thinking Keyboard

With Xploree, making sense of human expressions and creating a great user experience now comes easy.

What’s the one thing that bring Indians together – their passion for food. It is not just a necessity, but a part and parcel of Indian lifestyle that makes its population splurge on food. Indians are true cynosures and patrons of the culinary art, and their love for food is not just limited to social occasions.

Popular food ordering platforms are attracting Indian consumer in drones. It is this undying habit of experimenting with new food that’s driving new consumers to online ordering sites. Currently, India stand at a staggering USD 350 billion in this segment and is estimated to touch close to Rupees 42 lakh crore by 2020.

Getting discovered on Xploree is the ideal way to strike a conversation with mobile users

The scenario is almost chaotic, with many new startups joining the party every single day. The biggest ever challenge for these startups is to go from an attention driven approach to a more holistic one based on context. Considering the growing footprint of Indian customers who are ordering food using their mobile phones, digital spends have also hit the roof. It is therefore extremely important to understand when consumer interest piques the most to engage and drive mobile fulfillment.

While online orders can save around 15-20% for customers, it is not the only thing that drives them to these platforms. In many cases, the process that lands consumers in the transactional cycle starts consumers expressing their intent pretty early on – something online platforms can no longer ignore.

By responding to consumer impulses around food, India’s biggest food ordering platform is showing the way forward in this regard.

Here’s how the keyboard decodes human behavior:

  • Xploree understands what mobile consumers are trying to get at when they initiate a discussion around food and dining.
  • This genius keyboard knows if the mobile consumer is discussing about a special occasion that eventually translates to the probability of ordering food.
  • It pre-empts a trigger through visual cognition to tell the customer about the availability of a relevant option nearby.
  • Acting as a prompt, the intent driven icon depicts suggestions around food and dining.
  • The icon hints at nearby discoveries that get the user’s attention at the very moment an intent is expressed.
  • Brand recommendation is packaged as a discovery card and shown to the user.
  • Xploree is completely non-intrusive and shows up with suggestions only when the user taps on the Xploree mascot.

Of course, the urge to order food is largely driven by human impulse, but it is also important to note that most plans for going outdoors help listed restaurants in increasing footfalls.


It therefore becomes that much more important to decipher discussions around food related intents when conversations are at a planning stage. It could be a part of a WhatsApp group chat or brought up on any popular messenger app – Xploree can identify consumers planning for a movie, going out to watch an IPL match, discussing dinner, etc. The immersive keyboard opens up limitless new possibilities that can be fulfilled using its intent matching technology.

Let us take this sample case of a user chatting on the mobile – The user lets friends know about a new restaurant in town, time office is done with, the nearing weekend and the intent to catch up after work.

Xploree’s smart keyboard senses the need for a quick look at nearby restaurants and pubs offering discounts. This essentially improves brand recall and awareness of restaurants when users want to consider suggestions. With Xploree, users are already aware of the options available at their beck and call. Hence, users no longer have to make a concerted effort, quit the existing chat window and/or go to a different app.

In a way, Xploree embeds the restaurant aggregator app within the keyboard and lets mobile consumers know that they need not look elsewhere. All the recommendations that they ever wanted can now be glanced at, from this smart keyboard. Read More

Ready The Trumpets: Unveiling A Brand New Look Of The Xploree Keyboard

Announcing official relaunch of brand Xploree with a slew of promotional activities lined up

Let’s reflect on the year that has just passed by. In hindsight, we have grown from strength to strength adding a few feathers of glory to our cap – 1M downloads, array of new partnerships and a wide distribution network. The brand new Xploree keyboard now comes power packed with many new features and it has become a testament to team Xploree’s undying commitment and team spirit.

Given this background, Xploree is all set to make a new beginning by unveiling its brand new look in 2017. With this, we kick off a grand multi city promotion of the Xploree smart keyboard, starting this January.

Think tanks have for long stroked the idea of revamping brand Xploree’s mascot. Finally, the moment has now arrived when we give users a taste of what is in store.



New persona that speaks to users

The mascot comes gleaming with a smile to suggest the keyboard’s constant thrust for delighting its users. Show users that though it’s a thinking genius, the keyboard is at the same time – user friendly and comes across as a humble companion in their online journey. It is well conceived and conveyed through the mascot’s eyes that suggestively brighten up to tell – it is indeed a keyboard that is alive and kicking. The keyboard feels for its users and keeps a watchful eye on delightful discoveries as soon as users tap on it.



Adding the X factor to pack in a punch

Comes geared with a spotlight that is focused on the X of Xploree – standing out more prominently this time, depicting its X factor with the omnipresent keyboard. The new look conveys Xploree smart keyboard’s vitality, confirming its presence as a helping hand available at the user’s beck and call.

What more, the X factor also conveys a truly transformational experience for mobile users – one that will finally set them free. It brings them a much needed respite from the bondage of hopping and skipping across the multitude of apps while they browse. The X factor holds the promise of taking users from average to awesome, bringing serendipity to every moment spent on the mobile.


A keyboard that knows you

The official tagline of the Xploree keyboard symbolizes what more we can do with the keyboard. Telling users that the keyboard which knows them has finally arrived. It emphasizes on how the keyboard goes from auto correction and next word prediction to do much more. This futuristic keyboard can now also understand, sense, read and know what they really want.




Introducing a keyboard that’s leagues ahead of its time

Xploree’s brand relaunch re-introduces India’s mobile first generation to the one tool they can’t possibly do without – the humble keyboard. Let’s them know how they can come face to face with recommendations that really matter, and at the right time.

Recognizing their incessant thirst for discussing, planning, sharing, expressing and a lot more, Xploree is bringing a new paradigm – one that will define how online consumers in India will use the mobile keyboard in the future.


This brand revitalization ascertains how users can now continue typing on the phone’s browser, into the messenger, post on social networks and do a lot more, while enjoying brands, deals offers and services right at their fingertips.

In a significant boost to brand Xploree’s rebranding efforts, partners Bates Chi, have been roped in to perform its creative duties. With this, Xploree is confident of flagging off several out-of-the-box ideas to be deployed in 2017.

The keyboard has indeed set the ball rolling with many e-tailers and brands clamoring for a sweet spot on the Xploree smart keyboard. Keep an eye on this space to be updated.


Let your Mood Reflect On The Keyboard

Human emotions are controlled by moods. Every little thing around us affects our mood. A good mood sets your day right, while a bad mood ruins it. It’s thus vital to keep your mood peppy whole day.

With amazing discoveries on Xploree, this becomes easy. But that’s not all! Xploree has a lot more to offer to complement your mood.

Scientists believe that colour affects mood. Every colour has a different impact on our mood. Xploree presents you with hundreds of colourful themes. Paint a new colour to your keyboard and revamp your mood, every time you chat.


On Xploree, you have a theme for every mood. Here are some of the most popular themes of Xploree keyboard:


Feeling the cold breeze, there’s a theme:

Winter is around the corner. We have all started to feel the cool breeze blowing around us. The mornings are pleasant, while the nights are chilly. In such cool climate, let your keyboard also feel the chill. There’s an interesting ‘Winter’ theme on Xploree for this.



Love is in the air, there’s a theme:

When you are in a romantic mood, let the keyboard reflect your emotions. Chatting with your special ones and expressing your feelings become easier with a lovey-dovey keyboard. Adding to the romance, Xploree has an animated ‘Love Affair’ theme. The sight of pretty-looking tiny hearts falling is something that will make your day.



Adore the stunning darkness, there’s a theme:

The moonlight and twinkling stars on a dark night make a magnificent view. There are times when you just wait for a quiet and tranquil night. All you need is some peaceful me time. For such a mood, too, Xploree has a theme! The theme of ‘Shadow Night’ will best reflect your inner grey shades.



Crazy for sports, there’s a theme:

In India, cricket is not just a game but a religion. During a series, every cricket lover is filled with thrill and excitement. Loud cheers and hooting are the best ways of expressing cricket love. Elevate this love for cricket and keep your excitement high throughout the day with the action-packed ‘Cricket’ theme on Xploree.

With so many cool themes, chatting is all fun and glee. With Xploree, you always have a dazzling time and cheerful mood, every day. To bring colours to your life, switch to Xploree now:


Expressing With Mother Tongue Is An Added Advantage

There are many languages in the world. Each one of them is unique in their own way. Also, different words can mean different things in different cultures.

Just like ‘GIFT’ in English means present, in German, it’s not quite pleasant, in fact it could kill someone – it means poison. Even a ‘NO’ stands for a ‘YES’ in Greek.

Learning so many different languages is a task. Although, you can start with your mother tongue. To each one of us, our mother tongue is something we need to master.

There are 100+ languages on Xploree and we are sure you’ll find your mother tongue among the list.

We don’t need to tell you why this is the first word. Of course, to greet someone ;)

You & I
Addressing someone with a personal touch.

Knowing how it’s done.

Because maths is the basic need.

When hunger strikes again!

After all, you need to relax too!

Who’s coming your way?

It’s an awesome thing to know ‘What’ it is, right?

Because curiosity killed the cat ;)

You need to know how to reach a place, agreed?

Stop wandering around!

Time is precious!

How much?
Pay the accurate amount.

Who do you think you are, huh?

Thank you
It’s good to be thankful.

Well, it’s my pleasure!

Don’t want
It’s very difficult to say no.

Apologies accepted.

Your request can be taken into consideration.

Yes / No
It’s that time when you need to decide!


When you got Xploree, you don’t need to worry about mastering your mother tongue just set your language and get going. Download Xploree now:

Bloggers Converged To Understand How Contextual Intelligence Works On The Xploree Keyboard

Bloggers came, they saw and were conquered – Tapping at the keyboard was so much fun!

The recently concluded blogger’s meet with Xploree hosted at Bangalore’s hottest startup corridor drew the interest of tech writers and bloggers who converged to witness a live demo.

The event was opened with a casual round of introduction and followed by an evening that saw curiosity levels hit the roof among bloggers who had by then warmed up to the idea of context embedded into their keyboards.

The lively participation saw bloggers pulling themselves further into investigating the various elements that make for a refreshingly new keyboard as they started to download the app to try it out themselves.

The smart keyboard enthralled them further with a bag full of pleasant surprises around its various discoveries delivered through the Keyboard. While curiosity around the keyboard’s key features was building up as the evening progressed, bloggers showed a keen interest to mimic the live demo on their own phones. The live demo got the demo mobile’s browser and chat window appear mirrored on a 55-inch television.

Let’s catch a glimpse of the proceedings from the evening of 12th November 2016 @Xploree #TechKnow


Before the event starts to unfold, the Xploree team checking on the setup for the live demo



Opened with a round of introduction before the presentation delivered by VP Product Marketing – Kiran Karthekeyan and CTO Nutan Chokka Reddy.



Bloggers checking the Xploree app to check out discoveries while chatting with each other.



Explaining to bloggers how it really works and what it means to experience seamless discoveries.



Dwelling deeper into deep learning as the evening progressed @Xploree #Techknow


Tech bonhomie over some gastronomical delights!

Transcend Into The Magical World Of Self-Discoveries On Your Mobile

E-discoveries on the mobile have now leapfrogged to a whole new level of contextual awareness.

As kids, have you ever wondered how an empty hat suddenly brought out a rabbit? Or how did that ‘Ace of Spades’ magically appear in our pockets? That was our first taste of magic and it stayed with us all our life.

Practicing magic was an uphill task. Trial and error took up most of our time. For most kids today, the curiosity remains. However, as adults and with a bit more experience on our side, we know that they were simple sleight of hand tricks.

But, what if we told you that magic exists for real? What if we state that with the flick of a finger, all your wishes could come true? What if we say that the genie is real? What if your smartphone had the power to give you everything before you ask for it? You heard that right.

We all wish for a magic wand that made possible all that we thought was never possible.


Xploree is that magic wand with the power to give you all that you dreamt of owning. Wish to know how? Check it out:

A branded watch at an affordable price? Yes, it’s possible!

We all wish to own a trendy watch. But when our wallet comes out calling, all hell breaks loose. Why worry when you have the Xploree magic wand in your hand. Just think of a watch, type ‘Watch’ and get it!




Romantic dinner at your favourite restaurant?

We all dream of a nice candle light dinner in Taj or Oberoi. How about we told you that your dream of having dinner in one of the most expensive restaurants is about to come true? Well, that’s right. Just like a genie, Xploree gives you amazing discoveries on your favourite restaurants, so that every dinner is a beautiful one.


Now you too can own the latest smartphone

Every time there’s a new smart phone in the market, we wish to own it then and there. Technology can do that to you. Now all you have to say is ‘Abraca Dabra’ and Voila! A brand-new smartphone sits next to you. All this is possible only with Xploree’s amazing smartphone discoveries.




Give your daughter the ‘Princess Feeling’!

What is the best way to give your daughter the princess feeling? You gift her with new dresses and accessories. And how do you make all this happen? With this magic wand called Xploree, anything is possible.

Magic is all around us. All you have to do is pick up your phone and start having conversations.

Fresh Icons Are Waiting To Burst Out Of Our Smart Keyboard

You can Inform, enchant, allure, persuade, pitch, convince, express, canvass, campaign, solicit and do more with communicative icons.

Well, as the saying goes, ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’, and it holds true even today. Images on the mobile have become business as usual for most of us. These icons are an intrinsic part of our keyboard and find utility in expressing the simplest to the most innermost of our feelings.

A fun fact suggests that close to 57% of popular messenger users prefer to convey their true feelings of love to a crush by using the emoticon – Well, this is what we call as falling short of words!

Also known as emojis, these icons are fast emerging as the new social currency among users who are glued to their favourite messenger apps. Today, such icons have transcended their emotive utility and are finding a new space in terms of cultural symbolism and identity.

The stamp of approval for the new found craze among mobile users using these images is reflected in the Merriam-Webster officially adding the emoji to its dictionary.

Definition: any of various small images, symbols, or icons used in text fields in electronic communication (as in text messages, e-mail, and social media) to express the emotional attitude of the writer, convey information succinctly, communicate a message playfully without using words, etc.

A new trend in this regard that’s on an upswing is in the launch of new icons for people groups/ communities, ethnicity, places, apps and even for brands/ apps, etc. With many new icons getting released to fulfill these demands, they sometimes tend to become a matter of pride for many users who identify with them.

Recently, a 15-year-old Arab teenage girl came into limelight for making an appeal to the Unicode consortium, a body that is responsible for creating and approving these icons, to come up with a hijab emoji. Speaking about brands and popular personalities, some of the emojis that have made waves in the past include Kim Kardashian and His Holiness, the Pope and Pepsi.

However, even though such images display a greater emotional hold over audiences, the larger potential is yet to be realized. While leading our virtual lives – conversing, discussing, seeking opinions or giving them, so very often do we come across scenarios that are craving to find a voice.


Presenting a hawk eye’s view on the future of iconography:

  • Icons will be more intention, motive and purpose driven.
  • They will no longer be relegated to mood reflecting imagery.
  • We will witness the launch of many new icons that are reflective of our daily life needs, desires and ideas.
  • Icons that relate to our problems and take us to solutions.
    For instance – Late to reach an important date – Urgent need to hire a cab.
    Found job in a new part of town – Need to take up a new house on rent.
    Buying monthly groceries on the fly – Want to order for breakfast cereals.
  • Icons that depict an impending situation that requires our attention.
    For instance – an urgent need to service the car or an impending need to make repairs at home.
  • Icons that satisfy our impulse. For instance – Need to buy a new dress to go out on a date, gift a new watch to someone dear, and millions of other similar impulses.


Mobile users will gradually start demanding more innovations in iconography that will be predictive of their next move.

Let’s look at the reasons that justify the birth of such new icons:

  • Our compulsive need to check the phone frequently quite simply to stay notified with the help of these icons.
  • The way we user our phones to play around the app universe to get more options to choose from and satisfy our needs.
  • Our constant need to express an intent through a text input on the keyboard for more information.
  • Our unending conversations that ultimately lead us to planning or discussing future ideas also occupy our time spent on the mobile.

Currently, icons are more persona intensive and used for fun, frivolity and sometimes to convey deeper meaning in messages for clearing misunderstandings. It doesn’t really have any impact on most of the decisions that we take, a sizeable portion of which is impulse driven.

By making a difference in this regard, the next best thing to happen in the realm of expressive, intuitive and contextual imagery is the launch of Intenticons from Xploree. The thinking keyboard with its predictive technology brings us face to face with icons that reflect synonymity with our desires, motives and real life scenarios. Undoubtedly, these developments herald the rise of icons that will eventually take us beyond mobile apps for discoveries. Read more


These Autocorrect Bloopers Are The Ones You Definitely Don’t Want!

Admit it: We have all been in a fix, all thanks to the humble autocorrect! In the rush of texting, typing goof-ups have been an inseparable part of our lives.

Whether you like or not, autocorrect is a pre-installed feature in every keyboard. But worry not. Learn a lesson or two from these scenarios and prepare yourself for the very best.

Check out a few examples when autocorrect could let down users trying to send a simple text.






Doesn’t this make you wonder “What was my phone thinking?!”
It’s time to say good bye to these hilariously awful autocorrect situations. Smartphone users – You can now get smarter with Xploree!

Xploree’s Intent Prediction Technology gives you accurate suggestions based on your previous conversations and the context relevancy. Get rid of those unwanted autocorrect problems. Not just that, Xploree also gives you the added advantage of discovery cards, themes, multi-lingual keyboard, etc. Are you ready to discover something new and awesome today? Hit this link right away:

It’s just what you need to get rid of those unwanted autocorrect situations and make everything perfect. Get it here:

Learn How To Celebrate Children’s Day Differently With The Xploree Smart Keyboard

Discover the joy of giving with FirstCry now available on the Xploree smart keyboard.


This day brings back memories of school, doesn’t it? It was a special day that was marked with daylong festivities while paying a tribute to independent India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can make this occasion even more special by gifting someone who is less privileged with some of the freshest of gifting ideas from FirstCry!


1. Gift them the building blocks to success!

It is said that building blocks are one of the most effective tools to shape a child’s mind. Xplore a wide variety of colourful building blocks and construction sets from renowned brands at unbelievable prices only with toy discoveries with FirstCry.



2. Don’t stress, Xploree has every dress to impress!

Some like Doraemon, while some others love Chhota Bheem. Let all kids flaunt their love for the latest cartoons with T-shirts, accessories and lots more only on Xploree. All you have to do is type it!


3. Let kids explore new hobbies!

Every kid is born with a talent. All they need is a little encouragement. Figure out what your kid is best at with a host of FirstCry’s hobby books only by searching for it on Xploree.

With this, ensure that no child cries on this Children’s day. Also learn about how you can ensure the safety and security of your own child.

Long drives can be fun, but you may not feel the same way once your baby gets a little irritable. Bring a BIG smile on their cute faces with discoveries on the latest baby friendly car seats and make it a happy journey for everyone.

How To Make The Most Of This Diwali Sale?

SALE! SALE! SALE! With the festival of lights soon approaching, you’re bound to come across this word, everywhere you go. It’s raining offers, deals, discounts and making the right choice is truly turning into a rigorous activity.


If you’re a true shopaholic, the word ‘Sale’ is sure to set some bells ringing! Just the thought of a discount can drive us crazy! However, your wallet may turn dry by the end of the sale festival. At such times, it’s essential to shop wisely.

Here are some life hacks that will help you shop like a pro, this Diwali:


When is the right time to buy?

Most e-commerce sites have deals that only last for a limited time. Moreover, the best deals go out in seconds and sometimes, the most lucrative offers remain out of plain sight. The trick lies in grabbing the right deal at the right moment. Be aware of fluctuating prices and steal the deal when the price is at its lowest. Make sure you book the item before it goes out of stock!



What’s the best place to buy?

The online market is vast and spiralling. Stress not! Your phone could be the key to smart shopping.

Tonnes of lucrative offers are available exclusively for mobile users. While you come across a million deals on-the-go, your smartphone could pave the way to find the best shopping medium.

There are several online portals that conduct sales simultaneously. This might get confusing. The lack of comparability may result in excess expenditures. At such times, remember that there’s an app that has all the answers. ;)


How should you buy?

It’s not possible for the human eye to scan every deal and make the right choice. However, Xploree is here to do that just for you!

The app intelligently filters and offers you the best deals in the form of discoveries. It directs you to the right products on the right platforms. Xploree makes the whole Diwali shopping experience, a pleasure. It sorts out products from some of the biggest e-commerce giants and presents you with discoveries that are just for you.


With Xploree on your phone, you no longer have to hunt for products rigorously. The app brings it to you and eventually simplifies the process. While you’re chatting, Xploree understands your intent and gives you discoveries accordingly. If you’re looking for a specific product, just ask Xploree and make the most of the discoveries in store.

This sale festival, make sure you stay on top of the shopping game! How, you ask? Just switch to Xploree and have a pocket-friendly Diwali!