Home Is Where The Keyboard Is!

The days of Diwali are around the corner. Every house near you is busy preparing for the festival. Like every year, we all are in the process of making our home spick-and-span and adorning it with new colours.


But what’s different this year?

This year, taking care of your home has become much easier. Wish to know how? Your favourite app Xploree has integrated new discoveries. With India’s most trusted home services expert Housejoy on board, Xploree aims to make your Diwali brighter and more beautiful.

Xploree has been always making your travel, dining, and shopping experiences great. But with this new addition, you’ll now be able to get the best home services with just a single tap on your phone!

Some of the amazing experiences that you will have on Xploree are:

  • Sweep your house as you swipe your keyboard!
  • Imagine, you are casually chatting with your friends, enquiring how their Diwali preparations are going on. During such chats, Xploree understands that you’re looking for options to clean your home. The app presents you with various discoveries for every household need, even before you ask for it! Simply, swipe through the different house cleaning discoveries, choose the most suitable one and make your home sparkling clean with the help of top professionals in the industry.

  • Hit the ‘switch’ to light up your house!
  • Need to fix the Diwali lighting or repair a bulb? Don’t worry, Xploree has got you covered. Tell Xploree what you want or let it understand when you chat, and you have your discoveries ready! All you have to do is hit the ‘Switch to Xploree’ button and you will get skilled electricians coming your way to brighten up your house.

  • Don’t just colour your keyboard, colour your home, too!
  • Don’t we all love the pretty themes on Xploree? The app gives you multiple choices of different colours, gradients, and animations for your keyboard. This Diwali, Xploree ensures that you don’t just colour your keyboard but your home, too. After all, where else will you find good quality painters at this peak season? Let Xploree look after all your woes.

  • Just as your keyboard is bug-free, keep your house bug-free, too!
  • Xploree has been offering a seamless experience to its users. It strives to keep the app clear of glitches and bugs. Similarly, it wants you to get rid of the bugs in your house, too. How? You can get a pest control done with a single tap on Xploree!

This Diwali, simply knock the Xploree door and make your house joyful! Don’t have the app yet? Download it now! Bit.ly/Xploree

Popularity of Chat Messengers Set To Take India Towards A More Context Driven Mobile Future

In spite of new apps coming up every single day to cover a whole host of solutions and services, mobile users in India have largely stayed hooked on to their favourite devices to stay updated, notified and be in touch with family and friends.

It brings us to the widely popular chat messenger that the country so relies upon as a tool to draw suggestions, seek guidance, and to share as well as cast opinions on the entire world. While this makes the messenger app a superior medium for engaging users, popularity of emojis have opened up the possibilities of creating and launching many new icons that can possibly mirror their needs and prompt solutions.

Like elsewhere, mobile users in India too have taken to these icons – in a way – to reduce efforts while typing. In the future, the use of these icons is expected to cross over from its present utility in chat expressions by dwelling deeper into user intents. Once again, it is likely to reduce efforts and bring in a sense of immediacy in terms of the results delivered in users exact moment of need.

Global studies indicate a year-over-year growth in campaigns using emojis are reaching close to 777%, a trend that will soon be lapped up by Indian consumer landscape as well.

Let us take a look at some examples of possible scenarios that require contextual understanding of user intents to offer a possible solution:


Food Delivery

While watching an important cricket match, if the user suddenly generates a need to call friends over and order food from their neighborhood, the same can be fulfilled at the shortest possible notice. A feature that brings food lovers closer to the very best offers in town to scintillate their taste buds



Travel plans

At an urgent moment of need, when Xploree users express their intention to travel, they get to see the cheapest fares, flight offers, and cash back, among others. Users can also choose to book a cab, buy a train ticket and do everything they want to in order to chalk out an efficient travel itinerary, all with a simple expression of intent


Cricket scores

Avid cricket lovers and users of the Xploree keyboard are always updated about the latest in cricket matches, scores, player stats and more. They can now enjoy cricket content, videos, interviews and fun trivia while sharing and discussing it with their friends on a chat.




Discussions around shopping were never so much fun before. Xploree users can explore the best deals on the most talked about phones in town, indulge in some retail therapy and do a lot more with a simple swipe. Now, they can choose to stay connected with friends and family for making the right decisions while buying online.

The convenience factor derived through such discovery opens up a million possibilities that can be served out to customers.


By making a new beginning in this direction, the Xploree smart keyboard has introduced many new icons that present an apt stimulus for users at the right time to trigger a response. These icons are aimed at making conversations richer while taking the user’s browsing experience to a whole new level of unhindered explorations which are completely self-initiated. UI experts from Xploree therefore predict – The use of innovative images on the mobile is therefore likely to become the next wave in India’s mobile consumer story.

To stay hooked on to new developments coming from this direction follow us on our LinkedIn Page.


Smart is the new cool!

Smart is the new cool!

When someone says the word ‘friends’, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Thought about it? Think some more. Yup, it’s checking your phone to see some messages from them, right? We may not admit it, but we all curiously keep an eye on what our friends are upto this weekend or how HAPPENING their lives really are.

We can’t help but love staying connected with them all the time; not just to check up on their adventurous trips but also because, secretly, we wish to be a part of them.


As Indians, we are born with the talent to prioritize well and end up discovering fun stuff along the way. We constantly surf for something new and awesome – A sign that we have developed Smart Habits. In fact, now-a-days, even our phones have become smart.

Sharing photos, messages, posts, etc. on social media via smartphones has become a trend. It’s your phone that needs to catch up with these trends. Moreover, India as a nation, has innumerable dialects. Then, why don’t we make this entire process fun?! This is when a smart app like Xploree enters the picture.

Xploree is a smart keyboard that allows you to save every new word that you type, in your personal dictionary. What’s more, the intelligent text predictor enhances your overall typing speed too.

Don’t we all love reminiscing about those times when we shared suggestions, opinions and what not – with our friends, loved ones and family too? Sometimes, it even extends to the point where we share everything about the entire world – all on chat! How about we told you that you can share your suggestions and recommendations through interesting discovery cards!

Xploree goes on to make you the cool one in the group, with its library of discoveries on food, fashion, lifestyle or technology, from well-known websites like Zomato, Amazon, Flipkart and more – all while chatting with your friends. ;)

You can choose either by urgency or preference – No matter what you pick, Xploree has a card for you. It’s smart, it’s non-intrusive and gives you complete independence.

Xploree is all set to amaze you with discoveries like never before and that’s what makes it a one-of-its-kind CrossApp. P.S. It also makes you the new cool friend in town!

Why You Must Have Xploree On Your Smartphone?

A Keyboard that thinks for a change!


It is undoubtedly the best time ever for chat happy, talkative folks, who are hooked on to their mobiles and love to be in the thick of action on their favorite messenger apps.

This brings us back to the mobile keyboard we so naturally depend upon to type out a quick response, correct spellings and express our feelings of happiness, humor, laugh, shock, distress, anger and many, many more, with the simple use of an emoticon.

These images reduce a lot of effort, don’t they? Currently, it’s pretty much a part of any average keyboard that we choose to use on our mobile. But it has been long since we saw anything new and path-breaking coming in from this direction.

However, the wait is now over! What you get to experience by turning on your Xploree keyboard is a fascinating world of self-discoveries served in between the little moments spent on your mobile device.

Let’s take a closer look at its popular features that can take your mobile experience from being average to awesome:



Ever heard of the Mobile Interlude? Well, it’s the short waiting time during a conversation when we wait for the other person to respond. It is during this time that Xploree comes in real handy and shows up with a host of useful options in the form of coupons, deals, offers and other app content in our moment of need.

The new Xploree smart keyboare presents intent based icons that mirror our needs letting us know about the availability of a nearby help in the form of meaningful discovery cards. More often than not, what do we end up discussing about on our favourite messenger apps – an impending travel plan, the next desired clothing/apparel or accessory item for shopping, plan for a movie, reviews and suggestions.. Well the possibilities are endless and so is the delight experienced via the Xlploree keyboard which guarantees an interruption-free, delightful experience all the way. Xploree keyboard acts as a trusted companion at our beck and call!




Xploree is the answer for seamless chatting that lets us browse other app content while we are at it on our favourite messenger. Now, users can have fun exploring recommendation from a host of apps that bring the joy of discoveries while chatting.

This feature allows simultaneous chat, text predictions and other app content discoveries on the mobile. Let’s say your conversation leads you to a hunt for a new smartphone. Xploree will provide you with a helping hand and let you choose from a host of appealing options from various apps that will then appear in the form of discovery cards which you can then choose to explore. What makes it truly Cross App is that you can continue on your online journey without having to exit the chat or install a new app to discover new content that’s likely to interest you.



Now, have fun chatting with a whole lot of local, colloquial and native banter!

The new Xploree smart keyboard supports 110+ international and all regional Indian languages. If you enjoy posting and chatting in native Indian languages using the English keypad, try Xploree today to go full throttle while expressing yourself!

What’s more.. you can switch now between multiple languages by simply swiping the space bar on your keyboard. You can also change your default language by browsing through the main menu.




Ever wished that the conventional keyboard should allow new word and local slang addition to the dictionary. Well, the wait is over as the new Xploree smart keyboard not only auto-corrects, it also allows you to store new words to make your own personal dictionary. Also, this feature lets you save terms like BRB for Be Right Back, G2G for Got To Go or even OMG for Oh My God.

This comes with an intelligent cloud save feature, whereby every time you switch to a new device the access to your very own personalized dictionary is available on the Xploree app with a single login.



Xploree brings the keypad to life sprucing it up with as many as 30 different theme colours and cool animated themes! You can now choose a different colour or theme for every single day matching your mood. It’s like a new personality every day!


So don’t forget to give it a try! The Xploree keyboards aims to take your online experience several notches higher by bringing immediacy and delight at your fingertips. With Xploree, your keyboard now has the ‘keys’ to your happiness – making sure that your keyboard never lets you down! Make the switch to the Xploree keyboard today.

Xploring is now easy with the Xploree smart keyboard

Planning to Xplore India?
Here’s What You Must Do


Icy mountains, lush green landscapes, vast deserts, iconic monuments – India has it all. It’s a country rich in its diversity. Apart from the popular tourist places, there are a number of lesser-known beautiful sites, too.

India’s widespread cultural magnificence and scenic beauty are what attracts millions of tourists every year. Whether you’re an adventure lover or a peace seeker, India is the place that you need to explore!

When planning your vacation, there are a handful of things that you need to keep in mind. Here’s a list that will make your travel convenient and pleasurable:


Get conversant with the language

While most of the people in India are well versed with Hindi or English, it’s an added advantage to learn a bit of the local language. Gelling with shopkeepers, drivers and other locals becomes if you know the local language. What’s more? You will discover unheard secrets and explore unknown locations!


Book a room in a hostel

Getting a good accommodation within a set budget is the most tedious task. Hotels are always packed, have a crunched timeline, and exuberant costs. It’s time to shift from the mainstream! Book a room in a backpackers’ hostel instead of a hotel and you will enjoy a comfortable stay at affordable rates. The hostels are a hub of travellers! Interact with other tourists, make friends, share adventure stories, explore their cultures, and make the most of your travel experience!


Travel light

Packing small is the best way to be carefree while exploring different places. Light backpacks are always easy to travel with. Carry a small bag, take along only those things you really need and let everything be well planned. This means, no dragging heavy luggage and no back pains! Travel free and discover more!


Xplore with Xploree

When you think of travelling, what’s that one thing you can’t forget? Xploree, OF COURSE! It’s a one-app experience that will sort your entire travel itinerary! Book flights to reach your destination or catch a cab for sightseeing. Wish to try the local specialities? Discover the best restaurants nearby and savour the taste. Wish to save some bucks? Discover cool discount coupons and offers. With Xploree, you can discover more, simply by chatting! The app will understand your intent and take care of all your travel needs.

These simple tricks can make your travel experience worth remembering. So, the next time you plan to ‘Xplore’ the country, be sure to follow these and hit us up with your stories!

This #WorldPeaceDay, find peace on Xploree!

We always start the day with the hope of getting through our daily chores smoother than knife cuts through butter. But by mid-day, there is this inkling feeling telling us to get away from the madness of tasks that seek our attention. Sometimes we just want to draw a blank and do away from everything that perturbs us and pulls us in so many different directions in the quagmire of our thoughts.

And in the middle of all this melee there will always be some who will say, “This World Peace Day let’s not ignore the true meaning of peace, Peace in this age stands for non-violence and world peace and inner peace and blah… blah… blah!”

Get it right! As though we don’t already know that.
Truth is, we find our sense of peace only when our desires are truly sorted, PERIOD!

But what path do we walk down to get our desires truly sorted?

Bid adieu to the world of the daily mundane with solutions to most of your needs and wants made available no sooner than you think of it. Let Xploree lend you a helping hand which you so longed for at your most needy hour.

Curious to know more? Here’s how:


Kids taking over your PEACE OF MIND? Not anymore with Xploree!

Can’t get through kids pestering you to buy that latest RC car? Well, Xploree brings you peace. Get sorted with unbelievable discounts on the latest toys, only with FirstCry on Xploree.

World Peace is not a distant dream, if you discover something new every day and you discover it together. Let Xploree be your guide!



Hunger beating your PEACE OF MIND? Xploree has you covered!

Those cheesy pizzas and pastas are sure to bring you PEACE OF MIND, agreed? Just saying! ;)

This #WorldPeaceDay, Xploree will sort out your PEACE OF MIND (and body!) with delicious discoveries on India’s #1 restaurant discovery platform Zomato.

From Pizzas, Pastas and Noodles to yummy-licious Dosas, get ample options on restaurants around you.



If discounts give you PEACE OF MIND, Xploree is the place for you!

Live in India and don’t love bargains? It’s hard to find people with this mind-set, right? People try to get things in the lowest price they can. But what if we told you, there’s no need to bargain anymore?

Yup, that’s right. Get coupon discoveries like no other on Xploree.

Find discoveries on everything, right from pins and projectors to shoes and sunglasses and more on CouponDunia!



Discover PEACE OF MIND with great shopping discoveries on Xploree

For some, peace of mind comes after they shop till they drop. Shopping is a lot of fun but you must admit that it’s a costly stress buster ;)

Get ready to say ‘Bye’ to boredom and ‘Hello’ to happiness.

Xploree brings you exclusive discoveries right at your fingertips, from top brands like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and more! Shop, drop and take your first step towards shopping Nirvana.


Xploree’s Intent Driven Technology Powering Consumer Experience On Mobile

Mobile experience for Xploree means going beyond the arc and solving real consumer problems

Looking back at the Rio Olympics, a strong sense of ‘Mobile First’ has emerged that brings the focus back to mobile search. It’s a fairly new chat phrase that’s doing the rounds of tech circles after the much talked about ‘Big Data’ revolution. Rapid growth in mobile consumption has made the Rio games witness a nearly 150% jump in video streams over the previous edition. This demonstrates that almost all content in the future will take the mobile route for distribution. But, it can become a reality only when the mobile evolves and becomes a truly intuitive device for content consumption.

With most users starting their mobile journey pretty early on in life, the average age of mobile users has come down drastically over the years. Mobile users are now demanding greater autonomy and control on search and discovery, more so than ever before. Their aspirational mobile experience revolves around search results that matter to them the most. To that effect, the user’s intent and the context in which it is expressed will decide the manner in which content reaches consumers in the future. Intent-based technologies are thus poised to emerge as the ‘next big thing’ to revolutionize mobile search and discovery.
To reach out to consumers who wish to access their desired content, when they want, and however they like it, engagement on the mobile is all set to make a big splash by going viral through mediums such as chat, messengers, social networks and the likes. Instantaneous and spontaneous response to users’ intents and expressions on the mobile opens up a whole new world of possibilities for discovery. To see what’s making heads turn, let’s look at some popular user-initiated scenarios that come part and parcel with the Xploree keyboard.

Uses ubiquity of search platforms

Most of us use the internet’s information highway to access almost anything and everything through search engines like Google. We do this quite simply by expressing our needs with the keywords that are closest to our intent. It may be a single word or a typed search strings. Xploree makes the user search experience more integrated through its next-gen, artificial intelligence (AI) technology which is capable of predicting the user’s area of interest with great accuracy. While customers are at it on their phones, Xploree looks to deciphers their intent conveyed through the typed string or keyword. Further, it makes the mobile friendlier with its highly predictive and intuitive, multi-lingual keypad which doubles up as a personal assistant which serves meaningful suggestions.


Xploree Intent



Xploree Intent

Draws attention through intent driven icons

Most of us are expecting low to almost zero waiting time for getting our needs sorted on the net through relevant search results. Our behavior is largely influenced by on-the-go access to the internet data powered by the mobile. While using the phone to browse, chat, share, discover, install apps and do more, we have also become habituated to look at icons that depict notifications. When we are at it, Xploree opens up a delightful, non-intrusive information gateway that speaks about our possible interest areas to look at. Intenticons within the Xploree smart keyboard come extremely handy in this regard as they serve relevant content by prompting a set of highly imaginative and interactive icons to tap at. The experience thus derived is completely self-triggered and dispensed at our convenience.


Goes beyond social engagement

It has almost become like a habit for us to seek reviews, advice, suggestions and do a lot more over our vast social landscape of friends, relatives and acquaintances. This critical need is further amplified through Xploree engagement cards. We can now draw instant solutions through these cards and share them inside our chat windows. these cards also solve an inherent need among to store suggestions on topics of general interests, products and services while also making it sharable. They do so while we choose to chat with friends, browse the internet and play around with apps. You name the social channel, and Xploree promises to deliver the most apt content at the user’s precise moment of need. This feature is immensely helpful as it allows real time collaboration and at the right time.

Given the rising of popularity of social and messaging apps as a means of drawing brand engagement the world over, a similar trend is duly anticipated in India too. With chat messengers emerging as the most downloaded apps in the country, Xploree’s intent driven technology is expected to go a long way in powering consumer experience on mobile in the future.


Xploree Intent

Runners Couldn’t Ask For More: Xploree @ Hyderabad Marathon 2016

Smart keyboard initiative for the Hyderabad Marathon 2016


Held on the 28th of August, the Hyderabad marathon witnessed a unique keyboard driven digital campaign in its 2016 chapter. The campaign was launched in association with Xploree being named as the official smart keyboard partner for this event.

Through Xploree, runners were able to get valuable endurance essentials and fitness boosters at their fingertips. Promoters of the prestigious marathon were able to extend its outreach to an audience base of active fitness enthusiasts, social promoters and all Hyderabadis who were eagerly following the much anticipated event. Promotion of Xploree’s live fitness session with Talwalkars became the talk of the town and made crowds flock to the SportEx venue in drones.

The event saw the launch of hashtag #LiveStrongWithXploree which brought marathoners together on the social media and catapulted the run into a tech savvy affair with fitness preparation and more importantly long distance survival as a central theme.

The swell of Hyderabadi pride achieved among campaign followers touched a high point when the campaign drew 10000 likes midway on Facebook to ultimately reach 20000 until a few days to the final day of the run.

Let’s walk down memory lane and glance through Xploree’s footprints on the Hyderabad Marathon 2016.



Xploree in association with the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2016 at the press conference



More than winning it was a celebration of togetherness:
KeyPoint employees had a dream run at the Hyderabad Marathon 2016



Let’s have an online race first:

A fun filled Facebook give away contest to distribute free passes for runners who didn’t want to lose out on the opportunity to participate in the Hyderabad Marathon 2016 was conducted by Xploree.

Xploree in association with the Hyderabad marathon 2016 organized drew frenzied interest from potential runners who took part in a GIF-based game in which contestants had to stop the running guy on the finish line & share back the screenshot on Facebook.

It drew an outreach of – 115610, with likes accounting for 5671 in numbers.



Don’t fall flat on your toes if the going gets tough at the Hyderabad Marathon 2016:

Xploree promoted marathon booster posts in association with fitness partner, Talwalkars. This initiative saw the launch of a marathon fitness album which brought participants and enthusiasts of the Hyderabad Marathon 2016 to share tips with fellow runners.

Overall the 4 posts fetched us 40,000+ engagements on Facebook.



Marathon Presto cards:

Xploree ran an in-app marathon campaign which saw many Hyderabad marathon participants download the app prior to the actual date of the ultimate run.



Fun-filled time for Hyderabad Marathon 2016 runners at the Xploree stall in the pre-marathon event:

“Take a chance on me”… the dart board game kept at the Xploree booth drew runners thronging for a second, and a third, and another chance at the game. There were no losers here as all runners got another lease of life!

The event also saw the launch of the Xploree run T Shirt, cap and sippers given away as marathon freebies for runners at the pre-marathon event organized by HITEX in association with keyboard partners Xploree.



Warmup games anyone?

Fun on the stage: One of the participants said after the workout
– “I’m no Victoria’s Secret model. But I’m pretty sure that I can take one on my shoulder and run a mile after this one.”

The live demonstration stage activity in the expo was a big hit among runners. A video of 1 & half minutes was played kept playing at the backdrop to the live fitness session in the event for over 3000 people. 1 hour Zorba & Numa sessions were conducted by our Fitness partner Talwalkars,who gave instantaneous and exclusive fitness tips to visitors.



Gallivanting around the town; painting it in the spirit of the marathon

Running is super cool and so were the slogans and images on graffiti wall posters erected at different spots around Hyderabad on the eve of the Hyderabad Marathon 2016.

Before the big day, select runners were invited over to paint graffiti posters that garnered the eyeballs of over 15000 runners and an equal number of spectators. These posters depicted a marathon runner’s journey from the start to the finish line!


Xploree moments captured at the Hyderabad Marathon 2016:


Intenticons By Xploree: Introducing A Right Mix Of Images That Capture Human Imagination On The Mobile

Intent + Icons = Intenticons By Xploree


In spite of growth in app downloads and installations, mobile users in India are known to spend a significant amount of time on chat. Users typically rely on chat messengers for drawing suggestions, seeking guidance, and for conversing in general. Native Indian mobile users are also known to converse in a multitude of regional languages while at it. Many mobile users nevertheless end up using the Xploree keyboard to tap its multi-lingual and easy switch in between languages capabilities. They almost always end up expressing their intents with the help of icons, emojis or emoticons as we know it. By describing intents visually, the newly introduced Intenticons feature within the Xploree app vastly improves the basic keyboard by bringing a need-based suggestive aspect to it.


Birth of a new communicative icon

With the dawn of digital communication, a friendly face on conversations has almost become a norm in all daily chat and emails. These icons have since come a long way from merely clarifying statements and conveying humor or amusement. Be it the indication to kick off a party, to express gratitude, or to quite simply in the Indian context, do a ‘Namaste’, the use of these images have come to capture human imagination in the most fascinating manner.

This new release by Xploree expands the scope and utility of such icons by reflecting users’ mood and their need of the hour. Driving user context from human conversations is at the heart of Intenticon’s purpose to make the mobile a more helpful device. Aimed at taking emoticons to their next logical step, Intenticons capture long intents expressed by users and show responsive images that bring a sense of help and support.

An invention that harbors on human sentiments, Intenticons are slated to play a key role in deciphering real intent from a set of words expressed by users within their chat windows or while simply browsing. Glancing at the images below, we can see how mobile devices can gain a better understanding of our expression thanks to the use of Intenticons.




Utility of Intenticons in India

Currently, the Xploree keyboard supports 110+ languages, and this presents an attractive opportunity for reaching out to customers in India who use the Xploree app for its versatility. Statistics suggest, the average number of hours spent on mobiles is inching closer to that of television in India, a medium that is steadily losing viewership. With the year-over-year growth of image embedded campaigns reaching close to 777%, the utility of Intenticons finds growing advocacy among many marketers in the country. For them, the timing of their content’s delivery has become especially important to triggers a favorable response.


Scope of driving customer friendly marketing campaigns

It is estimated that India will witness a substantial increase in click through rates with the help of search induced and chat-based intents. By making a new beginning in this direction, Intenticons seek to drive transactions in the online mobile search space. Furthermore, this new feature by Xploree will take the user’s browsing experience to a whole new level of unhindered and interruption-free explorations. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Intenticons are on the way to becoming one of the most sought after mediums for mobile discoveries.

The product development team of Xploree undertook numerous rounds of meetings to decide upon the name for these icons that are set to revolutionize content discovery and consumer engagement. The team sat down one fine Friday afternoon, a usual practice to catch up at lunch, before brainstorming on the apt name for these icons. By then, a buzz had already been created around some popular suggestions. To know more about the build-up and the final decisive result, stay tuned and read more.

Also, join us and let our UI experts help you discover innovative ways to improve customer engagement through user-friendly campaigns.



Keyboard as the next disruption in Discovery on Mobile

Users are constantly interfacing with their mobile devices to share, socialize, consume and create content, avail services etc. Facebook and Whatsapp stand out as as the most popular apps based on user base. But the two other engagement touchpoints that see a high engagement –are Call and Keyboard. However, from the mechanical clicks to soft touch and touchscreens, the most widely used input device has not seen outstanding changes in the last few decades. Not many existing keyboards are recognizing its importance as an effective platform to build innovative consumer experiences.

In the world of keyboards, users have a lot of choices. But the ones that will see more user love in the coming months and years will be the ones that have the capability to bring simplicity to content and service discoveries. Predictive and intent-based targeting mechanism to deliver relevant information to consumers on their mobile devices at that single point of intent is the game-changing disruption that is not present in most of existing keyboards available on Android or iOS.

Keyboards are doing all kind of key things like autocorrect, themes, word prediction, multiple languages and emojis but there is hardly any competition when it comes to going beyond the expected and giving mobile users content and services discoveries that delight them in their exact moment of need.

Xploree is focused on empowering the consumers to decide when they want to interact with a discovery. The entire discovery experience is user-initiated that’s based on the principle of respecting user preferences on mobile. Of all the predictions on mobile user experience and engagement, Xploree stands out as an innovative and intelligent keyboard.

Xploree’s strong point is also that it allows the user to be in control, granting a more enjoyable and a satisfactory consumer experience through nonintrusive, non-interruptive, relevant content recommendations.

Noticeable amongst the partnerships is Xploree’s search tie up with Yahoo. The partnership offers users search and browsing of information in one tap across apps without exiting the conversation application. With 15% of app interactions on mobile devices being with a clear intent to search per Xploree’s user study, the integration has the potential to enable hyper-contextual search across apps on mobile to enhance the overall app experience.

Xploree Benefits to Mobile Users:

  • Experience useful search and discovery without exiting the app, and remain in control of the recommendations.
  • Non-intrusive, non-interruptive, user-initiated interactions.
  • Xploree delivers a seamless user-experience across apps including mobile search, mobile instant messaging, mobile email, mobile commerce, and mobile app stores.
  • Strict privacy controls, opt-in, opt-out features, quick opt-outs (such as incognito mode on browsers).
  • Multi-lingual keyboard supporting vernacular languages such as Hindi, Telugu and transliterated languages such as Hinglish

Xploree Keyboard brings in simplicity and insight to delight the users in their mobile moments whether the intent is to find a pizza place in the next minute or book air tickets for this weekend.

Xploree users are enjoying streamlined experiences of finding relevant content or services without leaving the task they are engaged in.
Try it out here: bit.ly/Xploree , and let us know what you think.

The article was originally published http://jatinisrani.blogspot.in/2015/11/xploree-next-generation-intelligence.html