You Will Love This One!

You Will Love This One!


Not sure if you got an opportunity to, ‘Meet Pinky, Xploree’s new bff? If you did not, you sure are missing on some new age fun to make your mobile experience that much more engaging. If you did, then you would have realized that Xploree is committed to make your mobile experience, that much more meaningful, intriguing and fun! To give your experiences further boost, Xploree has introduced another cool new feature that is not just fun to use but also establishes your supremacy among your family and friends. So, without further-adieu lets dive into this awesome feature called, ‘Postcards’.

Let me share some background before I give you the step by step know on how to use the feature.

How many times has it happened to you that you have tried to wish your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary or any other occasion with a distinct card that spells out how you exactly feel. You have screened through innumerable images online, but nothing fits in right! Besides, you have a concern that the same image could be used by others, too. Another closely similar situation could be your instant urge to share an image of a beautiful locale that you have shot, wishing to label it as your own?

The postcard feature is an answer to all such instances, it gives you the option to share very personal images with your loved ones with a distinct message labelled over it as a stamp or recommend a tourist spot or an amazing food joint with the image of the same labelled with the recommended stamp. Simple!  The use of postcard can be as different as your mood, whim or fancy as you can customize the stamps before labelling and sharing your images.


What are you waiting for pull out your phones?

  • Access your favorite keyboard app Xploree and click on the ‘smiley’ key at the bottom of the keyboard.
  • Choose postcards by pressing the postcard key that appears after GIF.
  • Once the feature opens, select a picture of your choice by pressing the + sign on the bottom left of your screen.
  • Select a stamp from the available options, one that you think aptly describes the image.
  • You can also select the available stamp templates and create it all new with your own distinct message, in the language and colors of your choice etc.
  • Once you are sure the stamp you wish to label on your image, save and start sharing over social media, with friends over what’s app or just for organizing your images in categories.



There is a ‘Reward’ for your efforts!

Follow the steps mentioned above to select images and label them with stamps to create postcards.



Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download Xploree AI Keyboard if you do not have it already!
  • Create customized stamps with exciting messages in the language of your choice, labelled on the image
  • Share it on our social handles Twitter, Facebook, Instagram with hashtag #XploreePostcards
  • Tag 3 friends
  • Rate and review your keyboard experience on play store.
  • The best three postcards will be selected from the submissions.
  • Each winner will get an INR 1000 voucher.
  • Winners will be selected at the sole discretion of team at Xploree.
  • Contest end 10th March 2019.
  • Results on 18th March 2019.


Upgrade to the latest version of Xploree to enjoy all its latest features!