5 things common between T20 cricket & Xploree

5 things common between T20 cricket & Xploree

It’s that time again. You come home running, switch on the TV, put on the Sports channel. The next few hours are spent being glued to the couch as you enjoy every moment of a breathtaking cricket match. That’s T20 cricket for you! This phenomenon has resonated the most in India. We’re proudly in love with this high octane format of cricket.

Both, this awesome cricket format and Xploree Mobile Keyboard cater to the masses and not the classes, which is what make them unique and loved. With T20, anyone who loves entertainment, sports, or fast paced action can enjoy the matches.

Here’s 4 other things that are common between T20 cricket and Xploree

Switch Languages On-The-Go like A Pro

All of our favourite batsmen has given us one of those wow moments, with a Switch Hit. Similar to how these seasoned players switch their stances on the go, you can switch between languages on your mobile keyboard. Become a multilingual ninja with Xploree’s Swipe-To-Switch mechanism. Simply swipe right/left on the spacebar to switch to your favourite languages. Wow your friends, family and colleagues with your multi-linguistic capabilities.

A Power Play of Contextually Aware Suggestions Only!

Whether you were chatting about that upcoming stand up show, or some cuisine, Xploree shows you the results relevant to what you need. It’s contextually active algorithms filters out unnecessary/unrelated results, in a Power Play of its own! With time, the keyboard begins to understand you better and shows the most relevant results in real time.

Become a Texting Ninja with Text Shortcuts

Just like the fast-paced nature of T20, your conversations could be fast paced if you configure text shortcuts for more and more words. Xploree gives you the ability to assign an acronym or keyword for certain long text data like an email address, home address, or any piece of text that you would have to use repeatedly. Assign shortcuts to words that you use the most and replace them on the keyboard so that you don’t have to type long repetitive words. Become a texting ninja with text shortcuts in your arsenal.

Just When You Need It! OR Dugout

Xploree’s very own genie X, is sitting in your dugout, just waiting for your signal. It senses everything and appears just when you need it, with a plethora of options for whatever it is you wished to do, whether it’s booking that taxi or ordering food online. With a 0% chance of getting timed out, X is a lifesaver. He’s that killer player in your team- the one you can depend upon.

If you haven’t already, switch to Xploree now for daily breathtaking keyboard experiences.