Need help with a Foreign Language? Use Real-Time Translation on Xploree!!

“A translation is the process of converting content from one language directly into another”  – Oxford University.   Translation refers to the process of converting a text from one language to another or replacing equivalent terms from one text with another. For example, an effective way to communicate simple information, such as on packaging and…

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Xploree is more than just a keyboard!!

It is important to use a good keyboard for a smartphone or tablet. Xploree is an AI based keyboard developed by KeyPoint Technologies. This multilingual keyboard provides contextual suggestions on the go. It provides real-time information with one click based on Artificial Intelligence and Language Technology. Using artificial intelligence, Xploree understands how users’ type, creating…

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Discover More with Xploree

The Xploree AI Keyboard developed by KeyPoint Technologies is the 1st AI powered multilingual mobile keyboard application that understands user’s intent/interest & recommends useful content in real time. It offers a great combination of AI-based suggestions and customization options. With Xploree, you can create an individualized search and discovery platform.   This keyboard is one…

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Transliteration on Xploree

We live in the century of diversity; where countries like the USA, UK, India etc. are multilingual societies. In such diverse environment communication is complex, vibrant and also intriguing. These countries might have English as their official language, but a considerable number of people converse in their homegrown/ native language. The process of transliteration involves…

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I am an Indian – Xploree

Make in India September 2014 was the year when a crucial initiative called ‘Make in India’ was launched by the Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi. The primary objective of this initiative was to attract investments from across the globe and strengthen India’s manufacturing sector. It helped in encouraging local, as well as national…

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Explore Scores with Xploree!!

Cricket is admired by most of the people around the world. It is a game the keeps you on your toes while you’re watching it. The game of cricket in India is truly a religion. A philosophy without prejudices that nurtures talent. The number of cricket viewers has boomed for the past few years.   Presently, in India…

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Xploree Rate & Review Contest 2019!

Xploree is the world’s first artificial intelligence driven android keyboard and it was created to provide convenience and optimize utility for all its users. It has an intent driven predictive engine that understands your intent in real time from the text you type and to give you matching results. A key feature of Xploree is…

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Screenshots of the smart theme in action

A Smart Way to Celebrate Indian Cricket!

Cricket in India is truly a religion. A religion without biases that nurtures quality talent. Cricket viewership has experienced phenomenal growth in the recent past. A report from BARC pointed out that about 93 percent of sports viewers consumed cricket. The recently held match between archrivals India and Pakistan at the ICC tourney breached the…

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Are You a ‘Smart’ Cricket Fan?

Xploree AI Keyboard is at the forefront of introducing unique and innovative features which enhances engagement and experience for our 35M+ users. This summer is all about cricket with the world’s biggest T20 tourney in full swing and the soon to be commencing Cricket World Cup. We know that every Indian is a cricketer at…

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An Opportunity to Make the Woman in Your Life, Feel Special!

Here’s a splendid opportunity for you to celebrate women’s day! Xploree has introduced a new feature called, ‘Postcards’. This new feature enables you to label your images with unique stamps and create memorable postcards. You can edit the text in the stamps in the language of your choice, place it on your favorite images to…

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