Weather reports come handy, on the Xploree AI keyboard

Xploree AI Keyboard partners with Accuweather for real time weather reports Making travel plans with your friends or going to another city for work? Before checking the maps, check your keyboard for weather conditions, for it is important to arrive prepared.   Users can now check weather report/conditions directly on their Xploree mobile keyboard. The…

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Let the Celebrations Begin!

Xploree an indigenously created keyboard app, made in India for Indians, never misses an opportunity to celebrate the diverse and rich culture of India. Xploree AI powered keyboard app not only enables Indian masses to communicate and converse in their native language with a large corpus of Indic Languages, it also releases visually inspiring themes…

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Celebrating Telugu Language Day 2018

India is a diverse country with each region or state having its own distinct language. Add to that, each language has a variety of dialects used by people across the region or state. Telugu speakers at 71 million are the biggest group among south Indian language speakers residing in the south of India. They are…

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Raksha Bandhan: Bonding with the Best!

Xploree prides for being the, ‘World’s 1st AI keyboard Application’, developed in India, specifically for the Indian masses. Xploree acts as a perfect companion for users by suggesting the most relevant content suggestions presented to users after understanding the intent through the typed text.Xploree’s natural language processing capabilities ensures that the keyboard successfully derives context…

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Independence is a Gift to Cherish for a Lifetime!

As an Indian there are many things in our country that make us frown, curse our inefficient polity or make us wonder how different it would have been if we were in some other developed country? But when I get back home after a hard day’s work to a welcoming warm reception from family members,…

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Create Stunning, Personalized Keyboard Themes with Images of Your Choice!

Xploree AI Keyboard App endeavors to create features that wows our users. Our new release with the ‘Create Themes’ feature is no different. The new feature lets you become the ‘creator’. It enables you to select an image of your choice to create distinct visuals for your keyboard.   So, if you are in love…

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Xploree Partners with Comedy Munch To Deliver Humor On The Keyboard!

Smartphone users can now watch exclusive comedy shows directly on their keyboard   World’s 1st AI powered keyboard- Xploree, has joined hands with India’s biggest stand-up comedy platform to delight users with curated comedy content on their mobile keyboard. This exclusive partnership will enable users to get direct access to comedy munch’s videos and can…

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Globalization Akin to Localization!

We have heard many say the world is a small place. True, it sure is a small place with connectivity to reach far and wide. But something you and I both will agree to is that it is an immensely diversified place. Each region, each country, state with its own distinct culture and language.  …

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Marathi Manus

Did you know that ‘prakrit’ the language Marathi was derived from is also the base for, ‘the Sinhalese language’ spoken in Sri Lanka.  

How the Beautiful Game of Football Can Benefit From AI?

Every now and then comes a technology that is extensively covered by the media for the impact it has on business and day to day lives. Be it the emergence of big data, cloud computing or any other technology advancement, they have been written about and spoken about at length. One such technology that has…

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