Marathi Manus

Did you know that ‘prakrit’ the language Marathi was derived from is also the base for, ‘the Sinhalese language’ spoken in Sri Lanka.  

How the Beautiful Game of Football Can Benefit From AI?

Every now and then comes a technology that is extensively covered by the media for the impact it has on business and day to day lives. Be it the emergence of big data, cloud computing or any other technology advancement, they have been written about and spoken about at length. One such technology that has…

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Bots To Drive Next Wave Of Marketing!

With industry bigwigs entering the fray, text-based or conversational ai powered chat bots are in steady demand.   Top brands are now leading the march in embracing chat bots or automated messaging apps to engage with their consumers. The uncanny ability of bots to fulfil the requirements of holding a sensible conversation with the user…

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Technologies That Will Propel India Into The Future!

India has experienced unprecedented growth, thanks to the development in the field of technology. Technology has enabled India to not just provide identities to its more than billion strong population, it has also positively impacted different sectors such as education, healthcare, governance etc. As India’s reliance and competence in the filed of technology grows, mentioned…

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Telugu Bhashe

Did you know that Telugu is the third most searched language on Google after Hindi and Bengali as per a Google trends report? The popularity is largely due to the Telugu movie industry that has takers around the country and globe. Read on to find more such interesting facts about Telugu Bhashe.  

Sonar Bangla – Bengali

Did you know that World Language Day observed by UNESCO on 21 Feb. every year is in commemoration of the Bengali Language Movement that took place in Dhaka? It is observed in recognition of activists who laid down their lives in support of the uprising to reclaim Bangla identity in erstwhile east Pakistan, now Bangladesh. The…

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Your Keyboard: One Interface for All Applications!

A strong reason for the phenomenal rise and acceptance of smartphones is the multifunctional capabilities it possesses. With so much available in a small handy device the demand and imagination of users for more utility has soared. The spurt in development of applications, looking to make the complex simple by addressing the different needs of…

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Are You Sure Your Data is ‘Not’ Getting Compromised?

Have you been victim to a data breach, yet? What precautions have you or the organizations whose digital services and products you use, put in place to ensure your personal data stays out of reach of unwanted solicitors or criminals?   Data breaches have become a regularly occurring phenomenon that gets its share of attention…

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How Chatbots and Assistants are Perfectly Fitting into a Woman’s World

Calls for women empowerment seem to be getting louder with each passing year. It is heartwarming to see the struggles women are going through to bring about gender equality to walk shoulder to shoulder with the opposite sex. International women’s day celebrated on the 8th of March every year is a tribute to the women…

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Old is Gold – Tamil

Tamil as the first Indian language to be printed and published in India has an history that dates back to 500 BC. Its reach and influence has only grown with time.