Liven Up Your Conversation with Predictive Emojis

A major differentiator between humans and machines and one that technology will not be able to ape in a long time to come, is human emotions. The joy of celebrating your birthday in the company of family and friends. The excitement of taking your brand-new car for a spin or the pain of losing a dear friend to an accident, are emotions only a human can experience and express.


In this digital age, where the most used mode of communication is our smartphone it becomes tough to express our emotions. Not everything can be expressed in words and that’s where the advent of emojis rightfully fills the void. Emoji is a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication.


Good news- you don’t have to waste your time & energy finding the right kind of emojis to express your emotions. The Xploree keyboard will predict your emotions and will show the exact emoji you have been wanting to use.


How will that help? Read on.


Adding the realistic flavour of expressions

What better way than to use a red-faced emoji to show that you are angry about something, or an emoji that shows you burst into laughter on a timely and funny joke. Emojis help you sink into the conversation with different expressions representing your mood or view on a specific subject or topic.


Time saver

We are all busy individuals with a hundred things running on our minds. In such a deluge using emojis which are visual representation of emotions can be a one-click solution. Think of a situation where you wish to let your friend or family member know that you are busy, this can be conveniently achieved by sharing an emoji that represents that you are busy, instead of typing it out.


Emojis are in trend and here to stay

As per a study carried out in 2016, 2.3 trillion mobile messages used emojis. The study also found that ladies love using the emoji more than men, on the other hand data available from Xploree points out that men are warming up to the emojis available on the platform and are using it more than women. Did we hear, equality! Study from Emogi, a conversational content platform in messaging, also revealed that while most users were happy with the emojis they have, most of them desire for more.


With the reliance on emojis rising by the day it makes sense to have a keyboard that not just provides for a range of emojis but is ably complimented by well-conceived stickers. The Xploree keyboard gives you context-based emoji suggestions powered by Artificial Intelligence, catering to your exact emotion to liven up your conversations.