Don’t put your privacy at stake!


Imagine this- you browsed a few shopping websites for a swimwear. Next day, you open Facebook at office and bam. You see 5 swimwear suggestions right at the top.


Next steps? You either quickly close the window or get busy crossing those ads away. Paid a big price for a harmless search.


Are you one of those who get alarmed and do not want a repeat telecast of this? Do you not like yourself to be stalked all the time on the internet?


The Internet is basically a grid of data points where users leave their private data footprints, often unknowingly. Every time you use the internet, you are providing access to personal information and behavior by giving out personal data or allowing cookies to be cached & saved. Yet, even after deliberately giving someone the keys to our bubble of privacy, we often feel our privacy have been intruded in the most horrific way.


With the increasing popularity of IoT (Internet of Things) – connected homes, offices, machines and people – the scale of data collection is likely to be unfathomable. IDC has predicted that 30 Billion IoT devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020. We cannot even begin to imagine the marketers’ expectation and plans once they have access to all this user information, behavior, desire and intent.


No aspect of an internet user’s life is likely to remain sacrosanct and hidden from the penetrating eyes of advertisers. Advertisers live in a perennially mistaken belief that people love attention, being tracked and analyzed. Expecting marketers to do soul searching and limiting invasion of users’ privacy is a tall order. But we can be vigilant individually and be wary of putting our privacy at stake. Here are a few quick fixes that can keep the stalker advertising at bay.

  1. Install an Ad Blocker
  2. Paid Ad-Free Content
  3. Incognito Browsing:
  4. Be Cautious of app permissions
  5. Privacy settings
  6. Block third party cookies
  7. Use private and secure home network only


Would you also agree that it’s time ethical advertising should take off as well? It’s high time marketers, empathize with consumers’ sentiments and privacy; and not just chase their insane sales targets.


Is there a platform where both parties can co-exist in harmony? A place where both brands and consumers meet only when they must see each other! Maybe show targeted ads only when the user is looking for that product or service. This will not only help consumers, not see unnecessary ads but will also assure – marketers’ greater chances of a sale’s closure.


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