Homegrown companies meet to launch the next blitzkrieg in the field of technology


Indian startup ecosystem has really taken off thanks to fueling factors like massive funding, evolving technology and a burgeoning domestic market. After Bangalore & Delhi, Hyderabad has become cocoon to global companies like Facebook and Microsoft, but the buck doesn’t stop here!


Hyderabad is also home to some of the path breaking & cutting-edge start-ups led by innovative companies and groups. One such lot can be found right now, all at one place, crafting the future of technology in their own unique way. These are the companies funded by BitChemy Ventures and their sister concerns; currently under one roof, shaping the next phase of technological disruption at the Raja Prasadam building, Kondapur, Hyderabad.


9 home grown companies that have already proved their mettle in the industry are meeting to shape unique technological innovations in the year 2018.


Here’s a snapshot of the companies who are shaping the next wave of technology from Hyderabad, India


KeyPoint Technologies (KPT) – Award winning global leader in innovative language technology offerings for mobile consumers. KPT’s flagship product Xploree AI Keyboard is industry’s first user-initiated and multi-lingual search and discovery platform powered by revolutionary text input and prediction technology.


The Xploree ‘Search and Discovery Platform’ can recognize intent within a text snippet/conversation and serve the most relevant contextual suggestion in real-time. KPT over the last year, increased its focus towards promoting Indic language usage in the digital domain by integrating features like transliteration (type in English and get suggestions in native language) and adding support for 27+ Indic Languages, in its products. KPT has ensured BIS compliance for its Xploree Keyboard by supporting the mandatory 22 Indic languages, required for smartphones to be sold in India and providing localization services to OEMs for these 22 Indic Languages. KPT has built a Chatbot which can understand and answer queries (in plain English or local lingo) related to Telangana Tourism. By the end of this year, KPT plans to take Xploree’s platform global (KPT supports 140+ Languages), with relevant partnerships. It will be the first time the world will experience a product of this kind.


Cafyne: Another startup that has been featured as one of Gartner’s cool vendor, helps enterprises protect their brand by ensuring compliance to regulatory and company policies.


As a next step, Cafyne has announced general availability of its SaaS offering. While most existing social media tools focus on just one element of social media management, Cafyne brings together security, risk management, analytics, and employee advocacy into one completely unified, user-friendly tool designed specifically to meet compliance needs for a broad range of regulated industries.


3LOQ: 3LOQ is an AI startup deploying cutting edge technology to help organizations build better customer relationships. Founded by Mr. Anirudh Shah and Mr. Sunil Motaparti in 2012, the company builds machine learning algorithms to increase customer engagement and reduce attrition. 3LOQ leverages consumer psychology and big data to create unique personalized interfaces that enable habit formation amongst target consumers. In the past, the company has worked on implementing machine-learning based marketing solutions for clients from retail, e-commerce, telecom and banking sectors successfully. Currently, 3LOQ is focused on implementing Habitual AI solutions to solve challenges in the financial sector.


Altiux: One of the few Indian product engineering companies that specializes in the IoT space. Altiux helps corporates, SI as well as startups in their endeavor to offer smart products & solutions.


Altiux has delivered IoT enabled smart solutions in key geographies like S. Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the US, across verticals like Industrial IoT, Smart cities, Smart buildings and Smart homes. Currently Altiux offers services in IoT embedded engineering, IoT Mobile apps and end-to-end IoT Application development.


Kagami: The platform is built around the concept of visual design, i.e. a set of visual tools used to define process and platform and converts this visual flow to software in an automated manner. The process of customization involves extensive knowledge rather than just having the software expertise.


KAGAMI supports a client in creating solutions that are relevant to its eco-system and embedding them in digitized processes. Every solution is unique to the organization for which it is built. Every solution is built from bottom up to the requirements of the client. Every solution is completely customizable, with minimal cost of customization.


Spatialytics: Spatialytics started in 2017 and aspires to be the preferred vendor in delivering end-to-end land management solutions to the governments. Currently it offers 2 main services a) UAV Services (Drone) b) Land Management Systems (LMS). UAV Services supports aerial surveys to generate Geo-referenced orthophoto mosaic, DTM Services include generating Land Use maps. LMS systems are developed mainly to improve revenue generation in the cities and municipalities, making them self-sustainable and improve the revenues year on year. Spatialytics has plans to enter the emerging markets in Asia and Africa to introduce


Bitkemy: Bitkemy Technologies (services unit of Bitkemy Ventures) offers technology centric services with razor sharp focus & commitment to deliver customer success. Bitkemy technologies is mainly specialized in custom software development (mobile / web / enterprise applications development), quality assurance, software testing, cloud computing and infrastructure management and Big data & Analytics.


All these 9 companies are under the leadership of Mr. Prasad Motaparti, a serial entrepreneur and an award-winning industrialist. He has to his credit revival of several sick units comprising of cement and steel both in India and outside. It is indeed very rare, for an industrialist or an entrepreneur to venture out in such diverse ecosystems and to make them all so unique and successful in their own way.