Best of the Mobile World: Easier App Discovery and Stronger User Engagement with Xploree

“App discovery, user engagement, user retention! There’s a lot I have to worry about when I launch my app and thereafter.” ~ App developers “Millions of apps everywhere, how do I find the ones most relevant to me?” ~ Mobile users Congratulations! You just got your app live on the app store! What’s next? If…

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Xploree Wins Frost & Sullivan 2015 New Product Innovation Award for Mobile Marketing

We are honored to win the 2015 New Product Innovation Award for Mobile Marketing by the research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. The award recognizes a ‘critical requirement for the mobile industry’ today for hyper-intelligent mobile marketing solutions. According to Frost & Sullivan, “Xploree has the potential to be a game changer for mobile…

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Beyond Texting: Messaging Apps are the Portals to Brand-Consumer Connect

Messaging apps daily use is almost 5 times higher than the average for all apps that a user accesses on a smartphone, according to a report by Flurry. People send 30 billion messages on WhatsApp alone, which is incredibly active with more than 500 million monthly active users! Messaging apps are engagement portals to communicate,…

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Xploree is Finalist in Two Categories at the Mobile Innovations Award 2015

Time for another #HappyDance! It is a pleasure to see our innovation being recognized by the industry. We are going strong on the user love with the India launch for Xploree and extremely delighted by the accolades we have received so far. Adding another feather to our cap is our nomination for The Mobile Innovation…

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The Future of Mobile Search and Discovery

Traditional search models that have worked well for desktop environments are not well-suited for the on-the-go mobile users. Mobile search and discovery is seeing a fast paced evolution with availability of vast amount of user data including social network conversations, preset or future locations, past actions or current searches. But is this sufficient? Mobile discovery…

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Unmatched Opportunity of Engaging Mobile Users during the ‘Mobile Interlude’

Image source: Rise of the Messaging Apps @XploreeMoments Heads down, fingers tapping fast on the keyboard, it’s quite evident from what we see around us; messaging apps are no doubt the favorite of most mobile users. Of the one hour per day people spend on their smartphones, more than half of that time is spent…

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Delivering a Positive Mobile Experience that’s User-Friendly and User-Initiated

Mobile marketing can be hugely powerful and positive if it offers value to consumer experiences and their path to purchase. But, when marketers employs annoying techniques users feel irritated. It’s critical to understand consumers’ likes and preferences as they access information, entertainment and commerce on their mobile devices. Though there is an expectation for relevant…

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User Experience is the Key to Brand Awareness and Recall

Every day we use products and services that seem as much a part of our lives as our friends or the air around us. It’s hard to imagine that, once, these products were unknown to us. The four different steps that are usually traced through a buyer’s journey are: Awareness, Interest, Intent and Action. Usually,…

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Effective Ways to Boost App Awareness and Re-engagement

The small screen is our preferred screen. Wherever we go, our convenient little smart computer is handy and there to assist, connect and entertain as and when we want. Mobile and mobile apps clearly have overtaken the good old computer monitor screens that we’ve been used to for the last couple of decades. In January…

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Are you Still Switching between Apps to Search? That’s so Yesterday!

Users are spending more time than ever before searching for products, services, reviews, music, apps, and other content on mobile devices. According to comScore’s US Digital Future in Focus Report, 2015: In the US, mobile search, which includes queries conducted via app and mobile browser, now accounts for 29 percent of all search activity, with…

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