Chatbots are not just facilitators of interaction, they are your company’s voice. Learn how, you can create personalized experiences for your audience

The chatbot industry is abuzz. As per Gartner, chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions by 2020. Businesses both big and small are looking at incorporating chatbots into their systems for increased efficiency while customers enjoy the convenience chatbots bring to the table. Technological advancements and increased utility among chatbots is ensuring that chatbots not just facilitate interactions but do much more to benefit the business and create seamless experiences for customers.


Read on, to learn how chatbots can be molded to suit your business needs, while ensuring personalized experiences for your customers or clients.


Multilingual Chatbots: Language is a decisive factor to attract the native crowd. ‘When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do’, is a popular idiom most of us are aware of. It fits in right for businesses looking to create a personal bond with a native crowd within a region. As is the case in multilingual multicultural India, people prefer to converse in the native language more than using English. Chatbots with native language capabilities will come across more personal and see higher expectance from the native crowd.


24/7 Connectivity: Ever since the advent of the internet and the large-scale adoption of smartphones, increasing number of population now like to get their work done online. Be it booking of tickets, ordering food or shopping for clothes, people wish to connect online and get their job done in the moment. Chatbots fit the bill perfectly in such a scenario as they are available 24/7 to assist the client or customer with their requests.


Top-notch Customer Service: As mentioned earlier in the post more than 80% of businesses soon wish to power their customer service interactions through chatbots. There are many reasons for the shift from human customer service agents to chatbots but the most important factor that is fueling this decision is the efficiency that chatbots bring. Chatbots are pre-loaded with accurate information that gets triggered by matching the queries put forth by the customer or client. As this information is verified and scrutinized bots can perform efficiently, so much so that they are able to save on average 4 minutes of time addressing support queries.


Industry Specific Configuration: Chatbots can be easily configured to the exact needs of an industry. Xploree.AI, frontrunner in developing AI powered chatbots can enable chatbots with an array of 49 domain specific dictionaries making domain specific conversations that much more specialized and accurate.


Widespread adoption of chatbots has become a business prerogative that cannot be overlooked for the benefits it provides. With the world moving slowly but surely towards automation, a chatbot stands as the first cog in the process and is here to stay.