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The Adtech Mumbai Experience!

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  • December 10, 2018July 1, 2022

Multinationals attending corporate events is a regular fixture. These events help companies’ network with others as well as throw light on the future needs and requirements of the industry. Adtech is an event to recognize and provide impetus to organizations in the realm of digital advertising. It is a place to introduce new technologies shaping the digital advertising space. The first chapter of Adtech Mumbai was a grand success providing valuable insights into the digital advertising space and the different technologies driving growth. The team from KeyPoint Technologies participated in the event showcasing their indigenously developed multilingual intent engine serving contextual discoveries, available on an AI powered keyboard app, Xploree. Multilingual intent driven chatbots for businesses and organizations to aide useful, mutually benefitting conversations and end to end translation and localization services.
For those of you who missed on the keynotes, presentations and discussions at Adtech, here are a few pointers to get you up to date on the course digital advertising is heading;

Smartphones the leading medium to connect – the phenomenal rise in the number of smartphone users in India is driving advertisers to think of strategies that move from mobile first to mobile only solutions. The falling price for internet data is further fueling consumption on smartphones.

Language capabilities are a must have – as was evident in the talks and discussions the advertising industry in India is grappling with, is to connect with the diverse audience residing in the different states of our country. More and more advertisers are finding it tough to establish a connect with their audience in their regional or native languages thus creating a void. The increasing demand for native language content is adversely impacting the industry and its revenues.

Serving contextual content – as more and more users become internet and smartphone savvy their demand for content that is contextual, satisfying their need in the moment, is becoming evident. They are looking for content that is unbiased, helpful, educational and contextual. Serving contextual content is driving on engagement and positively impacting ROI’s.

Voice will trump over text – available data points to users preferring to use voice commands over text inputs. While artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing technologies are trying to upgrade machine capabilities to read, write and comprehend text, internet and smartphone users are looking for the easy way out. New gen users are more akin to use voice commands in the language of their choice to surf the net, search or communicate online, thus text to voice and voice to text are areas advertisers and technology companies are looking to invest in.

We at KeyPoint Technologies are confident about the future as we have got a firm footing in terms of technologies and needs that will drive the advertising and other related industries in the future.
The observations expressed are an individual’s view, part of the KeyPoint team. If you think you can add more to this for the benefit of all. Please free to do so with #Xploree or #KPT. We value your inputs and suggestions.