5 Ways You Can Personalize Your Mobile Keyboard

The mobile keyboard is the single most used application on your device. Whether it is to enter your unlock passcode, search for something on the web/phone, or simply, to communicate.

Xploree is on a mission to help you get better acquainted with your keyboard. Here’s 5 ways you can personalize your mobile keyboard –


For most of us, switching to slang words that like stmt for statement, d for the, etc. could mean trouble, especially since we get so used to them that we start to forget the real words. That being said, (almost) everyone gets irritated (after a while) of typing long words like – Incomprehensibilities, unimaginatively, etc. again and again. It’d be miraculous if there was a way to type 3-4 letters and get it replaced with the intended 15 letter word.

Xploree allows you to set Text Shortcuts for everything. For e.g – You could set your email id to a shortcut called +myid. Whenever you type +myid, xploree will automatically replace it with your email id.



It is a scientific fact that our minds respond better to imagery. We’ve all had those conversations where it’s all just words and after a while, our minds automatically stays aloof from the activity.

Xploree encourages you to bring your conversations to life with a set of 1200+ emoticons and fun stickers. Human beings are made to express. So whether it’s a simple laugh for a joke, or a musical instrument to invite friends over for a jam session, or the angry face for something someone did, express yourself.



Of course the two terms translation and transliteration mean different things. But who needs translation when you have transliteration? Communicating with people in your mother language is always fun. No matter how good you are with wordplay, some things just don’t sound right in another language.

With support for over 110+ international as well as regional languages, Xploree is quickly covering all the bases. Whether it is a pen pal in a foreign country, or that relative back at your hometown/village. Transliteration can help you type in a number of regional languages using the same keyboard with minimal efforts.



One of the major implied requirements in a keyboard is choice of color. To truly personalize your keyboard, you need to be able to set it to look the way you want it to, thereby making it an extension of you rather than just a persona of your device.

With Xploree, you can do just that. No matter what your mood is, with a wide selection of themes right from color based themes to animated themes to image based themes and seasonal themes, the available choices are aplenty.

So just like with the wild card from Uno, choose your color and remember to not forget to have fun.



The technology that drives xploree is based on a love for human logic. Right from sensing your affinities to serving you when needed, with recommendations matching your needs, to syncing your personal profile to the cloud for you to use on any device that has xploree.

Think of it as your subconscious self

It does exactly what you need, right when you need it, and more importantly – without you having to explicitly tell it to do so. Personalized Indeed.

To get started with the keyboard that thinks, switch to Xploree now: