App Discoveries Made Easy

We’ve all been in those situations where we simply check the mobile to do something random without any specific agenda. We’ve all opened the app drawer, and randomly chosen an app that we felt like using at that particular moment. A delightful consequence of this intuitive decision is the discovery of interesting content and ideas. Discoveries play an important role in marketing. Discovery Marketing is that aspect of your brand’s marketing mix that allows users to stumble upon a brand.


One of the biggest obstacles here is the abundance of apps. There are zillions of apps out there, and that makes it next to impossible for the user to stumble upon your app. This can really put your brand and app in a rut.


There is no one initiative that will make you an instant success. It’s a journey. For the brand, it may be about the destination, but what the users get to experience, is the journey.

The way to tackle this business reflex, is to keep checking and rechecking your efforts every few weeks.


Some key questions to ask are –

Why will the user find this? What are we putting out there and IS it actually going to be useful to the user?


These are tricky questions. An each question is connected to the answer of the previous one.

Among the zillions of apps, exist more than a handful that do something similar to yours. Why will the user find your app? The only way to fix this is to think through the user’s point of view, and make sure your app is – from the user AND for the user.


It has become more critical than ever to meet consumers in their exact moment of need. Modern users lack patience and hate the breach of their privacy. Untargeted ads, ads that chase them on social platforms, irrelevant ads, stand a high chance to be blocked. Those who don’t block the ads are the ones who never click on them either.


In the modern age, even technology must evolve rapidly to keep pace with time. The needs and wants of people are instantaneous and so is their attention span. The needs and desires of the consumers need to be matched with relevant results (products & services), in real time. This real-time permutation- combination will ensure that brands manage to meet their consumers in their exact moment of need, increasing the chances of sales.


If you keep your consumer at the heart of your marketing mix, it’s difficult to fail. If you don’t believe your consumer will stumble upon your brand in a specific channel, move on. Remember to test, optimize, and think about your consumer.