Bidding adieu to the good old mobile keyboard: Welcome you Keyless beauty!

Warning: Read this before your keyboard app automatically updates its keyless features

Have your fingers ever took the shape of a crumbled claw from typing too much on the mobile? Are you a person who likes to text and snack often? And end up getting both fingers and the mobile keyboard messy with all that oil? Or are you the one who is not a QWERTY fan and is looking for something more intuitive?

Have you ever wished for something that often happens in science fictions like Minority Report or Avengers; where actors call out the schematics by waving their hands- swiping and pulling to access their intelligent systems?

In a high-tech world where change is rapid and constant, smartphones are the devices tech companies are looking forward to innovate and the keyboard undisputedly is the most important and unexplored tool of mobile devices. As technology progresses, accurate text prediction is no longer a differentiator. The next wave of innovation is virtual, with intelligent systems and algorithms tracking your thoughts.

Although there are a few pretenders to the throne with sliding, gliding, next word prediction and sentiment gauzing features thriving in the industry, the next big thing is yet to happen in the mobile world.

So, all you people who really want the real X factor or something more in your smartphones apart from front camera and flashlights for selfies, Pay Attention! Things are about to get really cool!

Now, instead of merely pushing for a fast and accurate typing experience, we have found a way to remove letters and alphabets from the keyboard altogether! Wait, not just the alphabets- everything! The mobile keyboard will become your whiteboard and you can now paint it with your thoughts.

What? You don’t believe us? You want to know why? Well, after being in the Text input, AI & NLP industry for more than one and half decades, with two successful products in the kitty, we wanted to give something more to our users. Something that’s in the future. We see the keyboard to be an interface between users’ brain and their phone or between two people. Hence we thought- future innovations should focus on lowering the barriers to connecting them.

So, we present to you the Futuristic keyboard app that will literally read your mind, gauze your facial expressions/mood and type the same for you in the chat box. To know more follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Till then here’s a sneak peak of the look and feel of it.

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