Bloggers Converged To Understand How Contextual Intelligence Works On The Xploree Keyboard

Bloggers came, they saw and were conquered – Tapping at the keyboard was so much fun!

The recently concluded blogger’s meet with Xploree hosted at Bangalore’s hottest startup corridor drew the interest of tech writers and bloggers who converged to witness a live demo.

The event was opened with a casual round of introduction and followed by an evening that saw curiosity levels hit the roof among bloggers who had by then warmed up to the idea of context embedded into their keyboards.

The lively participation saw bloggers pulling themselves further into investigating the various elements that make for a refreshingly new keyboard as they started to download the app to try it out themselves.

The smart keyboard enthralled them further with a bag full of pleasant surprises around its various discoveries delivered through the Keyboard. While curiosity around the keyboard’s key features was building up as the evening progressed, bloggers showed a keen interest to mimic the live demo on their own phones. The live demo got the demo mobile’s browser and chat window appear mirrored on a 55-inch television.

Let’s catch a glimpse of the proceedings from the evening of 12th November 2016 @Xploree #TechKnow


Before the event starts to unfold, the Xploree team checking on the setup for the live demo



Opened with a round of introduction before the presentation delivered by VP Product Marketing – Kiran Karthekeyan and CTO Nutan Chokka Reddy.



Bloggers checking the Xploree app to check out discoveries while chatting with each other.



Explaining to bloggers how it really works and what it means to experience seamless discoveries.



Dwelling deeper into deep learning as the evening progressed @Xploree #Techknow


Tech bonhomie over some gastronomical delights!