Brands Learn The Art of Decoding Consumer Context Using The Xploree Keyboard


Brands Learn The Art of Decoding Consumer Context Using The Xploree Keyboard


After close to 3 million downloads, Xploree is leading the march on contextual intelligence through the keyboard. Leading brands have started to align their online consumer strategy thanks to the amazing impact shown by the thinking keyboard.

New partner showcase included bigwigs like – Shopclues, Zomato, Amazon, FirstCry, Housejoy, Coupondunia, Ixigo and there are more counting.

Organized as #TechKnow, a series of tech talks that brings brands and tech wizards together on a regular basis, unraveled the importance of context in its Delhi chapter. Held on 20th Jan 2017, the agenda of this evening was to explore the potential of our mobile keyboard – The most unexplored and undermined marketing tool we’ve known!

No more a science fiction…machine learning for mobile marketing is for real

All this is possible thanks to years of research undertaken by Xploree on the application of machine learning through the all-pervasive keyboard. It is the science of making the machine learn and understand forms of human expressions and mannerisms to lessen our efforts and make life easier.

You may ask what’s the connection here between machine learning, marketing and the mobile keyboard. Let’s look at the simple functions performed by the keyboard we carry on our mobile devices. They all perform a standard set of functions that qualify them to be a keyboard. These functions include dictionary, next word prediction and auto correction.

While the normal keyboard performs these, the futuristic Xploree keyboard is built to understand human context and deliver suggestions accordingly. It saves mobile users from the constant trouble of hopping across several apps, the search engine and browser when looking for answers.

Let’s touch upon the various aspects of this hyper-contextual keyboard that makes the difference for brands:

Shows consumer experience is bigger than just selling

We are living in a cross channel world where the mobile consumer’s appetite to consume and discover content has witnessed a manifold increase. At the same time, we also see diminishing attention spans that is a matter of enormous concern to marketers.

With growing bounce rate and increasing rate of app uninstalls, marketing spends on programmatic media buying have skyrocketed over the years. However, the big question emerging in the market is – have brands invested wisely in digital?

The build up to this question lies in the approach that brands have been taking so far by going for the kill by investing in retargeting without understanding context. Not understanding context means not understanding consumers. This disconnect can be sorted only when we make an effort to imbibe brand messaging at the very instance when a consumer expresses any intention and purpose. Quite clearly the mobile device is no longer used for merely talking. Rather, in this day and age, the mobile finds more reverence with an audience group interested in using it as a meant to escape into their world of desires. This once again brings us face to face with how well brands can leverage the human text input through the keyboard to understand context.



Makes your brand transactional through the customer’s chat window

Traditionally, measuring success of an online campaign was looked through the prism of various touchpoints involved in acquiring new customers. This essentially boils down to whether an Ad has been viewed, how audiences respond when the Ad appear on their window, did they go ahead and click, did they fill the online form, did they choose to see the video…and in many cases – Has it resulted in any transaction or conversions or app download?

Certainly it is important to know the path your customers undertake to ultimately reach you. But Xploree is trying to show the way forward for brands to become transactional. The contextual route that Xploree partners can leverage cuts through customer conversations, a key source of context. Through its cutting-edge AI technology, the keyboard understands consumer impulses, that eventually acts as call to action, resulting in a buying decisions.

Get going with the thinking keyboard

To reach consumers in a manner that’s attuned to their preferences and intents, brands representatives experienced the keyboard first-hand at the meet. While the Xploree keyboard was at work, the writing on the wall got even more clear – understand consumer context to be discovered at the right place, at the right time.

From the user’s perspective, the Xploree keyboard symbolizes an interruption-free platform for naturally found discoveries. These discoveries triggered by consumer impulses, intents and expressions come calling only when users choose to see them, thus safeguarding their privacy. On the other hand, Xploree also adds up as contextually relevant delivery vehicle for advertisers.



Discussions on the keyboard’s unexplored potential brought the converged audience closer to the idea of contextual marketing as the evening progressed. Keynote speakers from Xploree covered the Xploree’s smart keyboard’s various dimensions which bring brands face-to-face with consumers ahead any decision making.

In most cases, the process of discovery and intrigue for any given product or service takes shape eons before the actual buying decision is made. To conclude the event, it was largely agreed upon that the source of one’s intent and the immediacy of results will determine the future of mobile marketing.