Bringing people closer to food through the Mobile Keyboard

Search restaurants & order food online without switching apps

Does your life majorly revolve around food? Are you the one who constantly thinks of what to eat next, in between work, sleep or maybe even during a meal. Are you having a tough time dealing with your all-veg life during Navratras?

Well, we totally empathize with you!

If you are still reading this- Congratulations! You are a certified foodie now!

By the way what is the next thing you love or use the most in life? It’s an easy guess- your Smartphone.

We are a technology company and believe that technology is all about reducing barriers that makes life simpler. In an effort to bring you closer to food, we introduce to you Xploree:

The smart keyboard app that works with all devices, (across all apps, in virtually any language, based on unique individual history, personality, interests and behavior), connecting people to content, products, services and solutions, in their moment of need!

Planning what to eat, where to eat, checking out restaurants’ ratings, etc, literally kills your desire to order food online or your desire to dine in your ideal restaurant, doesn’t it?

Not anymore! With the seamless integration of Zomato within the Xploree app, searching for restaurants or ordering online is as simple as unlocking your phone. In fact, you don’t even need to have the food app on your phone.

Thanks to this alliance, you just need to unlock your mobile and TYPE. Yes, you read it right. Just TYPE the bare minimum specifics on your keyboard and it will not only recommend the best available options with respect to location, cuisine, etc but will also inform you about the hot deals, coupons and discounts that Zomato has to offer.

Planning an outing on a Whatsapp friends group? You will be delighted to see how Xploree catches up with the ongoing conversation and recommends awesome restaurants in a jiffy. You won’t even have to leave the chat to pick and choose a restaurant or order food online. You can do it all without missing out on all the fun in your group chat. In fact, it works well with all those who hate to go the Extra mile– that too for food. Why do it the old way when you have smart alternatives available!

Unlock your phone and discover lip smacking food at your fingertips and at your doorstep. The secret ingredient to ease of ordering and deliciousness is out. Download now: