Deep learning and NLP can take User Experiences to newer heights. Find out how?

Machines exhibiting human intelligence is the next paradigm-shift. From healthcare, finance, manufacturing, to advertising, transport and retail, transforming the concepts visualized in Sci-Fi movies into real-world technologies is what mankind is striving for. However, as a rule of thumb, to benefit from any technology, we need to fully understand it first.

Machine Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) encompasses machines performing tasks that require human intelligence, such as – visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. Deep Learning is often described as an imitation of the human intellect. But it’s basically just simple math, executed on a ginormous scale. To be precise, deep learning is a collection of methods for tuning neural networks based on data.

Neural Networks are inspired by our understanding of the biology of the human brain. Just like the way we make life decisions based on the things we learn from experiences, a neural network makes decisions based on what it learns. Neural Networks and Deep Learning together provide beneficial solutions in the fields of image recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is what makes Siri, Google Assistant, and every other Virtual Digital Assistant, do what they do best – talk and listen to us. The next leap in NLP will be devices that don’t require you to type at all, only talk.

One such sci-fi to real-world technology is Xploree – a smart keyboard that brings the consumer face-to-face with smart suggestions that truly matter. It was born out of an idea to use language intelligence as a unified playground for connecting brands and services to consumers. The humble smartphone keyboard app has evolved in its journey, from being a simple input interface to a smart personalized assistant to consumers. Powered by NLP and Machine Intelligence, Xploree comes in the form of smart multi-lingual keypad. By analyzing the text typed, Xploree maps it with the best options available from the existing partners who offer everything starting from food recommendations to shopping to exciting deals and predict what a user might want. All this is done entirely on the user’s phone with proprietary and lightweight NLP algorithms, so that one can enjoy Xploree without compromising his/her privacy. The end product? A keyboard that thinks, for a change.

Real-time hyper-contextual suggestions, seamless browsing through the keyboard without having to switch apps, intent-driven emoticons that hint at useful suggestions in your moment of need, these are just some of the functionalities that the marriage of NLP, neural networks, and machine intelligence has helped create.


The world around us is constantly advancing, and emerging technologies like NLP, AI, and Deep Learning will begin continue to revolutionize the way businesses work, for the better. Embracing these technologies, and integrating them into the core of our businesses is the optimal way to shift-the-paradigm.