Discovery is the new word in the Online Marketing game

Ever wondered how often you simply checked the mobile to do something random without any specific agenda?
Ever been in one of those situations when you just open the app drawer, and randomly choose what you want to do, based on which app you feel like using at that particular moment?

Of course you have. We’ve all been there, done that.

How often on Facebook you find yourself stuck watching an interesting video that you stumbled upon while checking random updates about friends and family?
Isn’t it just delightful when you stumble upon stuff while going about your business on the mobile?

Well, these are some of the precious moments that hold the key to dispensing interesting content and ideas to mobile users.

The concept is called as Discovery, and it is an emerging term in the marketing community. It isn’t just one initiative or one task, rather it’s emblematic of the many channels that a brand partakes in. Unlike Acquisition Marketing, where an organization specifically reaches out to consumers by means of ADs or impressions generated through activities such as paid search, Discovery Marketing is that aspect of your brand’s marketing mix that allows users to stumble upon a brand.

Many, if not all, of discovery marketing is based on content creation, with some exceptions including content marketing, SEO, etc.

At the crux of discovery marketing is the understanding of the fact that there is no one initiative that will make you an instant success. People interacting with your brand will be what success is derived from. Depending on the industry, there are different discovery marketing channels that will be more pertinent to consider and then execute on. It is crucial to test which channels your audience is most active in and to understand what content formats your consumers respond to on those networks. There is nothing worse than an inconsistent amplification strategy.

Remember to test, optimize, and think about your consumer. If you keep your consumer at the heart of your marketing mix, it’s difficult to fail. If you don’t believe your consumer will stumble upon your brand in a specific channel, move on.

The mobile keyboard, is one such emerging channel. Being omnipresent in almost 90% of our interactions with the mobile, it can truly learn to understand our intents without us having to explicitly state them. Think of it as your subconscious self.

You know how in your subconscious, you know what you want, but there is no medium for the subconscious self to talk to the conscious self? Well an intelligent mobile keyboard can convey those messages for you.

If you find yourself talking about buying a pair of shoes, or a new smartphone, a smart mobile keyboard can show you the best brands available, along with the best offers and deals for the product on leading online stores. If you’re talking to your friend about how you’re craving for a pizza, an intelligent mobile keyboard can provide you with coupons to the nearest pizza store, and also show you the best currently available combo offers.

Doesn’t all that sound like things your subconscious self would be screaming at you? If only it were audible.

Xploree – the intelligent mobile keyboard, is doing all this and much more with its humanlike sensibilities. To begin marketing the right way, and connect your subconscious and conscious self with a keyboard that can think, switch to Xploree now.