Five Things to Know Before You Start Advertising on Android Mobile Apps In India

According to statistics, in 2016, India overtook many other developing markets, with 78.82% of web traffic coming from mobile devices. Quite clearly leading the race in web traffic from mobile devices, India left countries like UK, USA, Germany, and France lagging far behind. The subsequent fallout in terms of taking the mobile and app route for brand messaging and ad dispensation is overwhelmingly positive.

However, a study by Google found that on an average, Indians only use 9 mobile apps of the 33 they install.

This shows, Indians on an average access internet the most through mobile devices, but at the same time have a handful of religiously used apps.

Targeting this demographic can be very tricky, especially if you’re going about it the wrong way.

Here’s 5 things you need to know to efficiently use the mobile as a successful tool for advertising in this market -

Understand Phone Usage of Indian Mobile Consumers

Here’s some stats that will tell you a lot about the phone usage of Indian mobile consumers –

  • Social media, browsing and app downloads still drive a bulk of mobile broadband data traffic today.
  • Indians spend over 3 hours a day on their smartphones, and 25 percent of consumers check their phones over 100 times a day.
  • Facebook and WhatsApp are among the top two apps that almost every Indian smartphone user indicates they cannot live without.
  • 24 percent of smartphone owners use mobile chat apps for business purposes.
  • 61 percent of smartphone users browse the internet on their phones before they start their day.
  • Although smartphone users are consuming more videos, 44 percent state they often do not watch mobile videos due to lengthy delays when loading.

Seek Their Respect NOT Their Attention

If you want to embrace the gold standards in mobile advertising, you need to focus on gaining users’ trust and respect, and not their attention. Consumers are averse to intrusive ads hijacking their small device screens. Advertising on desktop has gone down this path, and this trend has led to ad-blocking becoming all the rage it is today.

Hence, marketers need to figure out effective ways to advertise on mobile using techniques that consumers find acceptable and interesting at the same time.


Make SENSE to Them in the First 2 Seconds

A key challenge with mobile is to figure out the timing of ad placement and what works best for user. Too many brands are focused on serving impressions irrespective of whether it makes sense to them at the point when it shows up on the mobile screen. Does it actually fulfill a purpose for the user matters more than pure branding and ideally the same should reflect through the timing of messaging

The brand has to create the impact in the first two seconds, which otherwise can result in weaning interest and irrelevance. It is therefore worthwhile spending time becoming a part of users’ online journey by becoming imbibed in their thought process.

“No one can tell what the users want better than the users themselves.”

Go For Effectiveness Rather Than Efficiency

Ad networks promise Ad Visibility, but what’s the point of 100% visibility, with 0% relevancy? When the content provided is not in accordance with their needs, users tend to simply ignore the advertisement.

Based on conclusions drawn from users’ thought process and intents, it is therefore sensible to chart out an effective strategy create to deliver suggestions rather than ads contextually.


Machine Learning for Marketing

When it comes to real-time needs for marketers, Machine Learning has drilled itself into some pretty deep foundations. By leveraging advanced analytics tools, machine learning helps brands gather predictive data, detect patterns within massive databases to thereby power predictive responses for personalized solutions.

Machine learning capabilities can be used to understand customer product preferences based on historical purchases.

So, to summarize –

“If you are not leveraging consumer context effectively, your methods can simply prove to be obsolete.”

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