Five Things You Are Missing Out Thanks To an Outdated Keyboard

If you were asked to make a list of apps that you need to get things done on your smartphone, chances are, the keyboard didn’t make the list. More than 80% of our interactions with our device is through the mobile keyboard. The mobile keyboard, therefore, has more potential than what meets the eye.

A mobile keyboard is not just a utility for spellcheck, auto correction, and next word predictions. It offers endless possibilities. Here’s a list of just five things that you are missing out on, thanks to your outdated keyboard:

Multi-tasking between chat and apps:

Have you ever found yourself constantly switching between the chat window and different apps? Not only does it make the phone lag, more often than not, apps restart instead of resuming, and all the work is gone! A mobile keyboard should be able to allow you to seamlessly multi-task between the chat window and other apps, without any hassles. A smart mobile keyboard makes multitasking on the mobile a cakewalk.

A chat scenario related to booking of the cab with the cab discovery card

Drawing timely and contextual suggestions:

If you’re in a chat window, talking about booking a cab, or a dinner table, or seats for a movie; a smart mobile keyboard will suggest one click options to do the same by opening the required pages of the required apps and saving you the trouble of searching within the app. Reviews of the new restaurant near you, or reviews of that new movie you want to see, live cricket updates, and much more. Timely and contextual suggestions are lifesavers.

A chat scenario related to the cricket match with the cricket discovery card

Making your keyboard learn new words:

A smart mobile keyboard saves you the tedious typing of any long string of text like address, email ids, etc. by letting you configure custom text shortcuts. It can also learn words that you frequently use but are not a part of the dictionary, and short forms and abbreviations – BRB (Be right back), OMG (Oh My GOD!) etc. A truly smart mobile keyboard allows you to use an account to sync your preferences and personal dictionary throughout all the devices that you use.


Two different chat scenarios related to making keyboard learn new words

Chatting in Indian languages with the English keyboard:

There’s nothing like being able to communicate in your mother tongue/first language. The joy of enjoying a textual conversation with your parents, in their first language, is very comforting for both parties. In case you want to text, chat, post, comment and tweet in Hinglish, Tamlish, Banglish, Kanglish, or any other regional language, a next-gen mobile keyboard should help you do just that.

Two different chat scenarios in Hinglish and Banglish

Discovering best brands, deals and offers:

If you find yourself talking about buying a pair of shoes, or a new smartphone, a smart mobile keyboard can show you the best brands available, along with the best offers and deals for the product on leading online stores. If you’re talking to your friend about how you’re craving for a pizza, a smart mobile keyboard can provide you with coupons to the nearest pizza store, and also show you the best currently available combo offers.

A chat scenarios related to ordering of pizza with respective discovery card showing offers

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