Home Is Where The Keyboard Is!

The days of Diwali are around the corner. Every house near you is busy preparing for the festival. Like every year, we all are in the process of making our home spick-and-span and adorning it with new colours.


But what’s different this year?

This year, taking care of your home has become much easier. Wish to know how? Your favourite app Xploree has integrated new discoveries. With India’s most trusted home services expert Housejoy on board, Xploree aims to make your Diwali brighter and more beautiful.

Xploree has been always making your travel, dining, and shopping experiences great. But with this new addition, you’ll now be able to get the best home services with just a single tap on your phone!

Some of the amazing experiences that you will have on Xploree are:

  • Sweep your house as you swipe your keyboard!
  • Imagine, you are casually chatting with your friends, enquiring how their Diwali preparations are going on. During such chats, Xploree understands that you’re looking for options to clean your home. The app presents you with various discoveries for every household need, even before you ask for it! Simply, swipe through the different house cleaning discoveries, choose the most suitable one and make your home sparkling clean with the help of top professionals in the industry.

  • Hit the ‘switch’ to light up your house!
  • Need to fix the Diwali lighting or repair a bulb? Don’t worry, Xploree has got you covered. Tell Xploree what you want or let it understand when you chat, and you have your discoveries ready! All you have to do is hit the ‘Switch to Xploree’ button and you will get skilled electricians coming your way to brighten up your house.

  • Don’t just colour your keyboard, colour your home, too!
  • Don’t we all love the pretty themes on Xploree? The app gives you multiple choices of different colours, gradients, and animations for your keyboard. This Diwali, Xploree ensures that you don’t just colour your keyboard but your home, too. After all, where else will you find good quality painters at this peak season? Let Xploree look after all your woes.

  • Just as your keyboard is bug-free, keep your house bug-free, too!
  • Xploree has been offering a seamless experience to its users. It strives to keep the app clear of glitches and bugs. Similarly, it wants you to get rid of the bugs in your house, too. How? You can get a pest control done with a single tap on Xploree!

This Diwali, simply knock the Xploree door and make your house joyful! Don’t have the app yet? Download it now! Bit.ly/Xploree