Humanizing Artificial Intelligence through the Mobile Keyboard


How often while talking about something do we feel the need to do a search regarding the topic of discussion? What if there was a way to provide you with handpicked content that is relevant to you, when you need it the most? Oh wait, there is!

The scope of media/content distribution via the mobile keyboard is tremendous and unexplored. Xploree is making waves in carving a new era in content consumption in the most unique way. Xploree aligns itself with the users’ thought process by understanding and sensing users’ purpose, desires, motives, actions, needs, wants, expressions, etc. Users can thereafter choose to launch and see discoveries that they stumble upon while going about their usual business on the mobile.

As such Xploree is emerging to be the next best destination for contextual news discoveries, using its thinking capabilities for adapting and applying knowledge to different scenarios, a.k.a Contextual Intelligence.

Here’s a comparative scenario to put things into perspective:

Without Xploree: You do a google search for stand-up comedy in your locality, and pray that you get bookmyshow results to be able to book seats, and then head over to zomato to figure out where to eat after the show or download those apps separately.

With Xploree: You and your friends are talking about some new comedy movies playing in town when Xploree provides you with a compilation of the top most upcoming stand-up gigs with links to book tickets (with offers, if any). Maybe talk about eating your favorite dish while deciding which show to book, and Xploree will show up nearby restaurants almost instantaneously.

A chat scenario were two people are talking about comedy shows and restaurant and
xploree provides related discoveries instantaneously

Xploree and Contextual Intelligence

Xploree uses technologies like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to offer contextually aware solutions, much like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon. All of them provide a ‘recommended for you’ section based on the user’s usage profile. For a person buying computers/laptops, Amazon would recommend accessories to go with the product. For a person watching a particular video, YouTube would (most of the time), recommend similar videos that can be of interest to the person. Similarly, if you are watching a comedy special on Netflix, it would recommend similar other shows that might interest you.

Thanks to the ubiquitous nature of mobile keyboards, Xploree’s AI algorithms can provide contextual suggestions for things that you are talking to people about: right from product recommendations to restaurant reviews to current cab rates. You type it, and Xploree will provide recommendations in real-time. The easiest plus point is not having to explicitly state what you want (skipping the search), and getting similar if not better suited results.

All you need in your busiest schedule is to have a virtual friend at bay who understands your needs even before you spell it out explicitly.

To make your life easier, make friends with the intelligent mobile keyboard – Xploree NOW