Increasing brand recall on mobile

Brand Recall is at the pinnacle of Brand Awareness Strategies.

Brand Recall. A qualitative measure of how well a brand name is connected with a product type or class of products by consumers.

Quite simply, if a customer remembers a brand, he is likely to buy that brand. If he doesn’t remember it, he will buy the one he remembers. Thus, for a brand, it is important to set itself in customers’ memory.

To truly understand if your brand awareness marketing tactics have actually converted loyal followers into active customers, marketers need to follow these 3 important steps:

Identifying your Audience & Knowing What You Don’t Know

To win an audience, you need to be able to define them. Orientating your brand to leverage both paid and owned media is rudimentary.

For instance, knowing that 85% of Pinterest users are women, and that only 13% of men use it, you wouldn’t want to use Pinterest as a marketing tool if your product or service targets a male-centric audience.,/p>

Using Lygometry (latin for measuring darkness) i.e. quantifying things we know we don’t know, we can begin to triangulate the areas that we need to focus on to improve brand recall on the mobile apps platform.

Sharing Infographics & Engaging Users via Contests

Good contests, along with attention grabbing infographics, play a crucial role in making sure that the consumers stick with your brand, and purchase your product repeatedly.

But the task is to engage users on the mobile platform! Sure, you can do the above on social media, but chances are that people just swiped through your post without even reading it. Why? Because it probably doesn’t concern them at that particular moment.

When you think about the one thing you use the most on the mobile device, you’ll realize it’s the keyboard. Across all apps, the mobile keyboard is a constant. The keyboard knows all about the user’s activities. Your brand too, can be omnipresent across apps, and come alive along with the keyboard exactly when the users need it. Something worth leveraging and reaping the benefits off of.

Giving Freebies & Utilizing the Right Resources

Nobody would pass up on a freebie. Nobody! To create brand awareness, it is necessary to provide freebies since they allow users to get a taste of the product or service, in order to help decide if they want it.

Utilizing every useful resource while increasing brand awareness, is a no-brainer really. On the mobile platform, you need to ensure that the content being delivered is related to the users’ needs. Think of it as Intent Driven Content Delivery (IDCD). Using a medium to decipher intent from multiple interactions across apps for each and every user is paramount for leveraging IDCD correctly & efficiently.

The best way to learn of a user’s needs is through conversation. Conversation with your consumers, in the literal sense, isn’t logical or feasible. Mobile users use keyboards for everything. Therefore, the keyboard captures user intent much before it gets received by the other end.

It’s a marketer’s dream to be able to read this implied intent and provide only relevant offers to the relevant audiences.