Let your Mood Reflect On The Keyboard


Human emotions are controlled by moods. Every little thing around us affects our mood. A good mood sets your day right, while a bad mood ruins it. It’s thus vital to keep your mood peppy whole day.

With amazing discoveries on Xploree, this becomes easy. But that’s not all! Xploree has a lot more to offer to complement your mood.

Scientists believe that colour affects mood. Every colour has a different impact on our mood. Xploree presents you with hundreds of colourful themes. Paint a new colour to your keyboard and revamp your mood, every time you chat.


On Xploree, you have a theme for every mood. Here are some of the most popular themes of Xploree keyboard:


Feeling the cold breeze, there’s a theme:

Winter is around the corner. We have all started to feel the cool breeze blowing around us. The mornings are pleasant, while the nights are chilly. In such cool climate, let your keyboard also feel the chill. There’s an interesting ‘Winter’ theme on Xploree for this.



Love is in the air, there’s a theme:

When you are in a romantic mood, let the keyboard reflect your emotions. Chatting with your special ones and expressing your feelings become easier with a lovey-dovey keyboard. Adding to the romance, Xploree has an animated ‘Love Affair’ theme. The sight of pretty-looking tiny hearts falling is something that will make your day.



Adore the stunning darkness, there’s a theme:

The moonlight and twinkling stars on a dark night make a magnificent view. There are times when you just wait for a quiet and tranquil night. All you need is some peaceful me time. For such a mood, too, Xploree has a theme! The theme of ‘Shadow Night’ will best reflect your inner grey shades.



Crazy for sports, there’s a theme:

In India, cricket is not just a game but a religion. During a series, every cricket lover is filled with thrill and excitement. Loud cheers and hooting are the best ways of expressing cricket love. Elevate this love for cricket and keep your excitement high throughout the day with the action-packed ‘Cricket’ theme on Xploree.

With so many cool themes, chatting is all fun and glee. With Xploree, you always have a dazzling time and cheerful mood, every day. To bring colours to your life, switch to Xploree now: bit.ly/Xploree