Making businesses more agile for Digital Marketers

What brands do you engage with the most every day as a digital marketer? Youtube, Amazon, Google, Facebook? Ever thought what makes them standout in the digital marketing space? The answer to that is- their ability to RECOMMEND! The commonality in all these giants are the usage of Machine Learning and AI powered algorithms that understand every user’s behavior and make recommendations based on their activities. This leads us to a situation where brands have started to incorporate recommendations into products and content to drive engagements. Hence for digital marketers, every move the smartphone user makes is an opportunity for conversion. As such every digital marketing move, should focus on making the user look forward to relevant content rather than a task to strike off the mails or display ads from their current browser. Here’s how:

Leveraging NLP to capitalize on text inputs:

Conversational commerce is predicted to rule the business in the coming years. This means that users can look forward to doing everything from catching up with a friend to shopping online, booking a movie ticket and checking in to their flight on a messenger.

Natural Language processing has the ability to process human language to a level where it can infer responses. This technology can help brands understand customers on a larger scale by identifying the logical form of text inputs. In fact, the most basic example would be the mobile keyboard that heavily relies on NLP not only for predicting new words while typing but also learn from the act and predict responses and recommendations basis the context.

NLP as such can be used by digital marketers to simplify human text inputs and drive engagements and conversions on every word typed by the user.

Machine Learning to understand user behavior and pattern:

Machine Leaning is all about building intelligent systems that can learn from experiences, context and behavior. Now that the world has shrunk to the size of pocket, every digital marketer is after smartphone users. AdWords, retargeting, native ads have been done to death and a sword of ‘what next’ keep on hanging around the neck of digital marketers. With smartphone users as the primary target, digital marketers must watch out for new technologies that captures 100% text inputs. Text inputs while browsing or chatting are the best ways to capture data and show instant recommendations to users’ basis their behavior pattern or current context.

In fact, if there are two things everyone does at least once in a day would be Google & Facebook. The former processes results while the latter’s deep text abilities create newsfeeds. All these developments have changed the way online search works.

But if the real revolution in the consumer AI is happening on the mobile, then it makes more sense to start advertising prior to search or before the user makes an explicit query. Going to the browser and then typing to wait for the search results to appear will very soon become a tiring task and users would love to skip the steps!

As such, the power of AI goes beyond digital marketing to create a difference for anyone who wants to stay ahead of time. Future belongs to these early adopters who can bet big to precede search and grab eyeballs just when the user unlocks his phone thereby making their business more agile.