Mapping consumer intent is the need of the hour

Rise in mobile advertising will boost overall digital marketing spends to around $1.21 billion in 2017, says the eMarketer report.


This is further triggered by the availability and adaptation of smartphones penetrating to even tier 3 cities in developing countries. Marketers now have more complex demographics and audience to deal with but unfortunately their tools remain the same. Though social media is at its all-time popularity, digital marketers have insane targets and budgets, marketers are still finding closures and conversions difficult.


Does this imply, people are not shopping online? Or the digital ads are not suiting their requirements.


It definitely can’t be the first reason because Internet user numbers in India grew more than 28% to 355 million users until mid-2016. This reflects that either people are being shown the wrong ad/content or there is a challenge in mapping end to end user journey on the mobile device. Another critical challenge that is scary is – adblocking incidences have risen to a figure of 28% on mobile.


These are strong enough reasons for digital marketers to rethink and revise their strategy. Anything that is not connecting with the users is redundant and exploring new platforms has become the need of the hour.


But what is more powerful than search? Where do users generally flock when they have a need? Or should we wait till the time the user actually has to spell out his/her needs? Does there exist any other platform that gives better insights for a seamless user journey on mobile?


These are the questions modern digital marketers are asking and why not? With so much competition around, the stakes are much higher. Only those who disrupt will survive.


So, what are the smartphones features that can be leveraged to tap user journey? Which is the most used tool on the mobile device? Which single app joins all the dots in the users’ disconnected mobile journey? Answer to that will always be the – Mobile Keyboard. It is impossible to do anything on mobile without the keyboard so why not make the keyboard, map user intent? How cool would it be, if users get what they want even before they start the search?


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