Multilingual Strategy Must for Marketers

A challenge for most marketers in recent times has been the growing number of smartphone users in the tier 2 and three cities who are not very comfortable using the English language. The ever-increasing number of smartphone users and the 24-hour connectivity to the internet at negligible rates, has ensured a dramatic rise in the number of internet users. Users have got accustomed to using their smartphones for consuming content, searching for products and services as well as shopping online. For long, businesses or marketers offering their products and services concentrated on users residing in tier 1 cities using English as the default language to connect. Marketers developed and created content in English to draw the attention of prospective users or customers. English language content to connect with the tier one crowd worked well but applying the same for crowds residing in tier2 and 3 cities has been a challenge.


India has a tally of 22 regional languages that have been recognized as official languages of different states. Each state to preserve its language and identity has tried to encourage vernacular languages. In fact, the education systems in many Indian states is driven by their native language, reason why most new smartphone users find it convenient to converse and communicate in their local language. The market has become diverse, marketers no longer can follow the one size fits all when it comes to language, using English as the default language. A recent report points out that 73 percent of internet users by 2021 will prefer to use languages other than English, up from 57 percent in 2016. With 40 million users joining the online user base every year there is a huge potential for product and service providers to capture and benefit from new customers. Speaking the language of the customer is a sure way to keep the user engaged and active.


To understand the impact of Indian languages on internet users in India, check out the infographics that line out the potential of native language communication.


Hindi    Tamil     Bengali   Telugu    Marathi


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