Why You Must Have Xploree On Your Smartphone?

A Keyboard that thinks for a change!


It is undoubtedly the best time ever for chat happy, talkative folks, who are hooked on to their mobiles and love to be in the thick of action on their favorite messenger apps.

This brings us back to the mobile keyboard we so naturally depend upon to type out a quick response, correct spellings and express our feelings of happiness, humor, laugh, shock, distress, anger and many, many more, with the simple use of an emoticon.

These images reduce a lot of effort, don’t they? Currently, it’s pretty much a part of any average keyboard that we choose to use on our mobile. But it has been long since we saw anything new and path-breaking coming in from this direction.

However, the wait is now over! What you get to experience by turning on your Xploree keyboard is a fascinating world of self-discoveries served in between the little moments spent on your mobile device.

Let’s take a closer look at its popular features that can take your mobile experience from being average to awesome:



Ever heard of the Mobile Interlude? Well, it’s the short waiting time during a conversation when we wait for the other person to respond. It is during this time that Xploree comes in real handy and shows up with a host of useful options in the form of coupons, deals, offers and other app content in our moment of need.

The new Xploree smart keyboare presents intent based icons that mirror our needs letting us know about the availability of a nearby help in the form of meaningful discovery cards. More often than not, what do we end up discussing about on our favourite messenger apps – an impending travel plan, the next desired clothing/apparel or accessory item for shopping, plan for a movie, reviews and suggestions.. Well the possibilities are endless and so is the delight experienced via the Xlploree keyboard which guarantees an interruption-free, delightful experience all the way. Xploree keyboard acts as a trusted companion at our beck and call!




Xploree is the answer for seamless chatting that lets us browse other app content while we are at it on our favourite messenger. Now, users can have fun exploring recommendation from a host of apps that bring the joy of discoveries while chatting.

This feature allows simultaneous chat, text predictions and other app content discoveries on the mobile. Let’s say your conversation leads you to a hunt for a new smartphone. Xploree will provide you with a helping hand and let you choose from a host of appealing options from various apps that will then appear in the form of discovery cards which you can then choose to explore. What makes it truly Cross App is that you can continue on your online journey without having to exit the chat or install a new app to discover new content that’s likely to interest you.



Now, have fun chatting with a whole lot of local, colloquial and native banter!

The new Xploree smart keyboard supports 110+ international and all regional Indian languages. If you enjoy posting and chatting in native Indian languages using the English keypad, try Xploree today to go full throttle while expressing yourself!

What’s more.. you can switch now between multiple languages by simply swiping the space bar on your keyboard. You can also change your default language by browsing through the main menu.




Ever wished that the conventional keyboard should allow new word and local slang addition to the dictionary. Well, the wait is over as the new Xploree smart keyboard not only auto-corrects, it also allows you to store new words to make your own personal dictionary. Also, this feature lets you save terms like BRB for Be Right Back, G2G for Got To Go or even OMG for Oh My God.

This comes with an intelligent cloud save feature, whereby every time you switch to a new device the access to your very own personalized dictionary is available on the Xploree app with a single login.



Xploree brings the keypad to life sprucing it up with as many as 30 different theme colours and cool animated themes! You can now choose a different colour or theme for every single day matching your mood. It’s like a new personality every day!


So don’t forget to give it a try! The Xploree keyboards aims to take your online experience several notches higher by bringing immediacy and delight at your fingertips. With Xploree, your keyboard now has the ‘keys’ to your happiness – making sure that your keyboard never lets you down! Make the switch to the Xploree keyboard today.