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Planning to Xplore India?
Here’s What You Must Do


Icy mountains, lush green landscapes, vast deserts, iconic monuments – India has it all. It’s a country rich in its diversity. Apart from the popular tourist places, there are a number of lesser-known beautiful sites, too.

India’s widespread cultural magnificence and scenic beauty are what attracts millions of tourists every year. Whether you’re an adventure lover or a peace seeker, India is the place that you need to explore!

When planning your vacation, there are a handful of things that you need to keep in mind. Here’s a list that will make your travel convenient and pleasurable:


Get conversant with the language

While most of the people in India are well versed with Hindi or English, it’s an added advantage to learn a bit of the local language. Gelling with shopkeepers, drivers and other locals becomes if you know the local language. What’s more? You will discover unheard secrets and explore unknown locations!


Book a room in a hostel

Getting a good accommodation within a set budget is the most tedious task. Hotels are always packed, have a crunched timeline, and exuberant costs. It’s time to shift from the mainstream! Book a room in a backpackers’ hostel instead of a hotel and you will enjoy a comfortable stay at affordable rates. The hostels are a hub of travellers! Interact with other tourists, make friends, share adventure stories, explore their cultures, and make the most of your travel experience!


Travel light

Packing small is the best way to be carefree while exploring different places. Light backpacks are always easy to travel with. Carry a small bag, take along only those things you really need and let everything be well planned. This means, no dragging heavy luggage and no back pains! Travel free and discover more!


Xplore with Xploree

When you think of travelling, what’s that one thing you can’t forget? Xploree, OF COURSE! It’s a one-app experience that will sort your entire travel itinerary! Book flights to reach your destination or catch a cab for sightseeing. Wish to try the local specialities? Discover the best restaurants nearby and savour the taste. Wish to save some bucks? Discover cool discount coupons and offers. With Xploree, you can discover more, simply by chatting! The app will understand your intent and take care of all your travel needs.

These simple tricks can make your travel experience worth remembering. So, the next time you plan to ‘Xplore’ the country, be sure to follow these and hit us up with your stories!