Popularity of Chat Messengers Set To Take India Towards A More Context Driven Mobile Future

In spite of new apps coming up every single day to cover a whole host of solutions and services, mobile users in India have largely stayed hooked on to their favourite devices to stay updated, notified and be in touch with family and friends.

It brings us to the widely popular chat messenger that the country so relies upon as a tool to draw suggestions, seek guidance, and to share as well as cast opinions on the entire world. While this makes the messenger app a superior medium for engaging users, popularity of emojis have opened up the possibilities of creating and launching many new icons that can possibly mirror their needs and prompt solutions.

Like elsewhere, mobile users in India too have taken to these icons – in a way – to reduce efforts while typing. In the future, the use of these icons is expected to cross over from its present utility in chat expressions by dwelling deeper into user intents. Once again, it is likely to reduce efforts and bring in a sense of immediacy in terms of the results delivered in users exact moment of need.

Global studies indicate a year-over-year growth in campaigns using emojis are reaching close to 777%, a trend that will soon be lapped up by Indian consumer landscape as well.

Let us take a look at some examples of possible scenarios that require contextual understanding of user intents to offer a possible solution:


Food Delivery

While watching an important cricket match, if the user suddenly generates a need to call friends over and order food from their neighborhood, the same can be fulfilled at the shortest possible notice. A feature that brings food lovers closer to the very best offers in town to scintillate their taste buds



Travel plans

At an urgent moment of need, when Xploree users express their intention to travel, they get to see the cheapest fares, flight offers, and cash back, among others. Users can also choose to book a cab, buy a train ticket and do everything they want to in order to chalk out an efficient travel itinerary, all with a simple expression of intent


Cricket scores

Avid cricket lovers and users of the Xploree keyboard are always updated about the latest in cricket matches, scores, player stats and more. They can now enjoy cricket content, videos, interviews and fun trivia while sharing and discussing it with their friends on a chat.




Discussions around shopping were never so much fun before. Xploree users can explore the best deals on the most talked about phones in town, indulge in some retail therapy and do a lot more with a simple swipe. Now, they can choose to stay connected with friends and family for making the right decisions while buying online.

The convenience factor derived through such discovery opens up a million possibilities that can be served out to customers.


By making a new beginning in this direction, the Xploree smart keyboard has introduced many new icons that present an apt stimulus for users at the right time to trigger a response. These icons are aimed at making conversations richer while taking the user’s browsing experience to a whole new level of unhindered explorations which are completely self-initiated. UI experts from Xploree therefore predict – The use of innovative images on the mobile is therefore likely to become the next wave in India’s mobile consumer story.

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