Xploree Smart Keyboard app acts as you type

By: Garg Ankit | Last Updated: Dec 20, 2016

As the competition among smartphone manufacturers is saturating at the hardware level, the focus is slowly shifting to apps. Many apps make user's eyes pop out. Some of them increase productivity, while a few others aim to simplify our daily needs. One such app is Xploree Smart Keyboard...

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Xploree Keyboard – Yet another keyboard or something different to it?

By: Lakshmi Rajan | Last Updated: Nov 24, 2016

When asked what is the most accessed app in a phone, almost everyone would skip keyboard but then isn’t keyboard the most frequently used app for any inputs? People would think keyboard as a natural extension of a smartphone than an app but then it is an app and people do dabble with different keyboard app...

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Xploree – The Thinking Keyboard powered by NLP, Machine Learning and AI

By: Hiral Amodia | Last Updated: Nov 20, 2016

Mobile phones are now more than just phones for PDAs. The interesting and useful applications have truly made Smart phones much smarter than what they were perceived initially. We use various different applications on our mobile phone. Among them one of the applications which we have been using is keyboard application. There are many keypboard...

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Xploree Keyboard App Review: A Keyboard App That Thinks!

By: Supreeth bharadwaj | Last Updated: Nov 20, 2016

Xploree does serve as any other keyboard app would, a minimal app with a fluid keyboard, but Xploree is way smarter than you think, Xploree goes way beyond, auto-correct, predictions, and gestures. Xploree uses Natural Language Processing(NLP) to make it easier to find things you need right in your keyboard...

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Meet Xploree, an intelligent NLP Powered Keyboard for Android

By: Vijay Raj | Last Updated: Nov 19, 2016

Xploree is industry’s first mobile discovery keyboard that connects users to the most relevant product content and services. This keyboard predicts user intent as they type, text or chat based on their current and past context, to serve the most relevant recommendations. It draws...

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Xploree App review: More than your regular keyboard

By: Gany | Last Updated: Nov 18, 2016

There are quite a number of keyboard apps for the Android platform if you are not satisfied with the default keyboard and it's features. To name a few, SwiftKey, Fleksy and Swype have been widely regarded as the best third party keyboard apps that offer lot of customization options and features to help the user type more easily and freely. We now have an Indian company "KeyPoint Technology", roll out an intent based...

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XPLOREE KEYBOARD: Chat, Discover, Search And Offers

By: Abdul Gaffar | Last Updated: April 10, 2016

Xploree Keyboard is an extremely innovative and user friendly app currently trending amongst the Android users. This app is known for its exceptional features and ease of use, while at the same time it is very creative in terms of its themes and ‘Presto’ option. The success of this app and its greatness was further elevated when it received the honour of being 2015’s new innovative app. Frost & Sullivan is a research and consulting firm which announced this app for the “2015 New Product Innovation Award”....

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Xploree: Smart way to Market Your Brand on Android Devices

By: Harsh Agrawal | In:AdTech, Mobile Marketing | Last Updated:3/03/2016

Uniqueness & creativity is what makes advertising an interesting industry to work in. With the help of technology, we are not only creating unique advertisement, ut we are also innovating unique way to market or show advertisement about your product...

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Coolpad Note 3 lite is fairly loaded

By: Himanshu Juneja | March 13, 2016

Other pre-loaded in house apps are Cool service, which is yet to deliver by showing service centre information, there is Xploree which a flexible keyboard with customisation and feature for taking notes.

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Discovering deals and offers made simple with context based suggestions by Xploree

By: Nikhil Chawla | July 15, 2015

Imagine you are conversing with your friend on your smart phone to catch up for a late lunch. What if in that very moment you were instantly served a coupon, deal, offer for a restaurant? In one tap you grab the offer or go to the restaurant’s app/mobile website to book a table without exiting the conversation app and hop right back to continue the conversation with your friend. Happy moments, happier you. Easy to imagine. Hard to believe...

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