Ready The Trumpets: Unveiling A Brand New Look Of The Xploree Keyboard

Announcing official relaunch of brand Xploree with a slew of promotional activities lined up

Let’s reflect on the year that has just passed by. In hindsight, we have grown from strength to strength adding a few feathers of glory to our cap – 1M downloads, array of new partnerships and a wide distribution network. The brand new Xploree keyboard now comes power packed with many new features and it has become a testament to team Xploree’s undying commitment and team spirit.

Given this background, Xploree is all set to make a new beginning by unveiling its brand new look in 2017. With this, we kick off a grand multi city promotion of the Xploree smart keyboard, starting this January.

Think tanks have for long stroked the idea of revamping brand Xploree’s mascot. Finally, the moment has now arrived when we give users a taste of what is in store.



New persona that speaks to users

The mascot comes gleaming with a smile to suggest the keyboard’s constant thrust for delighting its users. Show users that though it’s a thinking genius, the keyboard is at the same time – user friendly and comes across as a humble companion in their online journey. It is well conceived and conveyed through the mascot’s eyes that suggestively brighten up to tell – it is indeed a keyboard that is alive and kicking. The keyboard feels for its users and keeps a watchful eye on delightful discoveries as soon as users tap on it.



Adding the X factor to pack in a punch

Comes geared with a spotlight that is focused on the X of Xploree – standing out more prominently this time, depicting its X factor with the omnipresent keyboard. The new look conveys Xploree smart keyboard’s vitality, confirming its presence as a helping hand available at the user’s beck and call.

What more, the X factor also conveys a truly transformational experience for mobile users – one that will finally set them free. It brings them a much needed respite from the bondage of hopping and skipping across the multitude of apps while they browse. The X factor holds the promise of taking users from average to awesome, bringing serendipity to every moment spent on the mobile.


A keyboard that knows you

The official tagline of the Xploree keyboard symbolizes what more we can do with the keyboard. Telling users that the keyboard which knows them has finally arrived. It emphasizes on how the keyboard goes from auto correction and next word prediction to do much more. This futuristic keyboard can now also understand, sense, read and know what they really want.




Introducing a keyboard that’s leagues ahead of its time

Xploree’s brand relaunch re-introduces India’s mobile first generation to the one tool they can’t possibly do without – the humble keyboard. Let’s them know how they can come face to face with recommendations that really matter, and at the right time.

Recognizing their incessant thirst for discussing, planning, sharing, expressing and a lot more, Xploree is bringing a new paradigm – one that will define how online consumers in India will use the mobile keyboard in the future.


This brand revitalization ascertains how users can now continue typing on the phone’s browser, into the messenger, post on social networks and do a lot more, while enjoying brands, deals offers and services right at their fingertips.

In a significant boost to brand Xploree’s rebranding efforts, partners Bates Chi, have been roped in to perform its creative duties. With this, Xploree is confident of flagging off several out-of-the-box ideas to be deployed in 2017.

The keyboard has indeed set the ball rolling with many e-tailers and brands clamoring for a sweet spot on the Xploree smart keyboard. Keep an eye on this space to be updated.