Smart is the new cool!


Smart is the new cool!

When someone says the word ‘friends’, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Thought about it? Think some more. Yup, it’s checking your phone to see some messages from them, right? We may not admit it, but we all curiously keep an eye on what our friends are upto this weekend or how HAPPENING their lives really are.

We can’t help but love staying connected with them all the time; not just to check up on their adventurous trips but also because, secretly, we wish to be a part of them.


As Indians, we are born with the talent to prioritize well and end up discovering fun stuff along the way. We constantly surf for something new and awesome – A sign that we have developed Smart Habits. In fact, now-a-days, even our phones have become smart.

Sharing photos, messages, posts, etc. on social media via smartphones has become a trend. It’s your phone that needs to catch up with these trends. Moreover, India as a nation, has innumerable dialects. Then, why don’t we make this entire process fun?! This is when a smart app like Xploree enters the picture.

Xploree is a smart keyboard that allows you to save every new word that you type, in your personal dictionary. What’s more, the intelligent text predictor enhances your overall typing speed too.

Don’t we all love reminiscing about those times when we shared suggestions, opinions and what not – with our friends, loved ones and family too? Sometimes, it even extends to the point where we share everything about the entire world – all on chat! How about we told you that you can share your suggestions and recommendations through interesting discovery cards!

Xploree goes on to make you the cool one in the group, with its library of discoveries on food, fashion, lifestyle or technology, from well-known websites like Zomato, Amazon, Flipkart and more – all while chatting with your friends. ;)

You can choose either by urgency or preference – No matter what you pick, Xploree has a card for you. It’s smart, it’s non-intrusive and gives you complete independence.

Xploree is all set to amaze you with discoveries like never before and that’s what makes it a one-of-its-kind CrossApp. P.S. It also makes you the new cool friend in town!